Before they were Hogwarts age, Fred and George spent almost all of their time outside in the burrow’s garden. Quite often they would be in the barn, talking about inventions, ideas and pranks. Because of the extremely close connection they had with each other, they rarely talked to the rest of the family, and had a sort of disconnection with their parents. Neither of them minded getting into trouble because for starters, they were never going to be as good as their elder brothers, and also they were not very close to their mother anyway. paper-tiger-named-anna


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do i find it weird that that’s the only thing you got out of that post? just a tad lol

arrie made that tag up because we kept missing each other and yeah and arrie got into this tiffaly craze where she described why she shipped us and i’m just ‘uhm okay i’ll just sit in this corner and wait for tiff to come back from her hellish studying and see your madness' 

Roxanne loved to fly, she learnt at the age of 2 because both of her parents were keen to teach her. Although she arrived at Hogwarts a few years later than Fred, she actually made team captain for the Gryffindor quiddich team the same year that Fred did for Hufflepuff. Fierce competition erupted between the houses and the matches when they played each other were eagerly anticipated.

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Fred constantly felt like he was disappointing his family by not living up to his namesake’s pranking reputation, so much so that for a while he asked to be called by his middle name, Fabian. This did not stick, and as time went on he made himself a reputation for being kind and thoughtful, he never felt like a disappointment again, his family made sure of it.

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Are you doing these on blogs without knowledge of the person?? Omg my blog is a mess of very random shit it probably wont feel very personal but i wanna know what scent pops up in your mindd 🙈🔥

i go off of blogs and ppl’s about pages if i don’t know them, basically whatever i can figure out from like 15-20 min on someone’s blog. a lot of friends and closer mutuals i kinda already have in mind if they ask or are pretty easy to think of!

cinnamon toast

A warm delicious treat … cinnamon spice with a buttery note.