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these drawings are from like 2014 and i’m really sorry to say that i’m never going to finish this reigisa / moulin rouge AU. (now i’ve moved on to a victuuri moulin rouge au because i love suffering lmao) 

anyways, enjoy these drawings that i DID finish. i finished the first five lines of the song and then skipped around so they’re out of order too. 

uploading the unfinished sketches of the rest of the scene on my patreon

Teacher: *Looks to see their student writing diligently during their class*

Teacher: Look at that student. Always so on top of things during lectures. What a great student they are.

Me, writing gay fanfiction: He leaned down to whisper sweet nothings into his boyfriend’s ear as one his hands caressed his lover’s inner thigh before traveling up further…


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When your fiancé won’t let you swim the ice