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NTs in High School

INTJ: The kid who is at the top of the class even though they don’t seem to work nearly as hard as the other people up there. They are an extreme nerd, but you wouldn’t guess it by just looking at them. Are (or at least seem) extremely confident and put-together, which, along with their unequivocal dislike of most people, makes other people who don’t know them well nervous around them.

INTP: The kid who has straight A’s even though they haven’t picked up the text book since they brought it home. Obviously a nerd and/or geek. They hardly talk to anyone, except to the teacher in order to pose theoretical questions that don’t have a solid answer. Their backpack is more like an endless collection of miscellaneous junk.

ENTJ: The kid who is the president of 4 different clubs and captain of a sport, whether or not they actually tried to obtain these positions. May or may not be at the top of the class, but everyone is convinced that they are. They slightly scare everyone else.

ENTP: The kid who never pays attention or does any work, yet is always on the honor roll. They know and talk to literally everyone and teachers love them. They are the supreme random trivia champions. They would crush everyone on the debate club if they joined, but that would mean researching a specific topic for too long which is too much effort and not enough pay off.

Your INFP ‘Companion’ unit User Guide and Manual

This manual sanctioned by and concept credit to @intpboard ;)

CONGRATULATIONS! Somehow you have found a wandering and bewildered INFP. Evidently they have offered you this manual after hearing you support Sherlock and their OTP. Take a moment to feel good about yourself, this is an important step in your relationship.

Your INFP companion will come with the following accessories:
Three (3) diaries (CAUTION: Perusal unadvised. Touch these at your own risk)
Three (3) everyday outfits
Two (2) indie outfits
Two (2) Tumblr blogs
One (1) laptop
One (1) mobile device
One (1) pair of custom-built earphones
One (1) unique tea mug
One (1) cat

You INFP comes programmed with the following traits:
Fi: Your INFP is a special snowflake. They will have invisible feels, but keep an eye out for the cute smile. And they probably really do Know that feeling.
Ne: Your INFP is weird and likes ambiguous things. May meme occasionally.
Si: Your INFP likes to store up good memories and database feelings like buried treasure for that novel they’re writing.
Te: Although it is their inferior function, your INFP can be executive and use cold hard logic to be remarkably strong and creative. They may need help adapting to the harsh outside world. May secretly hate everything (including themselves) if unhealthy.

Getting Started:
To set up your INFP companion:
1. Fill mug with tea and place INFP in close proximity of cat and a sunset and leave to bask until heart is pleasantly warm.
2. Sync with Tumblr (this should happen automatically through a deep emotional connection inherent in all INFPs, much like Bluetooth).
3. Allow thirty (30) minutes of continuous data exchange.
4. Sit beside them for thirty (30) minutes in silence as Human Presence Conditioning.
5. Get up. If your INFP moves to follow, they have successfully activated and synced with you. If not, repeat Step 4 with the cat.

Quiet (default) - quiet cinnamon roll. May stare off into space, usually either very sweet or very sarcastic, depending on your model. May be a socially awkward if brand new. Be careful not to forget about or leave behind your INFP when it is in this mode.
Talkative - frequent activation of this mode usually correlates with quick Human Presence Conditioning. Explore topics until you find which ones activate this mode, you may be surprised.
Feels - may need unusual amount of solitude with all accessories in easy access. Be receptive of feels if expressed, to avoid software crashing.
Crazy/happy - have fun, roll with it, but beware of hazard unwariness.
Unhealthy/shadow (locked) - only activated under extreme stress. May burn everything in its path, or burn self in solitude.

Relationships with other units:
Your INFP’s homey home. May feel threatened or devalued by INFJ units due to social constructs, but usually end up getting along.
SPs: Interesting territory for your INFP. May find Se overwhelming, but generally find them intriguing, perhaps from a distance.
NTs: May or may not get along, if they do, have very interesting discussions, good for software conditioning. May be cut by perceived coldness if new.
SJs: Can be very fun. INFP gets to feel like an educator in Ne, and may learn from high Si if healthy. Some of these usually necessary for grounding your INFP during lightning storms.

Your INFP may be constantly snacking. A ‘regular’ diet is not strictly necessary, but sneak some vitamins into their packet and fetish foods occasionally.

Some INFP units require more grooming than others. If your INFP excessively self-grooms, it is probably not just a phase (see Bjork). You have little to no control over this.

Your INFP companion unit runs the risk of becoming nocturnal. Discover the cause for this - usually either angst or creativity. If the former, see Troubleshooting (p. 9). If the latter, arrange bedside outlets - NOT tumblr.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Why does my INFP procrastinate so much?
Unlike INTPs, INFP units have Te software, however it is in its beta version upon unit activation and the full version can be installed after some conditioning. Engaging them in tasks they have a personal investment in and using Divide and Conquer applications may aide effectiveness.

Why is my INFP so sensitive to criticism/so defensive/so salty?
See above question (Te software). INFP units also have an Identity Crisis application that is hosted by Fi, activated by ‘negative’ external stimulus and executed by Te. With the full version of Te, this application can lead to powerful self-transformation. Sensitivity should decrease with conditioning, however positive affirmation will help stabilize application launch.

Help! My INFP unit is stuck in Unhealthy / Shadow mode!
There are three main manifestations of unhealthy mode. If in shadow functions, an ENFJ may be helpful. If in the grip of Te, they may need help coming to terms with reality. Often fire and brimstone anger and ‘just do it’ mentality can help pull your INFP out of apathy long enough to grow healthier. If in an Fi-Si loop, thrust you INFP into a new situation, or several. In any case, getting your INFP to communicate their problems to other units (other NFs are usually best) will be highly beneficial, although your INFP’s Fi may resist initially.

Again, CONGRATULATIONS on acquiring your new INFP unit! Have fun!

My (INFP) personal experiences with INFJs

I don’t know why everyone keeps repeating that myth about INFJs being the rarest type, because I know more INFJs than should exist according to that and I know other people who know their share of INFJs.

In my life, I have personally met/talked to 20 INFJs (and I’m pretty sure I forgot a couple).

I don’t think I have as much experience with any other type, and especially in the last month I had very close contact, since there were five INFJs living at the animal sanctuary that I volunteered in. So naturally, my Ne-Si doing what it does (observe and compare!), I feel the need to write down my observations and my personal reactions.:)

Important: This is ONLY about my personal experience and subjective perception/opinion. I’m not making any statements about INFJs in general, only about those that I’ve met. Note beforehand that a lot of this is me rubbing elbows with said INFJs, i.e. there’s a lot that I didn’t like about them. So don’t read if that bothers you. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with INFJs or the INFJs I met, just that I had problems with them - I know that it’s my personal thing. I’m making this post in order to organise my reflections and share my experience, because I think it’s very interesting considering mbti functions. But again, this is only about how the INFJs I met used their functions and about their characters, so everything is individual and not general. Keep this in mind while reading! Thank you!:)

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Things I´ve noticed about the two types that share the dominant function:

ESTJ & ENTJ: Have a chaos threshold

ISTP & INTP: Lowkey hate their own overconfidence when it comes to opinions

ENFP & ENTP: Ashamed of their own arbitrariness

INTJ & INFJ: A part of them remains forever insecure 

ENFJ & ESFJ: Brilliant in sales… and you thought Te was the capitalistic genius

INFP & ISFP: Once they get comfortable, all of their demons come out of hiding

ESFP & ESTP: Stretch social norms to the max

ISTJ & ISFJ: Can´t stand not being able to keep up during conversation

All the personality based things I have done and stuff

Like a get-to-know-me kind of thing


Enneagram : 5w6

Alignment: True neutral

Temperament: Melancholic 

Soul type: Scholar

Hogwarts house: Slytherin

Faction: Divergent. Erudite and Candor.

Western zodiac: Libra

Chinese zodiac: Ox

Celtic zodiac: Ivy

Introversion and the prejudices that come with it
  • What people think what all introverts are: shy, quiet, antisocial
  • What most introverts actually are: carefull in choosing people they talk to, always calculating other's reactions to their actions, reserved
MBTI as things I've actually written down as notes to myself
  • ESFP: "People made out of fire would not cast shadows"
  • ESFJ: "Your best day over and over again, until it is your worst"
  • ESTP: "Can sound waves cancel each other out?"
  • ESTJ: "Should I lie to you, or should I let you lie to yourself?"
  • ENFP: "The once and future timelord"
  • ENFJ: "Love in the personal ads"
  • ENTP: "Nature gives inclinations, nurture gives options"
  • ENTJ: "Even macho man isn't that savage"
  • ISFP: "Oh. So I'm not hallucinating... Oops"
  • ISFJ: "I'll see your not giving a fuck, and I'll raise you zero fucks given"
  • ISTP: "Bring a mirror to laser tag"
  • ISTJ: "Never smile at a wolf"
  • INFP: "What is 'myself'? Am I these eyes? Am I not these hands?"
  • INFJ: "Whom doth the raven quoth?"
  • INTP: "My shadow is the night in disguise"
  • INTJ: "I'd beg to differ, but I don't beg"
MBTI Playlist Series - INTJ

Playlists hand-crafted by yours truly based based on the 16 mbti types!

Vol. 4 - INTJ

(listen here on spotify)

Ferrari - The Neighbourhood

I Won’t Back Down - Tom Petty 

Isle of Flightless Birds - Twenty One Pilots

Are You Satisfied? - Marina And The Diamonds

No Buses - Arctic Monkeys

Thank You For The Venom - My Chemical Romance

Dark Necessities - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Thankful - Meltycanon

March To The Sea - Twenty One Pilots

I’m Not Okay (I Promise) - My Chemical Romance

West Coast - The Neighbourhood

There’s A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered, Honey - Panic! At The Disco

Let It Go - The Neighbourhood

Do I wanna know? - Arctic Monkeys

Scar Tissue - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Paris - The 1975

Feel free to add more!

How to turn the functions blue

Ni - Take away its direction.
Ni users require something to aim for; a goal to call their own, to strive for. Without that, they become listless and apathetic. Those dominant in this function may seek very temporary “goals” that satisfy their physical desires temporarily, but which they ultimately find hollow.

Ne - Overwhelm it.
Ne users like to have the complete picture before them prior to setting out to accomplish it, much the way one might consult the box while assembling a jigsaw puzzle. But grandiose dreams require several interlocking elements in order to be fulfilled. If the Ne user attempts to assemble all the pieces simultaneously, or finds that there are more pieces to the puzzle than initially thought, they can easily become overwhelmed, causing them to lose focus, stress out, and ultimately give up.

Si - Take away its GPS.
Si users rely heavily on past precedent to know how to proceed. They find comfort in established patterns, and they greatly value the lessons of history. New experiences, where they have nothing on which to fall back, are intimidating. But what depresses Si users is trying every tool in their box and finding that none of them work, when they used to work fine before. Without a place to step back and reevaluate their progress, Si users get frustrated to the point of giving up, retreating to the last “save point” they recognize and sitting there in perpetuity.

Se - Remove its ability to interact with its world.
Se users love physical activity and anything that engages two or more senses. Se-doms in particular are usually found in performing arts, sports, manual labor, or other jobs that require a lot of hands-on activity. For Se users, the quickest route to the blues is to remove one of their senses or physically handicap them in another way. If they can’t engage their environment, they get quite depressed.

Fi - Show it that the world doesn’t care.
Fi users are idealists. They believe strongly in moral absolutes, and they know exactly what their “perfect” world looks like. And they do everything in their power to demonstrate their ideals to the world. What gets them down is a sense of futility; that the world will, at best, ignore the work they are doing on its behalf, or, at worst, destroy that work. Reality is not kind to Fi users, and this fact can be very difficult to overcome.

Fe - Show it that you don’t care.
Fe users absorb the emotions of others. This is both the cause of their nurturing tendencies, and the ultimate payoff. Positive emotions given off by people helped by Fe users are channeled into further efforts to continually effect those emotions. For this reason, apathy is by far the greatest poison to Fe. Apathy in others is picked up by Fe users, causing them to feel unappreciated and that their work is for naught. And soon they themselves become apathetic and depressed.

Ti - Call it trivial.
Ti is commonly associated with geek culture, because this function places great value on the what and the how of all things. Thus it is analytical, gleaning as much practical knowledge as it can, and intellectual pursuits are ideal for this. Belittling the pursuits and interests of Ti users is a good way to depress them, as it makes them feel their contributions are useless, and therefore they are as well. They may fail to show outwardly that they have been hurt, but if they seem to lose interest in the pursuit of “random” knowledge, it may be that they have lost sight of their own worth.

Te - Disrespect it.
The easiest way to make anyone angry is to show them blatant disrespect, but the easiest way to downright depress Te users is to subtly disrespect them over long periods of time. Te users are natural leaders, practical and efficient. But if they are trying to lead, only to look back and find that no one is following, they can slip into a funk, believing that their efforts are unwanted. Or if they are trying to accomplish some goal, only to have it blow up in their face, they can be left feeling that their efforts will never be rewarded. Te users who fail in their ambitions or in leadership can suffer from the blues and have a hard time climbing out of their pit without help.

An INTJ’s life - What I do on the days I do nothing

I’ve always been curious to know what people do when they have no official schedule to attend, I think it really gives the idea of what kind of people they are. So here’s the list of what I usually do on those “lazy” (more or less) days on which I don’t even want to meet with my friends. 

  • Sleeping. That’s right. On busy days I keep a rigid sleeping schedule (I try to never lack sleep because that makes me work less efficiently) so whenever I have a free day I make sure I take an our for myself to sleep a bit or just lay on the bed, if I prefer. But I don’t oversleep, not even on vacation, because I hate the headache and feeling drowsy. 
  • Excercising. I’ve decided that I want to be a more active person so recently I’ve been exercising every day. 
  • Getting new ideas, which for me it means reading articles and magazines. I’m into fashion, so I might read articles on Elle (sometimes they make me discover new inspiring people) and look at the clothes. Super relaxing. I’d like to start reading some scientific magazine too, so if you have any suggestion let me know.
  • Drawing. I love art, so that’s what I do when I’m free. If I really want to relax, I’ll copy from a reference or from reality (which, of the two, is actually what I like to do most).
  • Answering asks on Tumblr or writing long posts. While I take notes of the ideas for the short posts as soon as they come during the day, I need more time to answer asks, so I wait until I have free time. That’s why it always takes long, sorry! But I really like writing so it’s a pleasure for me - that’s why it is a perfect activity for a low key day. 
  • Reading, but not as much as you might think. I like reading, and I’ve have periods of my life when that was the main thing I did but as I grew up I started liking many more things and my time shrank. I generally read novels when I’m bored of real life, articles on the internet about my current obsession almost every day (but for a longer time when I have nothing to do). 
  • Catching up on TV shows. Yes, I’m human too.
  • Watching my favorite movies again or re-reading my favorite books, among of which there’s “The Great Gatsby” and “The Odyssey”. I read somewhere that watching our favorite movies over and over again, because of of the story’s predictability, relaxes us and makes us feel safe for a while in a world unpredictable and ever-changing. That’s true.

Final Fantasy XIII week: Day Seven                                                                        

Free Day: MBTI Personalities

anonymous asked:

What made you get into typology and how long have you been involved with it?

MBTI - about 5 years now(?)
Enneagram - only about 1,5 years
.. so, not that long actually

i’ve always been a sucker for personality tests since i can remember, even back when no one had internet and you had to rely on those shitty teenie magazines where you had to count how many times you picked answer A vs answer B all on your own like an animal. “what horse breed fits your character?”, “what should your ideal boyfriend be like?”, taking tests like those compulsively without any intention of ever getting either a horse or a boyfriend. (okay, a horse would have been pretty cool ngl).

and some day i just stumbled upon one of those free online MBTI tests, i guess? i honestly can’t remember how and where exactly. and while researching about MBTI i also found out about Enneagram because some MBTI blog was also blogging about Enneagram and i got curious.

the reason for why i sticked with MBTI/Enneagram and not with the art of picking the perfect horse breed is simply that it has been a tremendous help in counteracting my poor (aka non-existent) empathy skills.
Before I discovered MBTI I’ve been a major dick, trapped in tert-Fi reasoning 24/7. “if people don’t share my opinion they are obviously stupid, duh”. Thanks to MBTI and Enneagram it changed to a friendlier “if people don’t share my opinion it’s because they have different functions/enneatype so they are still stupid but it’s not their fault”. Maybe it doesn’t sound like a major difference on paper but in real life it definitely made me a better functioning adult™ .

myers-briggs types as beautiful words

INFJ: Denouement - The resolution of a mystery.

INTJ: Brood - To think alone.

INFP: Ineffable - Unutterable, inexpressible.

ISFP: Mellifluous - Sweet sounding.

ISFJ: Felicity - Pleasantness.

ISTJ: Panacea - A solution for all problems.

INTP: Epiphany - A sudden revelation.

ISTP: Insouciance - Blithe nonchalance.

ENFP: Ebullience - Bubbling enthusiasm.

ENTP: Harbinger - Messenger with news of the future.

ENFJ: Talisman - A good luck charm.

ESFJ: Inglenook - A cozy nook by the hearth.

ENTJ: Beleaguer - To exhaust with attacks.

ESTJ: Quintessential - Most essential.

ESTP: Eloquence - Beauty and persuasion in speech.

ESFP: Halcyon - Happy, sunny, care-free.