The Peacekeeper is a an action packed, addictive and rather silly tower defense/shooter hybrid in which you play a peacekeeper who attempts to obtain global peace by gunning down waves and waves of attacking enemies. Sure, there may not be much in the way of ‘peace’ in The Peacemaker, but there’s plenty of action, carnage and fun!

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Buddleia, commonly known as butterfly bush. The dark purple flowers are very distinctive making this shrub easy to identify when it’s in this stage of growth, and are renowned for attracting large amounts of butterflies. The straight, thin stems make suitable hand drill spindles.#plant #plants #wildfood #food #nature #foraging #forage #foraged #bushcraft #survival #wilderness #botany #outdoors #outside #walking #hiking #countryside #edible #natural #organic #free #wild #cooking #ingredients #leaves #woodland #forest #wildedible #forager #outdoorsman

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Just like you would shop to find a university that provided courses that aligned with your educational goals, you as a soul chose Earth as the planetary school that offered the courses that most closely aligned with your evolutionary goals at this time.
—  Jelaila in “9D Nibiruan Council Perspective on Money and Ascension” ➖Read more 📖 : http://www.nibiruancouncil.com/html/9dmoneyperspective.html
Europe announces that all scientific papers should be free by 2020
By Jolene Creighton, Futurism

This week was a revolutionary week in the sciences - not because we discovered a new fundamental particle or had a new breakthrough in quantum computing - but because some of the most prominent world leaders announced an initiative which asserts that European scientific papers should be made freely available to all by 2020.

This would legally only impact research supported by public and public-private funds, which are a vast portion of the papers produced annually; however, the goal is to make all science freely available.

Ultimately, the commitment rests on three main tenets: “Sharing knowledge freely”, “open access”, and “reusing research data”.