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I absolutely adore this show’s subtle attention to detail! I can make a whole dozen connections and see a bunch of foreshadowed moments because you can see how much effort that was put into the physical actions of the characters. 

For Rapunzel, she was so used to her new hair and was getting used to her new life without hair, that she didn’t fall into old habits after 18 years and was used to her new hair. But now her old hair is back and she does the same motion she did in the movie by the campfire. I love that attention to detail.

King Fred closing that window was not needed or didn’t further the plot in any way for the song, but it’s a reminder of how changed and scarred he is from leaving his doors unlocked. While still, unfortunately, mimicking Gothel’s behavior of shutting her out, he shut himself out as well, and you understand why!

I decided to put the Eugene one as well with the lyrics because it fit with the theme of day/happy to night/sad, but also how Eugene using physical objects as a display, and also a distraction, of his emotions. He feels very insecure when she isn’t responding to him, so he suddenly starts talking about the pillow and its contents, impressed and happy but to cover up his feeling alone. That, and I like how the tassel looks like rapunzel’s hair, don’t know if that was intentional or not. 

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Yuzuru at World Championships 2017

No-commentary video of SP above;  post-SP interview with Eng subs below.

No-commentary video of Free Skate:

Japanese commentary (parts of FP) + interview with Eng subs: 

Thanks to 6277 for the subbed videos with proper credit to Sophie Moroi for her translation, and with her permission too.  (I saw videos in Youtube that used Sophie’s translation with no permission, and even worse, with no credit to her whatsoever!)   

And I love no-commentary videos… thanks to siberia1982 for the SP and FP ones! 

Victory Ceremony:  I was watching the competition on live stream and praying so hard during ‘Hope&Legacy’.  When he finished his perfect FP, tears just streamed down my face.  YOU DID IT, YUZU!!!!  Then, after the last skater’s turn, when it was confirmed that Yuzu got the gold, I started crying again.  And I could not stop crying throughout the medal ceremony!  I was watching it on live stream and I kept wiping my eyes so that I could see clearly!   Ahhhhhh……… finally, through all those ups and downs of the past 2+ years, through all the pain and heartache, finally!!! he got the reward that he worked so hard for.  You really deserve that gold medal and all the happiness in the world, Yuzuru!!!

Gala exhibition, the beautiful Swan Prince in ‘Notte Stellata’: 

(much thanks to respective video uploaders)  

What a privilege to know you and to be your fan.  Thank you, Yuzu, and CONGRATS!!!!

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why do you hc steve as bi, its weird and misogynistic bc is canon he only loves peggy, hes so obsessed with her that his biggest fear is not being with peggy, not his friends in danger, or everything that happened to bucky or the safety of others, his biggest motivation is peggy, when has he ever been so devoted to someone else, specilly not bucky bc some hc steve having feeling for him int he 40s but the only way that ship makes sense is as one sided or bucky being a filler after peggy died

there is so much wrong going on in this ask that i don’t even know where to mcfucking start

i’ve never denied that he loved peggy, but my dude, he left her to go on a suicide rescue mission on the one in a million chance that bucky was still alive. he would’ve gladly died in that hydra base as long as it was with bucky.

steve crashed that fucking plane into the ocean, effectively committing suicide, after bucky died. leaving peggy behind. now, did he think at the time that that was his only option? maybe. but he didn’t even send anyone his goddamn coordinates before he crashed.

“even when i had nothing, i had bucky.”

“i’m with you to the end of the line.”

“rumlow said ‘bucky’ and suddenly i was a sixteen year old kid again from brooklyn.”

like??? he loves bucky more than literally anything??? he spent the entirety of civil war going ‘fuck you, i choose bucky’ to everyone. did he love peggy? yes, of course he did, but he loves bucky too! and he knew bucky longer, they have a longer history, steve said bucky’s name and it broke through seventy years of fucking brainwashing, jesus christ.

thesis of the captain america trilogy franchise: steve loves bucky and would do anything for him. fuck me i don’t understand how you could watch those movies and not understand that. even if you don’t think they’re in love, the fact that they adore each other is the basis on which everything is written!

finally - and possibly most importanly - headcanoning someone as bi will never be misogynistic. what the fuck. go fuck yourself.

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i found this in my “box of magical things.” I have no idea where this is from but it’s the realest thing ever especially right now cause i’m at the worst i’ve ever been. i’m hoping for better things soon but right now it’s 100% survival mode. - DJ F

edit: this was made by noah! ghosts-of – it makes a lot of sense now how i have this. it’s from Doris. thank you for making this, these words are really important

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You're working on a bill dating sim?????? :)))))

haah yeah •ω•  it’s one of the many things i have in the works atm but i actually do have a small demo for it!! warning though it is VERY rough and there’s gonna be MAJOR changes to it, but this basically gives you the solid idea of what’s gonna happen in the story  (。・ω・。)ノ♡

Here’s the link to the description of the demo and the demo itself!

Vegan Youtube Channels

There is an extremely diverse community of Vegan Youtube Channels.
It’s all about finding the right content for you!

Bite Size Vegan - educational vegan content simplified
VegSource - educational vegan content 
Tim Shieff - vegan athlete, be blown away by his parkor 
Vegan Break - variety of vegan topics and overviews 
Brown Vegan - down to earth approach to family meals 
Vegan Cooking With Love - delicious and familiar recipes
Veggietorials - plant based recipes and how to’s
Happy Healthy Vegan - high carb vegan couple in their 40s
Izzy Davis - high carb vegan teenager
Fully Raw Kristina - long time fully raw lifestyle and recipe videos
Rice and Raw - raw till 4 - 80/10/10 - high carb vegan
40BelowFruity - inspiring raw vegan in canada
VeganVeins - high carb recipes from a college vegan
Kerry McCarpet - educational vegan content 
NaturallyStefanie - Scottish raw till 4 vegan
Mantras and Mangos - raw till 4 - high carb vegan, Australia 
High Carb Hannah - high carb vegan lifestyle
Essena ONeill - vegan nutrition, fitness, and beauty
Eco-Vegan Gal - all things vegan with a focus on the environment
What a Vegan Eats - a sub channel of Eco-Vegan Gal
Jason Wrobel - professional vegan chef
Tastemade - raw vegan not gross recipes
Plant Based Guerilla - educational videos from Australia
Bananiac - vlogs about a variety of vegan topics
Plant Riotic - nutrition and fruitarian bodybuilding
NinaAndRanda - vegan twins, variety of content, musicians 
Light Twins - raw vegan exercise twins 
PlantbasedAthlete - competitive jiu-jitsu athlete 
Vegan Gains - commentary on vegan weight lifting
Freelee the Banana Girl - fruitarian from Australia
DurianRider - fruitarian biker from Australia
Gary Yourofsky - animal liberation activist and public speaker
Farm Sanctuary - educational awareness about farm animals
Whole Future - 80/10/10 diet and exercise
The Raw Boy - raw vegan, advice for people with acne
Bananablondie108 - long time vegan yoga instructor 
Annie Jaffery - vegan beauty guru living in Thailand 
Funeralformyfat - the inspiring weight loss of Sharee Samuels
Vegan Cuts - monthly vegan product subscription service
Kalel Kitten - famous you tuber, ethical vegan.

Feel free to add commentary on what content you consume or message me to request a Vegan channel to be added to the list.

Remember that the content creators that helped you might not have the correct approach for another person - we all have our own paths and reasons for learning about Veganism. 

“It’s not a fashion statement, it’s a death wish” and “Tell That Mick He Just Made My List Of Things To Do Today” are Big Mood trauma songs





Hey could you draw more of agent Florida with quotes? I really love how you put the two together! :D

i hope youre okay with me also including him in his teal armor because i kinda sorta ran out of Florida quotes, that dude has one fucking line as a Freelancer in the entire show, what a shame if anyone wants me to draw him (or anyone, really) saying lines from fanfiction or something i can do that too the last picture is a painting ive been working on before you asked me to draw more of him so i thought i might as well include that too sorry that this isnt as good as the first b-flo post, my art is currently going through a phase called what the fuck am i doing

Nagisa is actually amazing.

First of all, he is hilarious and the total mood maker of the group. Probably the best way we’ve seen Nagisa’s humour is through Rei.

I mean just imagine episode 6 without Nagisa. It would have been so tense and totally not fun with Haru being irritated at Rei and Makoto not smilng :( 

There’s also how the whole reason Rei is on the swim club is because of Nagisa’s assertive and unique tactics.

Nagisa’s also quite aware of his friends and pretty insightful.

When Haru was throwing a hissyfit about not being able to swim right away, Nagisa immediately sensed the tension and was quick to moderate the situation.

When Haru is about to give Rei a piece of his mind for swimming by himself late at night, Nagisa chimes in and explains Rei’s thoughts on behalf of Rei, despite no previous discussion about it.

Makoto doesn’t smile after the whole ocean incident, and is (as Nagisa describes it) “subdued”. Nagisa does his awful rockhopper penguin impression and finally gets a smile out of Makoto. :) 

When Haru isolates himself after his loss, Nagisa can’t stand it. Nagisa figures that Haru must be there to support his friends so he rushes off to grab Haru, which was definitely beneficial to not only Haru, but to the rest of the team as well.

Nagisa is probably the first character to really take notice of the nature and strangeness of Rin’s effect on Haru. 

Not to mention that Nagisa doesn’t hold a grudge against Rin at all, even after Rin being a pretty big jerk towards him and Makoto in episode 1. He still calls Rin “Rin-chan”. <3

Bonus (High Speed!): We can probably count the amount of times on one hand that Haru has smiled in the entire plot so far. One of those times is in this moment between Haru and Nagisa.

Honestly, everybody should have a friend like Nagisa.

ok ok but …. asian characters…. middle eastern characters… characters of mixed race… i could probably write a huge long post about this, because listen i’ll pay for some well developed characters beyond …. i can’t believe i’m saying this on a ghetsis blog black & white characters ( god every time i write anything that has black & white in it i just ??????? mmmwhatcha say ), like character development & diversity is so important, not only in race, but i think also in spiritual / religious views or lack thereof!! the world of human beings is a spectrum of skin tones & has so many belief system variants that if turned to music could make thousands of symphonies good lord i love exploring that sort of thing!! 

write characters like the world is, there are infinite possibilities out there for us!! let’s put our character-building minds to work!! but, don’t forget, be respectful with what you write!! if you don’t know about something, research it!! or reach out to others, i bet there are a lot of writers who would be honored to help others understand different points of view!! 

i’m such a sap about character development & i love diversity in characters, that gives me life hjksgadsg…

Petition for Lance to be considered the “Dad Friend” to the dash!


  • He can lead two regions without either falling apart!
  • He can discipline the unruly in various ways and levels! (I.E. Silver and Team Rocket)
  • How many times have people run under his cape for protection?
  • He can also teach you all sorts of cool stuff you’d use in everyday life! Like cape flips or fighting off a gang with one arm tied behind your back!
  • Did I mention he’s taken care of baby dragons for years?
  • Let’s not forget that he can spoil someone rotten if he wanted to! Just ask what his friends got as presents from him!
  • Finally, why wouldn’t you want Lance as a dad? Besides those wanting sexy times with him.
WWE Commentary Masterlist

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Haru's smiles.

It’s not exactly a secret that Haru is almost never seen smiling. When he is smiling, you know that what he is feeling is something particularly strong and special.

1. Nagisa’s hug after the race before the finals.

This wasn’t the final relay race, but it was an important one. Haru finally really felt like he was part of a team, rather than feel like he was being forced onto a team and pressured to win for Rin’s sake. 

‘We’re a team, Haru! Believe…in us!’

After a disappointing race just before, Haru pulls through and leaves everybody speechless with his performance. Seeing Nagisa’s pride and glee towards him, Haru seems to muster up a smile. Just before the race, it was actually Nagisa who managed to make Haru almost smile.

Nagisa is a really weird kid—and the corners of Haruka’s lips twitch up again.

2. Change of heart. 

Haru flies through the air, Rin’s voice ringing in his ears. This boy who had frustrated and irritated him so much…now feels somehow comforting, and Haruka can’t help smiling to himself at how strange that is.

I think this passage speaks for itself.

3. “I want to swim with you guys!”

After actually professing his feelings about wanting to swim with his clubmates and being happy about the entire experience of a relay race, Haru finally feels at peace, almost free. Rei says, “You have your answer, Haruka-senpai,” and he’s right. After contemplating so much about why he swims, he realizes that swimming with his friends was the key all along.

He gets Makoto new goldfish.  Seeing Makoto so happy plus being together with Makoto, Nagisa and Rei on top of feeling at peace, Haru smiles once again.


What do all of these events have in common? The answer is friendship and companionship. Water may have served as the escape and release that Haru wanted, but being with his friends was always what would make Haru happy.

ESC 2017 COMMENTARY (feel free to change pronouns to fit the character!)

  • “I don’t have a nickname because I’m a grown man.”
  • “Move, you’re not a statue god.”
  • “Floating airships? Is this Mario?”
  • “Please have pants under the skirt.”
  • “You’ve heard of smoke on the water. Now get ready for smoke on the piano.”
  • “Is she holding a horse head?”
  • “Why is she holding a horse head?”
  • “The unholy child of the Mayor in Horton Hears a Who and a squirrel.”
  • “There’s an echo in my hand.”
  • “I thought the men were naked at first!”
  • “The return of a legend.”
  • “Are those Skyrim earrings?”
  • “The half naked people in the background.”
  • “Don’t mind that just trust the rocks.”
  • “Is dabcer just dab dancing? Hey I can dabce!”
  • “Let me just lie on the floor.”
  • “The camera just had a heart attack.”
  • “Who tf eats donuts like that.”
  • “She’s an anime character.”
  • “In case you haven’t noticed, I’m weird. I’m a weirdo. I don’t fit in. And I don’t want to fit in. Have you ever seen my singing performances? That’s weird. “
  • “Poor mic stand. Thrown to the ground. Forgotten.”
  • “You can’t vote your own country!”
  • “We’ve been independent for like idk 200 years!”
  • “At the end of the day we’re all naked apes.”
  • “It’s like the mix of daft punk and watch dogs.“
  • “I’m glad we inspired her to save the world with her beauty.”
  • “She watched Madonna’s ‘Frozen’ one time too many.”
  • “Dutch Dixie Chicks and Norwegian Daft Punk. Isn’t Eurovision great?”
  • “This is a good reminder how very gay I am.”
  • “Everything is shit look at this naked dancing ape.”
  • “Baywatch the musical.”
  • “Took nine and half hours to make? More like nine seconds.”
  • “Oh the song with the waterbenders.”
  • “Pictured: existential crisis.”
  • “Tune in this time for existential crisis pt. 2.”
  • “It’s best to think with your heart and trust your instincts, that’s why we brought a big head to the stage.”
  • “She sounds like she drank whiskey for a week straight.”
  • “e x p a n d  l e g”
  • “I will gladly take you to the paradise.”
  • “W— Why the cardboard cut-out?”