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So baby pull me closer in the backseat of your Rover
That I know you can’t afford
Bite that tattoo on your shoulder
Pull the sheets right off the corner
Of the mattress that you stole
From your roommate back in Boulder
We ain’t ever getting older

(might tweak with it a bit more later… but I have work in the morning and should have been in bed an hour ago RIP)



((roles based entirely on Town of Salem lmao dont judge me,,))

  • Jumin: The blackmailer
    • Good at eavesdropping and digging up secrets to keep people quiet
  • Zen: The framer
    • Skilled at manipulating information to turn leads away from mafia members
  • V: The forger
    • Lurks in the shadows to replace documents
    • Rewrites the wills of mafia targets
  • Yoosung: The janitor
    • Skilled at cleaning up crime scenes to remove evidence
  • Saeran: Mafioso
    • Carries out the godfather’s orders 
    • basically the one who eliminates targets
  • 707: The disguiser
    • Master of disguise who pretends to be other people 
  • Jaehee: The consort
    • Master of distraction 
  • MC: The consigliere
    • Investigator who gathers info for the mafia
  • Vanderwood: The godfather
    • not pictured but he’s always watching :)))))

AU list: assassin | nature deities | butler cafe | underworld | [mafia]

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Kylux Giveaway! Free Prints!! Stickers!!

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Things I know now about college that I didn't before

♦️Carry a 1L water bottle everywhere and refill it as needed or you will get dehydrated and feel dizzy walking from class to class in the midday sun

♦️Find out where microwaves are available and save some money by avoiding any overpriced campus food. Watch out for lines though!

♦️Make friends with your TAs I cannot stress this enough. They usually aren’t out to get you and understand the struggles of an undergrad.

♦️You are always going to carry too much stuff in your bag. Planning on doing your econ, math, and bio hw in your two hour break? Think again. Be realistic or your back will pay

♦️Even if you prefer print books over ebooks, the fact that you literally always have access to your ebooks on any mobile device you have will be a blessing

♦️Sometimes certain offices and buildings and labs on campus have their own free printing, separate from the library or your dorm

♦️Invest in a printer if you can (b&w is all you need btw). Share the cost with your roommate for ink and paper and charge anyone else 50% of what your school charges per page. Charge so people don’t take advantage of your kindness!! You’ll save many, many, lives my friend.

♦️Set up an exercise schedule as strict as your class schedule. Try your very best to follow it

♦️Please eat at least twice a day I know it can be hard without having others to remind you.

♦️It’s ok to go a day alone, especially since college involves a lot more interaction than you may be used to.

♦️Work hard to understand and you’ll get the grades you deserve.

♦️Eat fresh fruit every once in a while your skin and insides will thank you.

♦️Invest in comfortable shoes or arch supports if needed. Don’t ignore physical discomfort!!

♦️Some people can regularly stay up til 4am and others can’t. Some people can’t function on less than 9hrs of sleep and others can live with only 4hrs. Everyone’s different!! Follow your own sleep schedule!!

♦️Pasta made with a bag of frozen veggies, a pack of pasta, and a jar of pasta sauce can last you most of a week.

♦️Talk to your professors about general things too like their dog or their weekend plans and all bc heh they’re human too and forming connections is great. Also, remember that being professional doesn’t mean being boring or serious all the time, crack some jokes and don’t stifle your personality.

♦️Set boundaries early on in /all/ your relationships, personal, romantic, professional, all of them. Show people you know you deserve respect and they’ll give it to you.

♦️Lastly, college is mostly for academics but hey you aren’t just a student. You’re someone’s kid, friend, employee, advisor, etc. balance out playing those roles too.


In response to this article, I decided to fix their heinous flier. Feel free to print/use/whatever. Fuck racism. Fuck xenophobia. Fuck the “alt right”. Fuck white supremacy. Fuck any idiot who thinks that where your mother happened to physically be when you were born or the amount of melanin in your body makes one person intrinsically more valuable than another. The United States NEVER has been, and NEVER WILL BE a “white nation”, and that is one of the very best, strongest, and most beautiful things about it. #RESIST