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I’m not saying that free-market economics is bad or dangerous, I’m saying that it doesn’t even exist.

The mythical butcher-baker-candlestick-maker view of capitalism only existed in the very earliest days of capitalist development, when it was little more than a social experiment embarked upon by adventurous minor nobles and desperate peasants in fast-growing early-modern cities. The whole reason capitalism survived as a way of organising economic activity was because the newly-wealthy capitalist elites were best placed to wield influence over tottering European feudal states as they crumbled under their own weight - taking them over to run them as glorified protection rackets for their profit-making schemes. From its earliest inception within feudal societies, capital has sought the benefits of the state - legal regulation, economic protectionism, military repression - and used them to secure its future.

Even the most dimly-conscious free-market ideologue knows this. What ‘free-market’ ideology really conceals is a civil war between staggeringly wealthy elites, over which faction of capitalists should reap the rewards: those who benefit from the huge resources of states being poured into subsidising the profits of manufacturing, industry and trade, or those who can make a killing from bank bailouts, government-secured property deals and state-backed oil ventures.

Modern states, therefore, are to capitalism both nursemaid and childhood playmate: they are utterly inseparable, bound together in a Faustian bargain written in the blood of workers.

Things to know about Killing Stalking

To every story, there are both pros and cons. A story like Killing stalking is no different. Now, Killing Stalking wasn’t a story that I was going to get into, honestly. There were so many bad things that I had heard about it, and so I was shying away from it. However. Today I took the time to sit down and read it, and now I’m here to share my thoughts in an analysis- type thing. Now, of course take my words with a grain of salt, because I’m obviously not the author, so I don’t know the exact details of everything. If you want to continue reading though, everything will be under the cut!

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Do you ever look at a minor character and want to call bullshit?

Take Free!, for example-


A character that’s just joined the team at Samezuka but is extremely talented. He easily overtakes the team’s backstroke record on his first real attempt to “swim seriously”. Given his skill, he could take the opportunity to be really arrogant, but that’s not what we see:

When Momo finds out that he’s replaced Uozumi in the relay, he’s humble about it and promises to win on Uozumi’s behalf. Similarly, when Nitori says, “You have to win the relay so you can go to nationals because I’ll definitely be in that one,” (while he thinks Momo’s asleep), Momo goes out of his way to assure Nitori that he’ll win the next day.

Momo is not only talented and upbeat- he’s also encouraging and thoughtful, particularly to Nitori, who seems to be easily discouraged.

There was a lot more to Momo’s character than comic relief, and I think he deserved more than that.


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tardis-in-the-sky  asked:

present headcanons for the rampion crew?? who gives who what?

  • Cinder’s not really good at giving gifts. When it comes to gift exchanges for the servants or ambassadors, Iko does all the shopping and Cinder’s just as surprised when said recipient opens their gift. Most of the time it’s a good surprise.
    • For the crew though, she likes to be practical, giving out handmade coupons for things like Free Portscreen System Analysis, One Rampion Oil Change, etc. Mostly it’s an excuse to get her hands dirty.
  • Kai’s all about the sentimental gifts, remembering the most minute details of a conversation one of the gang has with him 10 months prior. They’re always very thoughtful and beautifully crafted.
  • Scarlet is the complete opposite and opts for the handmade gift. Most of the time it’s baked goods or a jar of honey from the farm, or a basket of soaps from the old lady who makes them from two farms down.
  • Wolf is also a handmade gift kind of guy, but his tend to be a little more crafted, like whittled figurines or eventually, handsome pieces of furniture. Every now and then, he’ll throw in one of his homemade jars of jam. They’re prize-winning after all.
  • Thorne’s gift-giving philosophy is to get people what he’d like to receive because he obviously has impeccable taste. Funny enough, these gifts are some times spot on. Of course, his success rate is about 50%, but the gang is unable to exchange their gift because Thorne got it somewhere halfway around the world. 
  • Cress’s gifting style is somewhat of a mix between Kai’s and Thorne’s. She’s good at remembering sentimental details and picks up interesting gifts during her travels. Her gifts tend to be small, (like her): jewelry, a book, a fascinating charm with an interesting story.
  • Winter is also one of the handmade gang. She’s always gifting beautiful quilts or delicate handkerchiefs embroidered with delicate flowers or life-like animals. 
  • Jacin’s gifts include something simple and practical. A can of oil because the last time he visited, the door was squeaky, or wool socks because no one can have enough pairs of wool socks. These gifts leave the recipient a little puzzled, until he says something nice to them and then he is being hugged against his will. 
  • Iko is one of those freaky gift-givers who always gets you something you’ve never knew you wanted, but now that you have in your life, you couldn’t imagine how you could have lived so long without one. She says it’s her superpower. 

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it and a happy holiday to all!

why rinharu

i have so many feels for this ship bcos they are so precious ??? like, rin and haru are polar opposites and yet they attract each other

i treasure this ship so much because it could go wrong in so many fucking ways and yet they choose not to !!! rinharu is prone to miscommunication because haru would rather not speak and rin is too impatient to wait – and there have been misunderstandings on their part bcos they couldn’t!!! talk!!! to each other!!! they fight and bicker and shout and yell and maybe it COULD get worse through time but i know both of them would fix whatever’s wrong over and over again bcos they have been through a lot and going through another shit again is taxing – even for strong swimmers like them

so anyway why rinharu ?? right, because haru is rin’s path and shining and ohmyg od do you even see the way rin look at this boy like he’s eVERYTHING he could ask for you know???? and rin, most often than not, is haru’s catalyst for his every spur-of-the-moment action rin showed haru his path and they both “"saved”“ each other from their demise !! i love how they are so different from one another – rin, too loud; haru, too quiet – and yet they both aCTIVELY WANT TO BE PART OF EACH OTHER’S LIVES because nothing is better than that (aside from swimming)

rin and haru may not have makoto and haru’s magical telepathy but that’s what i love the most about rinharu because despite the threat of miscommunication they are still there, beside each other, helping one another grow as better people and making each other feel FREE and i think that’s love

rinharu: the closest thing to canon without actually being canon
rinharu: ruining other people’s lives and making life better

This is heartbreaking alright, because:

First off, we have Cas. Castiel, the fallen angel who misses his true form like nothing else, who gave it up for the other people in the photograph. And he knows that for a picture you pose, but the first pose he thinks of? Military. Castiel the soldier, majestic in his true form, is present and ready for battle.

Next in the line is Sam, arms round his friend and his brother, knowing that if their plan fails he could be sobbing deep inside himself as Lucifer takes control and hurts those very people he has his arms around. He is trying oh so hard to protect them, and he’s so afraid that he’ll fail. And as for the expression, that’s not confusion: that’s worry. Derp face to cover up the fear for his family inside.

Next comes Ellen. Ellen the badass. Ellen, who’s only daughter is going to be facing the devil tomorrow, the daughter that she would sacrifice herself to save in a heartbeat, no questions asked. And do my eyes deceive me, or is her arm extended towards Jo, in an almost subconscious effort to keep her nearby? But she wants to be calm for her daughter, her Bobby and her boys, so she cocks a hip and hardens her face, because they’ll be facing the devil tomorrow and she’ll be damned if she’s not going down without a fight.

Then we have Dean. Oh, Dean. The unwilling soldier forced into battle. Dean here has his arms around Sam and Jo, his brother and his adopted sister. Like sammy, he just wants to protect them with all he has. And yeah, he’s pouting and making a face for the camera, but inside? Look how he’s clutching them both so tightly that his knuckles are clearly white. Inside, Dean knows that there’s going to be trouble, and he knows that not all of them might make it back.

Jo Harvelle, the girl of innocence and sass and smarts, the girl who secretly loves her mother with a passion. She’s pulled protectively into Dean’s side, but in some ways it’s more like she’s protecting HIM simply by letting herself be hugged. She’s got her hand on Bobby’s shoulder as if to comfort him; her mother’s love. Because Jo Harvelle knows that Bobby and Dean need all the comfort they can get, because tomorrow is going to, quite literally, be hell.

Finally, we have Bobby. His hands are gripping the rims of his wheelchair as if to hold on to the only stable thing he has left - the faithful old metal chair that keeps him a prisoner and forces him to be of little use to his family. And then there’s his eyes. Those aren’t the eyes of a man who has given up, they are the eyes of the soldier who has seen too many good people die. And he knows, he knows that tomorrow his family are going to be surrounded by pain, and blood, and anguish, and there’s not a damn thing he can do about it.

I just have a lot of feelings ok.

Love me.

In retrospect...

Okay so after sleeping on the Free! ending and thinking about it some more, I have to come to the conclusion that I really have a problem with how Rin was written and portrayed throughout the series.

Rin’s behavior in the first couple of episodes is so widely different from how he is in episodes 6-8, and then the rest of the show that he almost seems very erratic and unstable. For example, the fence scene in episode 4 really showed Rin’s vulnerability, which contrasted widely with his confidence in episode 2 when he threw the trophy away. His random breakdown in episode 4 was also very very different from his gloating attitude in episode 7, and his angry, hostile demeanor changed another 180 degrees again for the final episode.

Now, this can be justified as Rin being extremely conscious of Haru and the other guys he whole time, and changing his behavior/pretending to be a certain way in order to prove something to them and himself. But…it can also just be an example of poor writing and pandering, which, as much as I love Free! and KyoAni for making it, I can’t say isn’t present in the series at least in some way.

I think they tried really hard to make Rin seem like a tough rival and a relatable tragic character and a cool suave sempai and a “flawed protagonist” all at the same time, and this might have actually hurt his character development somewhat. I felt like there were a ton of inconsistencies with his behavior and reactions to things, which is probably why a lot of people who don’t like Rin misinterpreted this as “oh, what a selfish/immature/ungrateful jerk”.

But as for myself…I still love Rin an ship RinHaru to the ends of time for a variety of reasons I have already mentioned in previous posts. It’s just that I feel like the writers tried to make Rin’s character way too many different things at once, and in the process of making his personality complex, they also made him come across as a little bit unstable. Which would have been perfectly fine, if it weren’t for the ending where everything Rin was going through was suddenly resolved with no strings attached.

As a shipper, the ending of Free! was probably everything I ever wanted. But as a fan of the series…I have to say I really dislike the way Rei was basically shafted last minute. There definitely could have been a better way to include both Rin and Rei and also let Rin have his moment with the team. I think sacrificing Rei for the race (even though technically, they tried to make it seem like Rei’s issues were already solved) was a bad move on KyoAni’s part and in some ways made the characters regress rather than learn from their past. As much as I love Rin and RinHaru, I also feel that Rin’s time with the guys as a team was over and it was time for Rei to truly join them. Although I did squeal and cry big fat tears when Rin finally swam with the team again, there was an unsettling feeling in my stomach as I watched that scene because it somehow seemed a little wrong. As if they never really moved on after all. And of course, it made me both sad and happy that Rei just encouraged them to do that.

Now, this is all being said under the assumption that Free! will not have a second season. If it does, (and I’m really really hoping it does) then it’s possible that these things will be addressed, especially certain aspects of the ending.

Also, don’t get me wrong: I fucking love this show. I’m just prone to overanalyzing everything ever.

Happy Birthday, Rei!

In honor of one of my all-time faves, I have decided to make an analysis post about my favorite Rei(Gisa) moment in Eternal Summer- the time when Rei confronts Nagisa about facing his parents.

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What I love about LWW (both the movie and the books) is how much the siblings fought. Siblings in real life do NOT get along 24/7. I love how Lewis put deep rifts in their relationship that eventually were mended in Narnia.

But, the disagreements don’t end. In HHB, Edmund disagreed with Susan’s suitor and admitted that he’d love her less if she married Rabadash. Obviously, there would’ve been tensions there before.

In PC, the four of them still bicker as normal children do. They weren’t the perfect family, and Lewis didn’t paint them as that. They were flawed and grumpy and picked on each other. But you still see the development of their relationships between LWW and LB where we see them last with Susan. They weren’t horribly nasty to each other like Edmund was to Lucy. But they weren’t pristine and lovey dovey all the time either.

Here’s what we’re gonna do

Remember that wildly popular test I did about a year ago that had damn good accuracy? I’m going to be offering that again with in depth explanations. For a price. It’ll be more orderly than before and take into account more variations than standard MBTI tests. Right now, if you tell me your enneagram I’ll incorporate that into the analysis for free. 

Just MBTI analysis: $5

Take the test and get results: $15

Analysis and test: $10

If you want me to skype on your MBTI type, it’s $5 per 20 minutes (and I can cover a lot of ground in 20 minutes). 

Questions and comments are open since this is a trial run. 

Free! Confessions (Rei Appreciation Post, Long Post)

I know that episode 10 was mainly for character development of Samezuka’s team (mostly Sousuke and Rin), but can we take a second to talk about Rei?

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I think one of the things that makes The Lonely Island special is that their work, across the board, satirizes the need to be big and dramatic about everything. Satire traditionally tends to get its point across by understating important events, like the Onion does. The Lonely Island does the exact opposite in basically all of their work, with “I’m on a Boat” being a great example - it’s so much hype for literally just being on a boat. I think they probably do it this way since their work is based more on parody than satire, but it makes for a very fresh, original twist on satire.

Downton Abbey: A-Z

Lady Edith Crawley + strenghts&flaws

“How comforting it is that there really are a few good people left in the world.”

[Gif’s by gotham fox and rinharuined ]

Let’s over analyze this scene? Yes! Just want to disclaim that I don’t think Nygmobblepot is dead, I do however think Ed is really complicated in a way that makes intimate friendship near impossible for him. Ed just wants to have fun and play by his own rules or you can’t play with him. 

Ok! Edward’s behavior in this scene is a wide pallet of emotions. He is thrilled to find his new friend at the door. Destiny again sends a disheveled and broken Oswald his way! What fun! Ed gives Oswald loving protracted looks. Verbally emphasizes that he is happy to see Os, no it’s not a banana in his pocket, in case Oswald didn’t recognize that he just participated in eye love-making. Like, damn Ed, wear protection; you can get a boy pregnant eye fucking like that. Oh wait! He has glasses on, Oswald is safe! 

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Some midnight thoughts about Claudia P and the Undertaker

To say I’m not shipping them would be a lie, but shipping doesn't always have to be equal to pure romance, and I can’t quite see them as all lovey-dovey with each other when we’re speaking of the Victorian era and of the dark settings in Kuroshitsuji anyway.

As for the fandom…

  • Some people prefer to say they were not in love, some others believe the Undertaker might have been infatuated with her in an obsessed way while Claudia was very happy (or not) with her own husband.
  • There are some readers who think he could be Vincent and Frances’ biological father and some others who don’t buy it at all.

Opinions vary, and it’s true that without clues it’s hard to really guess what their relationship was like, especially when the Undertaker is a very complicated character (but then again, which characters of Kuroshitsuji are simple?).

Me, I like the symbolism around the Undertaker’s character and what Claudia’s character or his relationship to her could add to it.

Basically, I see the Undertaker as an allegory of death, because he once was acting as a death god, he’s got the most realistic death scythe and also because he’s the only character so far who proved he could be equal or superior to Sebastian in raw strength.
However, when he deserted because he got curious about humans, he witnessed things and met people who, years later, pushed him to try the Bizarre Dolls project (and what is that project, if not a way to cheat on death and maybe bring back people he once knew and misses greatly)?

With the Bizarre Dolls project, he’s not exactly favoring death even though he’s not exactly alive himself and even gave up on his own life many years ago. So isn’t it ironic? We have no idea what his relationships to the 7 people represented by the funeral lockets were like, but he’s going against his own current nature (Shinigami) by trying to bring them back (if that’s what he’s doing of course).

And then you’ve got Claudia.
We haven’t even seen her face yet, but she probably was the Watchdog before Vincent and we all know what that title represents.
If it’s hard for Ciel and if it killed Vincent, I don’t think it was any different for her and maybe it was even worse, considering she was a woman put in charge of England’s dirt during the Victorian era. High born women weren’t expected to control the Underworld, they were educated to raise and manage children and household, but that’s very probably not what happened for Vincent and Frances.

In any case, the Watchdog duty didn't allow Claudia a real place in society. If anything, what people of her rank saw or knew of her was all a lie and we can’t know whether it bothered her or not.

So when you introduce Claudia’s character to the Undertaker, what happens?
The deserting Shinigami meets the Queen’s watchdog, a noble woman of the Victorian era acting as the Queen's pawn and the Underworld’s keeper, so he, who was curious about humans and who left his people for that reason, should certainly get interested in her (actually it’s not just about her but also about that collar she accepted to wear and that Vincent, and then Ciel, will accept to lock around their neck as well).

The thing is, I don’t think we can say yet if there was love between them or friendship, just plain respect or even disdain, but Claudia P should definitely correspond to the kind of humans the Undertaker would get interested in.

And if Claudia was remotely close to what Ciel is like (something that could have been foreshadowed by the Undertaker’s words at the end of the circus arc), there is a possibility she was really broken by the Watchdog duty as well, enough so that her caring about people was very limited.

So basically, if I had to choose one way to see their relationship as of ch106, whether love or simple affection did exist between them or not, with all the possibilities and with what I personally like in symbolism, I think I would sum it up by one gif:

(With Eddy being Tanaka who recently arrived in the household and met with UT)

Enjolras was a charming young man, who was capable of being terrible. Cosette was more of a lark than a dove. Jehan Prouvaire was intrepid. Marius was dignified to harshness, pure to shyness. Bossuet was a gay but unlucky fellow. Musichetta was a superb girl, very literary. Combeferre was inclined to let good progress take its own course. Grantaire was a man who took good care not to believe in anything. Bahorel was a good-natured mortal, who kept bad company. Joly was the gayest of them all. Feuilly had a generous heart. Eponine was beautiful. Courfeyrac was an honourable fellow.