free! drawings

Do you like Bendy?

I’VE GOT A TWITTER!!!! ALL BASED OFF BENDY!!!!! I’m taking Bendy drawing requests at the moment and I need YOUR help! Read my twitter and send in an email!!!! You can request just about anything with Bendy!!!!



 (The creators have retweeted my original bendy request post and are okay with it) 

I died when the creators said “thank you” to me! 


Free drawings! May be crappy cuz mun is meaningless crap

Okay! While mytablet is away - I’m offering free traditional drawings to anyone who wants as long as its either ask blog or artblog that requests it!  Prefferably it would be nice if it was APH characters but it also can be other fandoms too but about those I’ll be picky because there are a lot of anime’s or manga’s that I dislike! 
About NSFW and Gore : well… I think I could draw them but they will be either put in my twitter or under the cut or in my personal art blog or deviantart since this blog is not supposed to be “dirty” 
I think that would be it! Have an awesome day!

yuuri isnt as verbal as viktor when it comes to love confessions. it only makes viktor happier everytime he does it (ᵘ ᵕ ᵘ)💕 #yurionice