“‘Give her hell from us, Peeves.’
And Peeves, who Harry had never seen take an order from a student before, swept his belled hat from his head and sprang to a salute as Fred and George wheeled about to tumultuous applause from the students below and sped out of the open front doors into the glorious sunset.” #fredweasley #georgeweasley #harrypotter #mischiefmanaged

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I Hate That I Love You - Fred Weasley Imagine


Could I request a Fred imagine where you and Fred have never really gotten along (mostly due to the fact you fancied each other) but you stay at the burrow for Christmas because you’re close with Ginny. You and Fred get caught in a door frame together and George puts some mistletoe above. They share a kiss and act disgusted by it but later on when everyone’s asleep you go down to get some tea and Fred’s down there. Some type of argument happens and feelings are confessed?Thank you so much love!

~A/n: I know Christmas is way past! I’m sorry for the long wait! Please forgive me!

~(Y/n)’s POV~

I hate Fred. Wait. Do I really hate him? Or is it my feelings that’s fogging up the picture. It seems like I hate him but truly beneath all my hatred towards him I actually like him. I think we don’t get along well because I thought he would never like me back the way I liked him and that thought became more bitter by the second. So, I guess that’s the answer, right? I hate him because I think he’ll never love me. I hate him because I love him so much and that he’s too oblivious to see it. Or is it my mind playing tricks. Do I really like Fred Weasley? What’s there to like? His big brown eyes? His pink lips that always seemed to be shaped into a smirk? The way his hair is always messy and a shade of vibrant red? If I do like him, what do I do? Flirt and twirl my hair when I’m around him? No! So, basically I don’t know what to do. The only thing I know how to do to him is be mean and rude and that’s what I get in return from him.

I zipped up my bag, and threw the strap over my shoulder. I may not get along with Fred, but I sure do with the other Weasley’s. Ginny is my best friend basically kinda like my sister, I would do anything for her because she’s been there for me since day one. So when she asked if I can come and stay with her and her family for Christmas break it literally took my three days to choose. I wasn’t thinking about Mr. And Mrs. Weasley, or George or Ginny or Ron. I was thinking about Fred. Am I really ready to stay in the same household as Fred, my enemy, my crush? Am I willing to be nice just to make a good impression of myself or am I willing to be good just to get Fred to like me? I thought of a million questions but I just couldn’t seem to find an answer for any of them. When Fred’s around me, he makes me feel something in my stomach. Butterflies is what many people call it. Love is complicated for me, I just don’t know what to do.

I meet up with Ginny down at the train station, where we loaded our luggages onto the train. We luckily had a compartment all to ourselves, we sat down and started to talk, about nothing in particular. I turned my head towards the window that showed the hall of the train and which also showed the Weasley Twins passing by. I saw that Fred was giving me a glare and once he was out of sight, I started to blink back tears. Am I really that mean to him? Did I really do a lot, for him to do that to me? I looked down at my hands and saw tears falling onto my lap. “(Y/n)? What’s wrong?” Ginny asked “Um… Nothing. I - I just need to go to the bathroom. Excuse me.” I sniffled wiping my tears away before standing and opening the compartment door. I look to the right because that’s the way I have to go if I wanna use the bathroom, more tears fall down my cheeks when I see Fred and George talking near the bathroom doors. I slowly walk up to the bathroom doors, George looks at me worriedly but it’s not compared to Fred’s at all. A huge look of worry was written on his face, a hint of sadness in his eyes. I touched the knob but it didn’t turn.

Someone else was already in there. I looked down and waited my turn, not wanting to make eye contact with Fred. “(Y/n), what’s wrong?” Fred asked “N-Nothing’s W-Wrong” I cried expecting my words to come out as a whisper but it ends up being a cry. Fred touches my shoulder and I flinch violently away “P-Please don’t t-touch me” I sucked in a harsh breath wiping my tears away before looking up at the bathroom sign on the door. The door opened and a 1st year Hufflepuff girl skipped out “(Y/n)!” Fred said loudly before I slammed the bathroom door shut. I slowly slid to the ground and buried my head deep into my knees. I heard rapid knocking “(Y/n)! Open the door!” Fred’s voice said coming from the other side of the door. “Go away!” I sobbed, I began to cry even more when he violently tried to turn the knob and open the door. “(Y/n)!” He said angrily knocking on the door even harder than before making me scream and cry out in fear due to his violent actions. “Fred! Calm down!” I heard George’s voice “She wants to be alone right now” I heard Fred sigh deeply before I heard a pair of footsteps walk away. I grabbed some toilet paper and wiped my tears away, I opened the door and made my way back to the compartment.

Ginny kept asking me what’s wrong but I kept saying the same lie over and over again. “Nothing’s wrong” I would say, but really everything was wrong. The person that I like tried to talk to me but I pushed him away. Am I scared to get my heart broken? Or am I trying to stop myself from falling too deep in love? We finally make it to King’s cross station I take a deep breath once I step onto the platform. I see Mr. And Mrs. Weasley waving at me, I smile and make my way towards them. I hug them tightly as they do the same, I go to the back of the group as Mr. And Mrs. Weasley hug their children but one ginger is missing. Fred. I felt someone grab my wrist firmly making me face them, it was Fred. He grabbed both of my wrist and held them in front of him “We need to talk” he said in a serious tone “I don’t want to talk!” I said angrily trying to pull my wrists out of his tight grip “(Y/n), what’s your problem?” He said angrily “You! Your my problem! Why can’t you leave me alone!” I whispered trying to not make a scene in front of everyone. Fred let’s go of my wrists slowly but still watches me intently. A stray tear slowly falls down my cheek, I didn’t mean anything I just said. Fred wasn’t the problem, I was the problem.

We make it to the Burrow but the ride was driving me insane. Fred kept watching me as if he were a robot, so I kept my eyes on the floor of the car. I entered the house to see it entirely decorated with Christmas decor. I like Christmas and the Weasley’s had just made it better for me. I make my way towards the staircase that leads up to Ginny’s room but stop once I notice that my shoes untied. I tie my shoe quickly and stand up but something was different because Fred stumbled in front of me, obviously someone pushed him towards me. “Look up!” Ginny said excitedly, Me and Fred both looked up slowly to see a mistletoe above us. I looked back at Fred “I don’t want to kiss him” I said plainly but in my mind I wanted to kiss him as if it were the last thing I’d ever do. We both looked to opposite sides of the room obviously not wanting to make eye contact with each other. “Oh come on!” Ginny exclaimed making me and Fred look back at each other. We took a deep breath in before slowly leaning in, I can feel Fred’s hot breath against my mouth. I close my eyes and slowly attach our lips together, sending a shock through my body. God, he was a good kisser. No lie. Instead of a quick kiss it turned into a kiss that felt like a million years. My hands had a mind of its own and gently placed themselves on Fred’s chest, while his hands slowly came up and cupped my face bringing me closer. A loud cough made up pull apart, it took us a few seconds to realize what we just did because after that few seconds we started to act disgusted. I wiped my tongue on my sleeve while Fred kept ‘Gagging’. Ginny rolled her eyes before dragging me up to her bedroom.

~Later That Night~

I currently lay on a thin mattress on the floor, looking up at the blank ceiling. Just Thinking. Thinking about Fred and that unforgettable kiss. Every time I close my eyes all I can see is Fred leaning in, I can feel his gently touch on my skin and his warm breath near my mouth. I sit up and see Ginny sound asleep, I slowly and quietly get off the mattress and tip toe downstairs. I was looking for some tea to hopefully try and get my memory off of Fred but instead I find something else. I see Fred sitting in front of the fire with a blanket wrapped around him. I try to pass him but I guess he has like werewolf hearing. “(Y/n), we need to talk” he said in a serious tone standing up “Fred. I don’t want to talk” I exclaimed looking away “Why not?! I’m just trying to be nice and talk about our problems!” He said a little louder his voice giving away the fact that he was obviously angry. “Nice?! You haven’t been nice to me! You treat me like crap!” I screamed “I only treat you like that because that’s how you treat me!” Fred exclaimed running a hand roughly through his red hair.

“Well I’m sorry!” I said sarcastically turning around to go back up to Ginny’s room “No! We’re not done talking!” He said angrily “I’m done!” I screamed “I hate… I hate…” I trailed off “You hate what?!” He yelled “I hate that I love you! That’s why I’ve been such a bitch towards you! I was always scared that you’ll break my heart, so that why I’m always mean. So that I won’t fall head over heels for you! But I guess it’s to late now! Because I’ve already fallen!” I screamed not believing what I just said. I looked to the side of the room not daring to make eye contact with Fred. I heard hurried footsteps, the next thing I knew was that Fred was kissing my roughly. His large hands going underneath my t-shirt touching my back, I jump up and wrap my legs around his waist while my hands cup his face deepening the kiss even more. I moaned in his mouth as he grabbed my butt squeezing it slightly, we both pulled back when Mr. And Mrs. Weasley came downstairs in a rush. They’re mouths were both open at the sight of Fred’s hands on my but with my legs around his waist. Fred slowly sets me down onto my feet. That night me and Fred had a talk about sex and protection from Mr. And Mrs. Weasley.


•Sorry for the very crappy ending! But, I hope everyone’s having a lovely day today!•

#amonthofharrypotter Day 2: Battle of Hogwarts, which death hurt you the most? For me every single one hurt, but specially Fred’s . By this point I was sobbing like a mad woman. #jkrowling #books #bookquotes #bookstagram #thedeathlyhallows #harrypotter #fredweasley #bookporn #booklover #bookchallenge #instabook #potterhead #pottergram #maybookchallenge #harrypotterbookchallenge

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Dating Dilemma (Fred Weasley)

A/N: Thought I would post some Fred Fluff because let’s face it, his just adorable!

Pairings: Fred Weasley x Reader

Word count approx: 1151 words

Warnings: FLUFF, shouting?

Summary: all you want is for Fred to ask you to the Yule ball but when he doesn’t, things take an interesting turn.


The Yule ball was only two weeks away and I couldn’t have been more excited. I had everything already planned out, the dress, shoes and Angelina had even promised to fix my hair for me. The only problem however? They boy I really wanted to go with hadn’t asked me yet…
Fred Weasley.

We had been seeing each other secretly for about three weeks - I still wasn’t sure why it was secret - and don’t get me wrong it was amazing; I had a crush on Fred for years before hand but we hadn’t quite crossed that line of “officially” dating. There was nothing else I wanted except hearing the word girlfriend out of his perfectly plump lips. Sigh.

Currently we were walking down to breakfast, standing close together but not touching; oh god I just wanted to reach out and grab his hand but of course George was also walking with us.
“Hmm?” He answered
“Can..can I talk to you for a minute?” I was nervously pulling on the sleeve of my robes. He looked over with a confused expression before nodding his head; leading me away from the hall and into the court yard.
“What’s up y/n?”
We sat down on the stone benches, my heart thumping widely against my rib cage.
“Well…I just want to know where we stand…”
“Stand?” He raised his eyebrows, a small smile tugging on his lips.
“Yes Fred…do…do you want to be with me?”
“Not this again!” He groaned, “why do you have to label it to be happy? Can’t you just appreciate spending time with me?”
“No!” I huffed, “there’s no commitment Fred! What’s to stop you waking up one morning and having secret little meetings with someone else? If you want to be with me you have to be all the way in”
“Do you honestly think I’m that kind of person y/n?” He hissed, his smile now replaced with an irritated frown.
“I don’t know what to think…you seem perfectly content running around behind everyone’s backs and snogging me…but you won’t even call me your girlfriend!”
“I don’t need a label to be happy” he stated.
I felt slightly deflated after he finished speaking, I couldn’t meet Fred’s eyes but I knew they would be glaring at me venomously, his eyes a darker shade of brown.
Without another word he stood up and walked away; I sat on the stone bench alone with a heavy feeling in my chest.


I hadn’t managed to see Fred all day; he didn’t come down at lunch time and missed the one class we had together. I was getting more and more frustrated as the day went on.
Walking into the hall for dinner I noticed once again the absence of both Fred and George; fine if he wanted to ignore me that badly then two could play that game!
“Are you alright?” Angelina asked cautiously as I slumped into my seat. “I’m guessing you spoke to Fred?”
Angelina was the only person I had told about us, when I was more excited about dating him. She looked at me sadly while rubbing my shoulder blades.
“Why won’t he just say it? That’s all I want Ange”
“His a boy y/n and probably far to used to that bachelor reputation he had”
“Yeah well he can’t have it both ways” I sighed. Before Ange could reply there was a tap on my shoulder; I turned around to see a flushed faced Hufflepuff, his floppy brown hair partially covering his face. I think his name was Josh?
“Uh hi” I muttered
“Hey y/n just wanted to know if you were going to the ball with anyone?”
“No” I huffed dejected, looking back down at my hands
“Oh! Well wanna go…with me?” He asked timidly.
I looked up at his hopeful expression; blue eyes wide and sparkling. He was cute there was no denying it and if Fred wasn’t going to ask me then there was no point in waiting around for him.
“I would love to”
I felt Angelina kick me under the table as Josh walked away; looking around I saw Fred standing there, anger clearly written across his features. I gulped.
“Y/n…maybe that wasn’t the best decision” Ange whispered, her eyes were just as wide as mine.
“Well it’s his problem” I whispered back urgently.
Fred clenched his fists by his side, storming towards where I was sitting.
He lifted me off the seat with ease, keeping a vice grip on my wrist as he lead us back out of the hall; the whole of Gryffindor table staring at us.

We made it about three corridors away when he finally rounded on me, his face about as red as his hair.
“What the bloody hell was that!?” He shouted, I took a step back.
“You wouldn’t ask me!”
“Well I thought it would have been obvious that we were going together!”
“You can’t just assume everything Fred! I wanted you to ask!”
“Bloody hell…is this you getting back at me for not committing?”
I pursed my lips and looked away, okay maybe that was the exact reason I had said yes. Fred seemed to gage my reaction as a yes; he ran his hands over his face and groaned loudly.
“Fine you want commitment? I’ll show you commitment!”
He stalked off back towards the great hall, his shoulders tense. Gulping nervously I followed him, not exactly sure what he was about to do but scared none the less.

Some of the students turned to look at us as we walked through the doors but Fred paid it no attention. He lifted himself to stand on the end of the Gryffindor bench, grabbing the attention of almost everyone.
I tried to pull him away by his hand, but he wouldn’t budge. My face turned Crimson as he began to speak.
He pointed his finger threateningly towards Josh, whose mouth was gaping open at the confession. I buried my face into my hands as everyone stared at us; but I couldn’t help the small smile that I had from his deceleration.
Fred hoped off of the bench and pulled me flush against his body, kissing me harshly, hands tangled into my hair.
The Gryffindor table behind us clapped loudly, some cheering. I smiled into the kiss.
“Those were certainly strong words Fred Weasley are you sure you can keep them?” I teased as we broke away. He smirked down at me with a cocked eyebrow
“Definitely…no one else is ever having you”
I placed my hands on either side of his face, pulling his lips towards me once again. I couldn’t have been happier.

Pregnant With A Weasley - Fred Weasley Imagine


Can I have something where it’s like a flashback to the Yule Ball and that the night of the ball reader and Fred had sex. No smut needs to be written for this part. Then when it’s the last task, she finds out that she’s pregnant. She cries to Ginny and Hermione and tells them that she doesn’t know what to do. They tell her to tell Fred and she does but after the speech Dumbledore says about Cedric. Sorry if it specific. P. S. I love your blog and your imagines!😘😍💕

•Warning: Teen Pregnancy•

~(Y/n)’s POV~

I stared at the little stick that had two pink lines on it. I’m pregnant. I slowly sink to the floor. How could I let this happen? I’m too young! I’m barely in my 6th year at Hogwarts. I close my eyes and remembered the night, the night that I got pregnant. It was the night of the Yule Ball, I was so excited because Fred, my boyfriend, promised me that, that night would be magical. Fred and I have been together for four years but we’ve been best friends since we met in our first year. I love Fred so much, but how would he react to the baby? Will he break up with me? Tell me to kill it? I don’t know. That’s the thing, I don’t know how he’ll react. It scares me. I’ve seen Fred when he’s angry and it’s not pretty at all.


Fred twirled me slowly before placing his hands back on my waist firmly. “You look quite hot, I must say miss. (Y/l/n)” Fred said in a royal accent, a smirk plastered on his pink lips. “You don’t look to bad yourself Weasley” I smiled as he dipped me quickly “You would look even hotter with that dress off” he whispered in my ear sending shivers down my back. He grabbed my butt making me jump, I looked around to see that nobody saw Fred’s actions. I put my hands at the back of Fred’s neck “Are you trying to seduce me, Mr. Weasley?” I said in a flirtatious tone “Perhaps” he winked making me blush “Well, if you are. You’re doing a pretty good job” I whispered in his ear. His smirk turned into a smile before saying “Let’s get out of her princess” he grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the great hall, bringing me to a nearby broom closet….

~End Of Flashback~

I knew I should’ve stopped Fred, But I was so caught up in the moment to stop him. I looked down at my stomach and began to rub it with both of my hands. I bit my bottom lip trying to suppress a sob, but it didn’t work. I let it out along with tears rolling down my cheeks. I don’t know what to do but, I sure know one thing. I’m keeping it. I don’t care if Fred doesn’t want it, I’m keeping it. It’s my child and there’s no way in hell that I’m giving away my son or daughter to a stranger. I buried my hands in my face but quickly looked up as I heard rapid knocking on my bathroom door. “(Y/n)? Are you in there?” It’s was Ginny “Yeah” I said trying to sound normal “Well, can you come out? The last task is about to begin and Fred’s looking for you!” Hermione was also outside the door. Fred. The father of my child. I begin to weep softly at his name “(Y/n)? What’s wrong?” Hermione asked her voice giving away the fact that she was obviously worried. I can tell them right? They’re basically like my sisters to me. I slowly get off the ground and open the door.

Ginny and Hermione gasp as they take in my appearance. My hair a mess, my nose a light hint of red, my eyes red and puffy from crying. They both hug me tightly bringing me towards my bed. They sit in front of me and wait patiently for me tell them what’s wrong while rubbing my back. I take out the pregnancy test from my pocket and hand it to them making theirs eyes widen. “Fred’s the father isn’t he?” Ginny asked looked up from the test, I nod my head before crying again. Hermione engulfs me in another hug, while Ginny just looks at the test, shocked. “What are you gonna do?” Ginny asked “I don’t know, but I’m keeping the baby. Even if Fred doesn’t want it.” I whisper “When are you planning to tell him?” Hermione asked “I have no idea, I feel like I don’t want to tell him.” I cry “You have to tell him!” Ginny says loudly hugging me “He is the father” she whispers “I know but I’m scared, what if he breaks up with me? What happens if he doesn’t want the baby?” I sniffled “Don’t worry, if he does that I’ll kick his arse” Ginny said angrily making me laugh lightly “Thanks Ginny and Hermione. For listening.” I whisper hugging them again “Anytime” they say at the same time.

~The Next Morning~

My stomach was lurching, I can feel the baby moving around in my stomach making me sick and eventually puking. Today has been very gloom for everyone who was at the last task. We lost a fellow student in the tournament, Harry said it was Voldemort who did it. And I believe him. Our world is in danger and we can’t do nothing except for fight for our lives. Headmaster Dumbledore has summoned all the students down to the great hall, where he prepared a speech. Fred found a seat next to me and held my hand in his tightly making me feel anxious and have a feeling in my stomach. Or is it the baby moving? Can he or she feel the presence of their father? Fred smiles at me making me feel extremely guilty, every second I’m with him, I feel like I have to tell him. “Today. We acknowledge, a really terrible loss. Cedric Diggory, as you all know, was exceptionally hard working-” Dumbledore’s voice was cut off from my ears when I felt a sharp pain in my stomach making me gasp lightly and hold my stomach with both hands. “Baby, what’s wrong?” Fred whispered in my ear, I can’t tell him now. I stand up and quickly run out of the great hall making a few people look at me. Once I’m out of the hall I put my hands on my knees, I’m panting and I’m exhausted. I can’t even run a minute without getting tired. I hear rushing footsteps, I turn around to see Fred behind me. “Why did you run away?” He asked stepping closer but I step back “What’s wrong?” He asked “Did I do something?” “No! You didn’t do anything… Well…” I whisper but just loud enough for him to hear. “Well, what?” He asked, I hesitated but decided to tell him, it’s now or never “I’m pregnant” I mumble looking down “What?” I take a deep breath before looking up “I’m pregnant” I say slowly and a bit louder.

His eyes widened “W-what? H-how did this happen?! Is - Is it mine?” He exclaimed, I nodded. I watched as Fred’s eyes rolled to the back of his head as he fainted. I hurried over to him “Fred! Fred wake up!” I said loudly, he opened his eyes and looked at me a few seconds before smiling “I’m gonna be a dad!” He said excitedly “Your - Your not mad?” I asked, he sat up “Why would I be mad? I’ve always wanted to start a family with you. I just didn’t expect to start so young” he trailed off but still kept a smile on his face. “So, you want to keep the baby and help me raise it?” I asked nervously “Of course! I did this to you! He-” I cut him off “Or she” I smiled “Or she” he repeated “Will have an amazing mother and father” he whispered, I hugged him tightly. We pulled back when people started to come out of the great hall “I’m gonna be a dad!” Fred shouted making my eyes widen in shock. Everyone started clapping making me hide my face in the crook of Fred’s neck “Congratulations!… Congrats!… Congratulations on the baby!… I hope it’s a girl!… I bet one galleon that it’s a boy!… Game on!… Man! Pregnant with a Weasley! That must be hectic!” These are the words that I’ve heard people say as they pass by, I can’t help but smile. “I love you” Fred whispered soothingly into my ear “I love you too Freddie” I smiled kissing his cheek. “I always knew I was gonna be an uncle at a young age” George stated as if proud, making me and Fred bust out laughing.