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Challenges: March Edition

I decided that since it’s impossible to keep track of the many challenges that are circulating at the minute, I would start doing a monthly post that lists all active challenges for that month, with their relevant themes.

Benny Creations Challenge
Theme: Canon!Benny
Entry Post: Here

Castiel Color Challenge
Theme: Colours
Entry Post: Released Early March

Team Free Will Graphics Challenge
Theme: Personality Traits
Entry Post: Here

DeanCas Graphics Challenge
Theme: Disney Lyrics
Entry Post: Here

Fandom Writing Challenge
Theme: Sports
Entry Post: Here

Multifandom Graphics Challenge
Theme: Faceless
Entry Post: Here

Rare Ship Creations Challenge
Theme: Drinking Games
Entry Post: Here

SPN Reverse Challenge
Theme: Ladies
Entry Post: Here

SPN Song Creations Challenge
Theme: Jensen Ackles Covers
Entry Post: Here

Supernatural Poetry Challenge
Theme: Quotes from Supernatural
Entry Post: Here