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Any headcanons for Fred and Hermione? (while they were still at hogwarts) (may he rest in peace)

  • fred first noticed hermione when she was thirteen and starting to look older, but he kept this to himself.
  • he felt it was wrong to like someone two years younger than him when he was fifteen, and well, he just wouldn’t go there.
  • but he was always very protective of her when older students would say things about her behind her back, and he would always do small things for her to make her life easier.
  • but she never knew he was the one doing them.
  • during the yule ball and after ron made her cry, she went to an abandoned classroom.
  • fred walked by the classroom coming back from the bathroom and heard her sobs, so he walked in to check on her.
  • he sat with her for the rest of the night holding her as she cried and listened to every word she had to say.
  • he tried not to focus on the way his heart pounded every time she leaned her head against his shoulder.
  • angelina was pissed the next day for ditching her half-way through the ball, but she forgave him once she heard him yelling at ron for making hermione cry the next day alone in the common room. 
  • she knew, and she was the only one that knew other than george.
  • after that night, hermione came to fred a lot for advice about random things and just to have a laugh when she needed one.
  • then one day as they talked up at the astronomy tower, fred told her how he felt.
  • she was shocked of course, and she told him that she had feelings for ron.
  • he wasn’t mad, because he knew.
  • and he continued to be her friend regardless.
  • then the summer after her fifth year, ron started taking notice in other girls, and well, hermione started to truly notice fred.
  • they had a secret romance at the order headquarters and throughout fred’s seventh year.
  • they would meet in the room of requirement after da meetings and make-out or just talk about what they wanted to achieve. 
  • when ron found out, he was angry at first.
  • but he got over it quickly, because he loved both hermione and fred so much.
  • they were his family.
  • and you did not stay mad at family, especially when they fit together so perfectly. 

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Who are people you ship Lee Jordan? What headcanons do you have for them?

lemme tell ya about how much i love Fred x Lee my sweet sweet anon:

- so Fred George met Lee clearly on their first day of hogwarts. 

- at the Gryffindor table right after the sorting Fred and George come and sit on either side of lee and introduce themselves with identical grins and then start with the witty banter (and making fun of percy)

- Lee is sitting there laughing the whole time (and feeling really special that these two larger than life non-stop people have decided that he is gonna be their friend)

- on the first night at Hogwarts they are all super buzzed cause W o W there is a whole freaking castle to explore and because of that there must be a heck load of mischief to get up to

- in their first class they bust in late all three of them: Fred with an (apparently) apologetic grin, George with a terribly repressed smirk and Lee with a crooked smile 

- (this is one of the only times they get away with it because ‘we are so sorry sir we got lost’ can actually be believable when it hasn’t been used every day of the week before) 

- within the week Lee can tell the twins apart (finally there was to be no more “haha we gotcha i’m actually Fred”) 

- basically their friendship keeps growing and growing as friendships do 

- then one day someone asks Lee how he’s so good at telling the twins apart and he stops and thinks for a second cause really he can’t quite put his finger on it

- he tries to explain the subtle differences in appearance to the person inquiring but he’s distracted by how they both ‘feel’ different 

- George was like squinted eyes of concentration,and burst of laughter, and being always prepared to either hug you or kill someone for you 

- and Fred was (wow) Fred was just completely different he was fast and passionate talk (that would always make butterflies erupt in Lee’s stomach), and prideful ‘dare me to’ eyes (that always made Lee’s heart lurch), and utter faithfulness, the kind of person you would trust with your life (which Lee obviously would without hesitation) 

- and shit was Lee in love with his best friend? (one of them anyway)

- then later that week in the common room Fred is sitting there staring at Lee’s hands (cause gosh they are gorgeous) and he decides it’s about time that he talks about this mega crush cause it’s eating him alive and cause it’s the Fred Weasley thing to dive head first into everything he says “hey Georgie, mate, ever think you might have a semi-thing for Lee? cause ya know I’d relate.” 

- George doesn’t even look up from what he’s doing to respond “mate, I don’t but I freaking know you do” completely chill about it (even though inside he is screaming ‘FINALLY’ and is super happy cause he knew all of last’s weeks talks about Lee’s love life and offering to find him a quality love interest the week before had perhaps kicked Fred’s sorry ass into a realisation about his feelings) 

- at first Fred is all like ‘why didn’t you say something?’ and then ‘wait.. George do you think he likes me back?’

- and George sighs the biggest sigh and gives Fred the most deadpan, tired look and says “of freaking course he does and in fact i’m getting bloody sick of the two of you pretending like you’re not utterly head over heels for each other so please, brother dear for the sake of, what’s left of, my sanity - piss off and do something about it.” 

- Fred just stares for a moment at George, then summons his courage (cause if he’s gonna ask out Lee it’s gonna be smooth), and walks over to Lee who is trying to actually do his transfiguration homework (and because of that he has to be located a strategic few feet away from the twins) 

- Lee sees Fred coming out of the corner of his eye and his stomach erupts (as usual) and he thinks okay today I’m gonna tell him cause I’m damned sick of all of this, he properly looks up from his essay when Fred sits down on the couch beside him and is met with a pointed smirk from the red-head

-”hey Lee, do you think I’m cute?” and Lee is like well this is not what I was expecting (and of course I think you are cute are you crazy?), but frick how do I respond to this, and then he catches a glimpse at George doing frantic miming that seemed to heavily involve a heart shape and kissy faces and Lee thinks what the hell (sure as hell hoping George doesn’t think that it’s some kind of joke)

- “Actually Fred I’ve always thought of you as some one who was more.. unbelievably sexy.” 

- Fred almost blows his smooth demeanor with a mixture of laughter and shock (and also sheer giddiness cause - Lee thinks he’s sexy!?) 

- “Wow… um, good, so since we got that cleared up, did you want to maybe go out on a date sometime?” 

- and of course Lee says yes 

- and of course they celebrate with a kiss (which seriously was worth the wait but also at the same time not at all cause as Fred will often point out they had wasted a lot of time not-kissing when they were ‘just friends’) 

- and of course after they kiss Fred returns to his twin a little pink in the face with the widest grin and says “Hey Georgie. Just saying - Lee thinks I’m the better looking twin.”

(and I got fully carried away and could write another entire thing about how they are freaking adorable in a relationship but I shall stop (for now…))


 (I love George Weasley and I love you very much and have a wonderful day)

“Shut up and watch.” Fred elbowed his brother, who was snickering at you and George as you drank from your cups, which were spiked with love potions. 

“Shut up, George.” you snapped

“Are you going to make me?” he asked. 

“I just might.” 

“Be careful, I might like it.” he sneered. 

“Is it going to work?” Ron asked Fred. 

“It has to, I did exactly as the book said.” Fred answered, looking warily around as Hermione sat down. 

“What are you doing?” she asked when she was settled in her seat. 

“We’ve given Y/N and Gerogie a love potion.” Fred answered absently, watching as the two of you continued to fight. Hermione rolled her eyes as she stared at Ron and Harry.

“Nothing is going to change.” she rolled her eyes, earning the attention of everyone in on the joke. “They’re already head over heels. A love potion won’t change anything.” 


“Sure, they fight all the time, but haven’t you seen the way they look at one another?” she asked like it was obvious. She was right, nothing had changed, you still shot insults back and forth, George had a ghost of a smile on his lips and your eyes were on fire, as you both leaned over the table and got close to one another, noses almost touching. 

“Be careful, Y/N, if you keep looking at me like that, I might kiss you.” 

“Is that a promise or a threat?” 

“It’s definitely a promise.” he growled. 

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I saw this earlier but was at work. Congrats on the 500, tbh you deserve it. Hmm....I'm gonna go Fremione or Theo/Blaise.

thank you!!! i’ve never written Fremione before so I decided to give it a try <3

(also, postwar Fred Lives AU!!)
(background music for this: Aerosmith’s I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing)

  • Although Fred had always been adventurous and was never afraid to try new things, he became even more so after the war ended.
  • The near death experience made him realize that life was too short and he knew he’d regret it one day if he didn’t try out as much as new and interesting and fun stuff as possible.
  • When he heard that Hermione had been planning on getting a muggle driver’s license, he insisted in properly learning the muggle way to drive, too. And after they both passed the test, he persuaded Hermione that they should go on a road trip, the muggle style.
  • Hermione had been working on an important case at the Department of Law Enforcement for a while, and agreed that maybe she could take a break and make some time for vacation.
  • Fred was in high spirits that he’d successfully convinced Hermione, and also really excited to be driving on this ‘Highway’ thing for the first time.
  • As a Quidditch player, he naturally enjoyed the speed, even when it was on the ground rather than in the air. And he could tell that Hermione, despite her constant reminder for him to be more careful, was enjoying the thrill of it, too.
  • Fred knew how Hermione would be upset if they got into an accident, so while he was driving near the speed limit and feeling the freedom of the high speed, he was also always constantly on guard.
  • They also sang along to the latest muggle music. At first, Hermione was hesitant to sing because she didn’t think she was good at it, but after Fred continued to sing in high spirits for a while, she gradually warmed up and tried a bit. 
  • (Fred felt really pleased. He was sure that even Ron and Harry had never heard Hermione sing.)
  • They both really liked Aerosmith’s album I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing and the song of same title.
  • Fred also really liked the way Hermione seemed to blush slightly when Fred sang, “I could stay lost in this moment forever. Every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure.
  • They weren’t together yet, but they still slept in the same bed every night because they both felt it wasn’t a big deal. It was just like she and Harry sharing a tent, or something.
  • But one night, Fred suddenly decided to sing that song of Aerosmith’s again.  He begin in the middle, “Lying close to you feeling your heart beating, and I’m wondering what you’re dreaming …
  • Hermione looked shocked for a few moments, but that didn’t deter Fred as he continued singing, while looking closely at her.
  • A few verses later, Hermione joined in, her voice slightly nervous, “I don’t want to miss one smile, I don’t want to miss one kiss, I just want to be with you …
  • And Fred slowly grinned as they continued together, “ … right here with you, just like this. I just want to hold you close, feel your heart so close to mine, and just stay here in this moment, for all the rest of time …
  • When they finally reached the end of the song, they stared at each other, and the air in the room seemed to have suddenly tensed.
  • So Fred leant forwards slightly – just slightly – and wasn’t sure if he was really surprised when Hermione also leant forwards –
  • and when their lips met, everything suddenly felt right, and Fred knew, that he would treasure this moment forever.

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Fred Weasley x Reader

Prompt: Imagine your OTP have a morning class together and person A always walks in late and has obviously just woken up and person B thinks that the grumpy person who sits in front of him is the cutest thing ever

Words: 1131

Requests are open! Send em in.

Weekdays have never been your forte, mostly because waking up early wasn’t really your forte. You spent most of your nights staying up late and then waking up early for classes. It usually led to you very grumpy, very tired, and most likely, very late for morning classes.

Today, was no exception to that. None of the people in your dormitory even dared wake you up and so here you were, stumbling to pull on your robes and grab your bag before you were rushing down the stairs and out the portrait hole.

You grumbled as you slung your bag over your shoulder. Your tie was loose on your neck and your uniform was definitely not on right, you’re lucky you didn’t have Snape this morning or else you surely would have lost a lot of points for your house.

Your eyes scanned the vacant halls as your pace quickened, barging into the Tranfiguration room.

McGonagall didn’t even need to turn around from the blackboard to know who barged in after class had already started. “Ms. L/N, it’s so nice you could finally join us.” Minevra didn’t add anything to that, continuing to write on the board.

You cleared your throat, starting to walk to your seat and slumping down in your chair as you attempted to flatten down your hair, combing it with your fingers.

A voice behind you spoke up. “How do you do that?” The voice questioned with a chuckle after he finished speaking.

You turned around, quirking up an eyebrow before you met the familiar eyes of Fred Weasley. “Do what, exactly?”

“Not get any points taken away from walking in so late?!” His voice raised only slightly, not wanting to get caught talking during class.

“It’s called being a good student.” You laughed, turning back around in your seat, pulling out your quill and parchment to catch up on notes.

Fred Weasley never got the nerve to talk to you, he was far too nervous and well frankly, a bit scared. He saw how grumpy you seemed every morning, he studied you almost every day, figuring out your schedule and how you were rarely late on Fridays and always 30 minutes late on Mondays. It was a bit creepy, he thought, how much interest he took in you. But, he found you exceptionally cute and by the way people would talk about you, he guessed you were a pretty great girl.

Fred Weasley hadn’t talked to you anymore since that day, it’s been a week and he’s been thinking of something else to say, but nothing came to mind. He couldn’t lead with “Hey, I’ve been watching you come in late every day and I think you’re really cute, wanna date?” That’s far too creepy. He wasn’t sure how to approach you. Fred Weasley was rarely stumped with girls, but this one? This one, he was.

Fred Weasley barely paid attention to the board and whatever McGonagall was saying. He was staring at the empty seat in front of him. It was Friday and you still weren’t here. The first class of the day is almost over and you aren’t here. You rarely missed Fridays.

He let out a small puff of air, pouting without even realizing it and George took notice. How could his twin not? Something was obviously bothering his other half.

“What’s wrong with you?” George laughed, leaning over a bit more so he could whisper, not needing or wanting to get caught by McGonagall.

“Nothing.” Fred grumbled, crossing his arms, his leg tapping at a fast pace. George followed his brother’s eyes to the vacant seat in front of them. George laughed, finally realizing what his brother was upset at.

“Really? Y/N? That’s what’s been bothering you?” George laughed, glancing up at the front of the classroom to make sure the teacher didn’t notice them.

Fred made another noise of discontent, acting like a child.

“How many times have you even talked to the girl?” George teased his brother, nudging his side.

“Once!” George watched his brother finally break, his voice raising a bit and catching a few eyes from the people around him.

“Ask her out if you like her that much.” George laughed again. Both of the boys’ ears perked up at the sound of the bell. They both stood up, gathering all their stuff and started their path to the hall. “Why don’t you go find her?” George tried to help, glancing at his brother who still hasn’t said much.

“Yeah, I think I will. I think she has a free period.” Fred answered, glancing around at the other students in the hall.

George chuckled. “So, you have her schedule memorized?”

“I might.”

You had been sick all day, not feeling good around the first class of the day and you weren’t sure if you could make it through the day alive, so you sat in the common room, in front of the fire as you read a book you found in the library.

Your cough echoed in the empty room, but you’re sure that the first class has ended and kids with free periods will be flooding in here soon. You carefully stand up, gathering all of your belongings and are about to head up to your dorm before the portrait hole swings open, a redhead rushing through.

“Well, hello.” You laugh at his disheveled appearance, quirking an eyebrow up at him.

“I’ve been looking for you!” Fred lets out, out of breath.

“Me?” You question, looking around for someone else he could be talking to.

“Yes, you! You weren’t in class today.” The ginger was still catching his breath.

You laughed, curiosity getting the best of you. “So… You came rushing to find me, all cause I wasn’t in class today?”

“Well… Yes… Yeah…” Fred’s face started to heat up, red growing up his neck as he looked anywhere, but you. “I’ve been wanting to talk to you… Even possibly ask you out, if you’re up for it, of course.”

It was now your turn to blush, not really sure what you were expecting, but it wasn’t that. “Well, I think that’d be great. I’m kind of sick, right now, but if I end up being better by the Hogsmeade trip, I’m all yours.”

Fred’s face lit up, mentally congratulating himself for finally getting the nerve to ask you out. “Well! Lovely! I’ll check up on you until then.”

You laugh again, nodding your head as you begin making your way up the stairs. “I can’t wait.”

Mischief Managed - Archie Andrews Imagine (Riverdale)

Originally posted by ferrisbueller

Warnings: Slight seduction, more flirting and playful than anything :P 

Request: @nouxtani: hi! I noticed your ask box wasn’t open so, can I request 2 & 7 with archie please x 

2. “Please, put some pants on, you’re embarrassing me.” 

7. “Honestly, if you wanted sex this bad you could’ve just told me!” 

Summary: (Y/N) and Archie have just started dating after many years of friendship. One day (Y/N) decides to surprise Archie after school and gets a surprise of their own. 

A/N: Whoopsies, sorry I didn’t realise I hadn’t opened it. Enjoy the imagine!! 

You and Archie had been best friends since…well birth really. You know literally everything about each other. You even knew about what happened with Ms Grundy, and while you despised what happened between them, you stuck with him right through to when he ended things. A few months later he asked you out, and while you kinda got over him when he dated Grundy, you still accepted. Now, you were very glad you did as things had only gotten better since you two became a couple. Even Betty was happier with you by his side then Grundy. 

Since you were a prankster by nature, mischief was always something you made sure you had a daily dose of. Today being no different. Since Archie had football practice you decided you were gonna scare him…in his very own room. After stopping by Pop’s to grab some snacks for the hideout, you make your way to the Andrews’ residence and wait for Archie’s dad to let you in. 

“Oh (Y/N)! I didn’t know you were coming over today. Archie is at football practice so he won’t be home til 6,“ Fred greeted. 

“Hi Fred, I was actually hoping to scare Archie when he comes home later. Is it ok if I camp out in his room til then?” you ask politely and hopefully. Fred was a pretty chill parent and he knew you guys wouldn’t do anything…at least not while he was home. He releases a deep chuckle while he opens the door. 

“Sure (Y/N), come on in" 

“Thanks Fred!“ You call while walking upstairs and straight into Archie’s room and scoping out the layout. While looking around you see a giggling figure through the window. You skip over to it and open it. 

“And what kind of mischief are you managing (N/N)?” Betty curiously giggles. 

“Oh you know, just trying to scare the crap out of Archie, the usual,“ you wink. That only causes her to start laughing even more, resulting in you joining her in her fit of giggles. 

“Ok well I’ll leave ya to it, have fun!” And she walks to her desk and starts writing something. Shaking your head you look around and decide that the closet would probably be the best place to hide. You sit on his bed, devouring your snack and pulling out your phone. A couple more hours later you hear Fred loudly calling up the stairs to Archie. Bless him! You think as you grab your stuff and jump into the wardrobe. 

You hear Archie shuffling around and you silently pull open the doors. And while his back was towards you, you slowly walk out and lean against the wall. Still not noticing you yet, he pulls down his jeans and you while you enjoy the view of his nicely toned legs and backside, you decide that you should probably reveal your presence. 

“Honestly, if you wanted sex this bad you could’ve just told me!” You announce, hilariously scaring your boyfriend into the best reaction you could’ve gotten. 

“Jesus (Y/N), you scared me,“ he puffs, "what are you doing here anyway?" 

“I wanted to scare you.” You smirk. 

“Of course you did,“ and after a bit of a pause, an unspoken staring contest begins between his annoyed brown eyes and your mischievous (E/C) eyes. About 5 minutes into the contest, with neither one of you willing to surrender, you decide to play dirty. 

“Please, put some pants on, you’re embarrassing me.” You say lacing feigned shock, scandal, and innocence into your tone. His eyes widen and his gaze drops down to confirm what you had just said. Revelling in the inevitable win, you smirk at him with a different kind of confidence. 

“I’ll be downstairs if you need me baby,” you wink at him and glide out of his room, down the stairs and into the kitchen to grab a glass of water. 

“How’d it go?“ Fred asks stirring a pot at the stove. 

“Better than I imagined,” and before you could recount all the details of the previous event, Archie enters the kitchen and grabs an apple.  

“So dad, can (N/N) stay for dinner?“ 

“She can, but you’ll need to make sure she wants to,” he answers nodding towards you. Archie looks at you, quirking an eyebrow at you. Before you can answer, Fred interrupts with an amused tone, “really Arch? You can’t ask (Y/N) properly?“ 

“Its all good Fred, I’d love to stay for dinner,” you quickly answer not really wanting Archie to ask in a way that’ll make you want to kiss, kill, or hit him all at the same time. 

“Ok then, dinner will be ready in 30 minutes,“ He smiles turning his attention back onto the pot. 

“Awesome dad, we’ll just be studying upstairs until its ready,” and you follow Archie back up into his room and close the door. 

“So are we actually gonna study? Or are -“ your question is interrupted by a pair of lips pressing onto your own. 

I guess not.

A/N: Y/N = your name, N/N = nickname, E/C = eye colour. Let me know what you think and 50 points to your house if you spot the reference :P

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Can you pleSe do a fic for Father's Day?

That I can! The timeline is a little au in the beginning, to get it to line up with the holiday.

(Happy) Father’s Day

The Father’s Day celebrations had been tense in the Cooper household. Alice had bought Hal a DVD and some thick knit socks, wrapped them up in blue and silver paper, complete with neat bow, and signed love Polly and Betty on the tag in perfect cursive.

The four of them sat, stiff like automatons, around the dining room table, high watt smiles plastered to each of their faces as they enjoyed a Sunday roast, followed by peach pie, with a side of menial conversation. The skin of Betty’s palms ached as they lay, clenched and bleeding, against the fabric of her sky blue sundress, her jaw tired from grinding her teeth.

Relief washed over her when Alice finally let them go for the evening, after they’d huddled around the TV watching Casablanca and Hal had drifted into a heat induced slumber in his arm chair, whiskey glass tipping precariously in his limp hand and threatening to spill onto the freshly cleaned carpet.

Betty knocked briskly on the door to the Andrews’ home, rocking back on her heels as she waited for someone to appear.

“Hi, Betty,” Fred answered, greeting her with his typical, warm smile. Betty grinned.

“Hey, Mr Andrews. Is Jughead home?” she asked, peering vaguely over his shoulder, that she might by chance catch a glimpse of a familiar beanie and flannel. Fred shook his head with a sad smile.

“Sorry. Took off early this morning - I think the significance of the day kind of got to him,” Fred told her, lines around his mouth deepening with his frown. Betty’s eyebrows knit together. She’d been so focused on her own discomfort about the enforced celebrations of the holiday that she hadn’t even thought that Jughead might be having a hard time. Guilt flooded her stomach, settling uncomfortably in the pit as she nodded and thanked Fred, taking the steps down from the porch with downcast eyes.

To her, and almost everyone in Riverdale now, Fred was as good as a surrogate father to Jughead. Content to see him as such, Betty had subconsciously assumed that Jughead would celebrate with the Andrews’. The traditions were always the same, Betty had witnessed them from over the road for as long as she could remember: up early for coffee and doughnuts, an afternoon of fishing down at Sweet Water, then burgers and milkshakes at Pop’s on the way home before crashing on the couch watching football. While it wasn’t very Jughead, she had to admit, Betty just expected her boyfriend to take part. Clearly, he was more affected than he liked to let on, always the lone wolf.

When her texts went unanswered she tried calling, all to no avail. His regular booth at Pop’s was cold and unoccupied. Betty huffed out a sigh of frustration, rubbing the dull throbbing that had begun behind her left eyebrow as she wracked her brains.

The trailer park was a last ditch attempt before she went home, sure he wouldn’t be there. But then a dark shadow beneath a heavy oak tree caught her eye, cast into silhouette by the fading pink and orange rays of the sun, and she approached slowly, footsteps muffled by the long grass of the bank.

Jughead jumped as he felt cool fingers lace through his but he didn’t turn his eyes away from his dad’s trailer, from the direction his gaze had been set in for the past twenty minutes. The delicate breeze picked up and washed her scent of hazy lilacs over him and he felt his shoulders relax marginally.

“Have you been here long?” her soft voice asked, carried on the wind. He shook his head, heart hammering in his chest.

“A while,” he replied, squeezing her fingers. She tightened her grip in response.

“We could go in, if you want. I could come with you,” she soothed, her tone bright and full of misplaced optimism. Jughead blew out a humourless laugh through his nostrils, feeling the mixture of anger and longing bubble slowly under his skin. He shook his head again, unable to open his mouth and let out his frustrations, afraid that they would sound too much like a sob.

Betty’s other hand trailed up the length of his arm before gripping it tightly, her head coming to rest on his shoulder as she shuffled closer to him.

“Okay,” she said, content to wait with him for as long as he needed.


“I can do this.” It’s what Jughead had been distractedly mumbling since they’d woken up that morning beneath Betty’s pink, floral sheets. She kissed him sweetly, running a hand through his unruly dark waves as she told him that yes, he could. Jughead wrapped his fingers around hers to hide their trembling as he tried with all his will to believe the words.

Jughead had climbed through her window the night before, eyes suspiciously red rimmed and puffy, slipping between her sheets as Betty tucked his head beneath her chin and listened to the sounds of his shuddering breaths as they blew cool air against her throat.

Father’s Day, she knew, was his second least favourite holiday of the year - after Mother’s Day. But in a way, this day was worse, because the evidence of why Jughead was currently in a foster home, without his real family, was only mere minutes away, rather than out of sight somewhere in Ohio. His relationship with FP was out of reach and all too close, pressing a heavy weight against Jughead’s breastbone with every day that slipped away before the day arrived.

Betty snuck Jughead down the stairs when the sound of frying bacon and the radio from the bathroom signalled the coast was clear, heading out of the front door behind him without so much as a word of goodbye to her family. She knew Alice would be furious upon her return, but something told Betty that the explanation for her absence would have her mother glancing down at her plate with tightly sealed lips later that night.

“I don’t think I can do this, Betty,” Jughead whispered, hands clenched around the truck’s steering wheel where they sat, parked, in front of the wire fencing of the facility. Betty reached over to gently uncurl his fingers, watching the colour flood back into his white knuckles.

“One step at a time,” she reminded him softly, pushing his curls back from his forehead. His eyes squeezed shut for a moment, shutting out the image of the jail that awaited his entry. This is not where he should be on Father’s Day, signing in and handing over his personal effects before sitting in a dirty sterile room for his dad to shuffle in wearing an orange jumpsuit. It just wasn’t.

Betty knew how much Jughead needed to do this, even if his legs weren’t cooperating with him right at this moment. He loved FP, that much was always clear. And even if he hadn’t said it out loud yet Betty knew he had forgiven him his crimes, his years of absence. No matter how wary he was of being hurt, Jughead struggled not to see the best in those he cared about.

He hadn’t even realised Betty had hopped out of the truck until she was opening his door for him, holding out her hand for him to take once more. One step at a time, he heard her words again as he let out a shaky breath, willing his legs to carry him towards the door.

“Name of the inmate you’re here to see?” the grim faced woman at the desk asked him, barely flicking her eyes up to Jughead’s face before settling them back on the screen in front of her.

“Um, Forsythe Jones,” Jughead replied, name feeling foreign on his tongue. He signed up, collected his badge and handed over his phone and wallet. Betty took his keys, leaning up to kiss his pale cheek, stroking her thumb over the spot affectionately as she told him she’d be right here, waiting for him.

The chair he sat in was too hard, the other people in the room making the visit too impersonal. He shifted constantly, not quite sure where to settle his eyes. The familiar face of his father, rough and worn, coming through the door held his attention. FP sat in front of him with an apologetic smile, hands clasped together on the table top.

“Son,” he said, voice gruff. Jughead took in the shell of his father, neither guilty nor innocent, and felt the sting of moisture hit the corner of his eyes. He lifted an uncertain hand, hovering in the air for a moment, debating, before setting it determinedly over FP’s.

“Happy Father’s Day, Dad.”


“Betty, if you’re not well I don’t have to go,” Jughead worried as his blue eyes followed her nervously when she emerged out of their bathroom. She shook her head, skin pale and covered in a light sheen of sweat, as she wiped the back of her hand across her mouth.

“I’m fine, Juggie. Besides, you have to go - seeing FP on Father’s Day is your tradition,” she mumbled, exhausted, into the cotton of his shirt. His hand came up automatically to rub soothing circles against her back, smiling into the top of her head as she arched into his touch.

“He’ll be out by the next one,” Jughead reminded her, unable to keep the hint of excitement out of his voice. “I’m sure he’d understand one missed day in ten years,” he tried to reason, knowing that Betty would not settle, nonetheless.

“Go!” she insisted, all but shoving him towards the door. “Tell him I said hi,” she added with a weak smile. Jughead held her eyes for a moment longer, leaning in to press a kiss to her damp forehead before relenting.

“I love you. Text me if you need anything,” he told her firmly as he walked backwards down their driveway towards his truck. She nodded, wrapping her arms around herself as she watched him from the doorway.

“I love you, too,” she called with a wave.

His visit went how they usually did, with Jughead catching FP up on everything he was missing. This time, however, there was something simmering beneath the surface for both of them, knowing that, because of good behaviour, the next time they would be celebrating this day it would be in the comfort of their own home - in freedom.

“Betty?” Jughead called out as soon as he was through the door, setting his keys in the bowl. When there was no answer an indescribable tightness clenched in his chest. “Betts, where are you?” he asked, trying to keep his panic at bay.

“Juggie?” A flood of relief hit him at the sound of her voice, following it until he found her in the kitchen, stood awkwardly against the counter.

“What is it?” he asked, brow furrowed as he watched her bite the corner of her lower lip, a telltale sign that she was nervous. He glanced down at her hand, thankful to see that it was flattened out against the front of her thigh.

“I… I have something I need to tell you,” she whispered, corners of her lips tilting ever so slightly upwards.

“What?” he asked, unable to stop the nervous laugh that permeated the word. Silently, she handed him the white stick, little pink plus staring back at him. His lips parted, thudding in his chest intensifying as he took in the new information. “Are we…?” he breathed, unable to finish his sentence as a grin took over his face. Betty giggled, nodding frantically as she watched his reaction.

“Oh, Betty,” he sighed, rushing forwards to scoop her up in his arms.


Betty watched with a contented smile as Jughead held the bottle to their son’s lips, FP sitting next to them on the couch with one of his fingers trapped in the little baby’s tight grasp.

“He’s got such a big appetite,” Jughead mumbled in awe as tiny sighs and swallows filled the air. FP chuckled, wiggling his finger slightly.

“Well, Junior here is a Jones man. We’ve always known how to eat well,” he grinned, tapping Jughead’s shoulder teasingly. Jughead rolled his eyes before settling them back on his child, unable to look away for long.

“That they do,” Betty chimed in from across the living room with a laugh, earning herself a playful glare from her husband. Jughead placed the now empty bottle on the coffee table, shifting their son until he was propped against his shoulder, patting his back softly. Betty moved from her spot, picking the bottle up before heading to the kitchen. As she passed behind the sofa she leant down, pressing a kiss to the top of Jughead’s hair, brushing her fingers through it gently.

“Happy Father’s Day, Daddy,” she whispered in his ear before she moved away, catching the happy flush on his cheeks as he took in her words. Jughead had no doubt anymore, never would again, that today would forever be his favourite holiday.

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Just stopping by to drop off a book rec: if anyone's looking for urban fantasy that's not super gritty and serious, I suggest "the uninteresting and unadventurous tales of Fred, the vampire accountant" It features a bad-ass woman who saves the titular character multiple times, a very chipper zombie, and a gay were-pony, among other things.

That sounds amazing.

[Amazon UK link]

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Have you got any more fics planned after MN and TWP? (Also when is the next chapter of both coming out, I'm addicted to them) x

I’ve got a few in mind, and I have quite a few fics already started, it just depends on what I get finished first. I won’t be posting my new stories until they’re finished, but the Charlie/Hermione fic is 50k words done and about 25k left to go!  So, that will probs be the next after MN and TWP. I don’t get to spend that much time on them, because I use most of my time finishing MN and Blood Like Yours. 

  • Charlie/Hermione - Hermione gets burnt by the dragon at Gringotts, and she ends up going to Romagna with Charlie to heal, etc. Will have depression, smut, etc. It’s a side project I’ve worked on for a while, it’ll be 10-12 chapters. 
  • Hermione/Twins - A child appears on the doorstep with red hair and the Weasley knitted blanket. Time travel fic, smut & post war. 

I’m not sure when I’ll get the new chapters out! I haven’t heard from my beta for TWP so currently looking for someone to help out editing it. I’ll be getting a new chapter of MN to my beta pretty soon. Thanks for asking anon!

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Fred and Lee? For the rare pair thing

  • lee’s hands were shaking. 
  • it was over. it was all over.
  • he heard a choking sob, but he knew it wasn’t his this time.
  • george had been sobbing on and off throughout the evening whenever he could find a deserted classroom.
  • like george, lee needed to be alone.
  • he slid down the wall until he hit the cold stone floor.
  • he closed his eyes and rested his head back.
  • his hands were still shaking.
  • how could this be? he wondered, it was not supposed to end this way.
  • not when it had just began.
  • there was never enough time; that’s what he concluded.
  • as he felt tears slip down his cheeks, a memory came to mind.
  • it was when fred first told him about his feelings.
  • they were sitting out by the burrow in the rain.
  • fred needed to escape from his family; he felt cooped up with all the new protection details.
  • it was in this moment now he wished that fred had never left the burrow.
  • it was the only time he wished fred had not been a risk-taker. 
  • lee remembered watching as fred’s hair dripped, and how he looked into his eyes nervously.
  • “lee, i need to tell you something,” he had said.
  • lee could still hear his voice echoing through his mind; he wondered if that would fade with time.
  • lee remembered raising his eyebrows; he had been perplexed. fred was not one for serious conversation.
  • “what is it, fred?” he had asked him.
  • he watched as fred took a deep breath, he watched as his body shook, much like how lee’s hands were shaking now.
  • lee hoped he would never forget how those words sounded as they tumbled from fred’s lips, but he knew everything faded with time.
  • “i’m in love with you.”
  • lee remembered licking his lips.
  • he knew fred expected him to be surprised; he knew fred was scared.
  • it was so unlike fred, that he had to wipe that scared expression from his brow.
  • lee remembered lifting his hands to fred’s face and attempting to wipe his brow dry, but the rain was falling too hard.
  • his hand soon cupped his face.
  • don’t be afraid, fred,” he told him, “i’ve been in love with you longer.
  • he remembered the relief that spread across fred’s face.
  • he remembered the heat of his breath as it wavered in and out over his lips.
  • he remembered how chapped his lips were; he remembered how his clothes were soaking.
  • but he didn’t mind.
  • all lee felt now was that his hands were shaking.
  • and they wouldn’t stop; not like fred’s shaking had stopped once they kissed.
  • lee had given him security, and in this moment, he knew his memories should be enough to give him security.
  • but they never would be, because like fred’s mortality, they would fade with time.
  • and once they were gone, would it ever feel the same?
  • his hands were shaking, and they would not stop. 
  • fred was right to be afraid; there was too much to lose.
All My Love

Request: can you do one where u and Fred and George have been friends since first year and now it’s around the time of the you’ll ball and Fred starts flirting with Angelina and you get kind of jealous then like during the yule ball he asks you out to be his girlfriend

Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader


The Yule Ball was such a huge topic of conversation throughout Hogwarts right now. Even Hermione, who normally had her nose stuffed in a book, gushed to you about her and Krum, and what she should wear.

“Oh, pipe up, (Y/N)! You’ll get a date, you’re loved by everyone here.” Hermione grinned to you from across the bed. You two were sitting in her bed in the dorms, both invested in the topic of conversations that swirled around Hogwarts as a storm rattled outside.

“Hermione, just because you like me, doesn’t mean everyone here likes me. Ron and Harry don’t count here.” You rolled your eyes at your best friend, who rolled them right back at your after your remark.

“Shut up, I know a certain someone who’s taken a fancy to you..” she smirked, and you felt yourself jump a little.

“What? Who?” You rushed.

“A certain ginger boy..” She went on.

“Shut up, we all know Ron’s in love with you, Hermione.” You laid back against the headboard.

“No,” Hermione’s face flushed a little, “Not Ron. Fred Weasley.”

Your heart skipped a beat. You’ve known the Weasleys since first year, when Mrs Molly Weasley helped you and Harry access platform 9 ¾ to get to the train. You’ve always loved the family, but Fred Weasley, you liked in a different way than the rest.

“You’re lying,” You muttered, feeling your cheeks warm up. Thank god it was dark and only the fireplace was on as the rain rumbled on outside.

“Would I lie to you about this? Come on, trust me! Ron said he heard Fred talking to George about how gorgeous he thought you were. Talk it up with him, flirt a little. Be playful. I’m certain he’s into that. Just be yourself, and I know he’ll grow a pair and ask you to the ball!” She clapped her hands happily and got off the bed, “You and Fred would be so cute! You’re like, this shy girl who’s incredibly smart and gorgeous and he’s like, the school troublemaker, and he’s loud. It’s a match made in heaven!”

You rolled your eyes, “Alright, fangirl. I’ll see if I can flirt, but we both know I can’t.”

“With a face like yours though, you shouldn’t need to flirt. Boys adore you. Or make him jealous!” She smirked, and then changed the topic to something about what Snape said in class today that she wanted to point out so badly, but didn’t want to lose points for Gryffindor.


It was breakfast time in the Great Hall and the entire atmosphere was buzzing, everyone was in a good mood. You sat between Harry and Fred (due to a persistent Hermione) and you were starting to feel nervous as to how exactly you’d flirt with Fred to make him more comfortable asking you to the ball.

“(Y/N), Draco’s staring at you,” Ron said through a mouth full of food from next to Hermione who looked disturbed.

“Git,” Harry mumbled.

“Oooh, get it (Y/N)!” Hermione giggled, and you rolled your eyes laughing, and you understood she was trying to get Fred jealous (as she mentioned last night.)

“Do I smile? It’s kind of awkward.” You muttered to her while Harry and Ron mentioned something about Quidditch.

“No, you ignore him, don’t stoop to the level of Malfoy,” Fred said in your ear and Hermione winked at you without him noticing.

“I mean he’s a real git but he’s not an ugly one..” You trailed off, and before Fred could answer, his attention was turned to Angelina, who took a seat next to George (who was across from Fred.)

“Morning, Angelina!” Fred piped up, and you smacked your face with your palm, thinking you might have taken the Draco thing too far. Hermione gave you a sympathetic smile and passed you a small chocolate covered strawberry, which you took from her and gulped down.

You stayed silent for the rest of breakfast, listening to Fred and Angelina flirt it out like no one was listening, and when he ended up asking her to the ball, you slammed your drink down and got up, walking out of the great hall, telling Harry and Ron you felt sick, and they gave you sympathetic nods before Hermione stood up and followed you out.

Once you guys got to the Gryffindor common room, you sulked into the couch.

“WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ME!” You groaned and Hermione sat next to you.

“He’s not worth you being upset over! Come on, cheer up!” She rubbed your back as your stared at the fire.

“You said he liked me,” You mumbled, looking over at her as she lowered her gaze to her fingers.

“Sometimes, guys get scared when they’re with a girl they like. You saw how Ron was when he asked me to the ball,” She chuckled, making you grin thinking of when Ron asked Hermione to the ball, unaware of the fact she was going with someone already.

“Fred doesn’t seem scared with Angelina, though,” You sulked like a little girl.

Hermione stood up and grabbed your hand, “That’s because he doesn’t like her that way! Come on, you have a dress already so cheer up, and worst case, go with Harry!”

“Harry’s the most famous wizard in the world, plus he’s in the triwizard tournament, pretty sure he can get any girl he wants, Hermione.” Hermione groaned and at the moment, Harry and Ron walked into the room looking concerned.

“(Y/N)! Are you okay?” Ron asked, plopping down on the couch next to you. With your permission, Hermione told Ron and Harry about your little ‘heartbreaking situation’ and Harry agreed to be your date to make Fred jealous, which Hermione grinned at and Ron looked sick.

“My brother? Really? Don’t need you laggin’ about our house once you two start dating. You’re at our house enough as it is.” Ron chuckled.

“You love me, Ronald Weasley.” You patted his head, and he grinned.

“You’re not wrong.”


It was finally the day of the ball, the past week dragged by so slowly. You and Hermione had finished getting ready. You wore a silver, floor length gown that had sparkles near the bottom, and short sleeves that came off the shoulders. Your (y/h/c) hair was curled in a vintage style and your simple makeup really made a difference, and you were happy. Hermione looked gorgeous as well, and as you two made your way down the stairs of the Great Hall, you saw Harry and Ron gape from the bottom of the stairs, making you two giggle.

“Wow..” Ron started before getting dragged off by his date.

“You two look absolutely amazing,” Harry smiled at the two of you, as you both thanked him.

Viktor Krum came over to take Hermione’s hand and kissed it, telling you you looked lovely before walking off with her, and you could see the pink on her cheeks making you giggle.

“Shall we?” You asked Harry before making your way into the Hall, and wow was it gorgeous. You were admiring it intently, until Harry interrupted your thoughts.

“Do you want something to drink?” He asked, letting go of your arm. You nodded with a smile and he dissapeared into the crowd.

“(Y/N),” You heard your name from behind you and came face to face with Draco Malfoy, who looked pretty dashing, “You look beautiful.” He said and you blushed a little, “Too bad you went with Potter, we could have been the best looking couple here.” He smirked.

You felt an arm around your waist and turned to find Fred Weasley staring down Draco, “Shove off, Malfoy,” Draco rolled his eyes and didn’t feel the need to argue with him, before walking off.

“Fred, he wasn’t going to do anything. He knows better.” You said softly, loving the feeling of his arm around you.

“I don’t like the way he looks at you.” He whispered, eyes lingering on yours, and your heart sped up a little. Out of the corner of your eye you saw Harry coming back, but he stopped in his tracks and winked at you when he saw the position you and Fred were in.

“Come on, it’s no big deal,” You giggled as Fred leaned in a bit and you stepped back, “Wow, wait, aren’t you here with Angelina? Don’t swoop in like this.” You saw his face fall.

“No, no, I mean yes I’m here with her but,” He sighed, “Only because I didn’t have the courage to ask you. Seeing you here with Potter, it’s killing me.” He looked down at his feet before looking back at you, “I know it sounds cheesy, but I’ve liked you for a really long time, and we’ve been friends and I don’t want to ruin that which is why I may not have shown my interest. But seeing you, looking absolutely ravishing tonight by the way, but seeing you with Harry and Malfoy, it hurts.” He finished, and you blushed.

“I understand completely, you big goof. I feel the same way,” You said and he grinned and kissed your hand. You felt bad for Harry, ditching him like this, but you saw him chatting it up with some Ravenclaw girl before Fred dragged you to the dance floor.

“May I have the dance?” He bowed down with a smirk.

“Of course.”

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What color are the Weasley sweaters for each member of the next gen?

ahh this is a cool question, ty!!

teddy lupin - ((because teddy would DEFINITELY get a sweater and he gets emotional every single year)) teddy’s sweater is hufflepuff yellow and the letter t is in bright turquoise even though it’s an odd color choice. ((it’s to show that molly really doesn’t mind teddy’s crazy hair changes as much as she says she does))

victoire weasley - victoire’s sweater is baby pink with a white letter v because she looks so soft and pretty in it aaah

molly weasley - molly’s sweater is white with a baby blue letter

james potter ii - james’s sweater is scarlet with a gold letter j on it cause he’s such a gryffindor nerd :’)

fred weasley ii - fred’s sweater is gold with a scarlet f on it because when he was younger he wanted to match with james and molly has kept it that way since :’)

dominique weasley - domi’s sweater is lilac with a periwinkle letter d on it

rose weasley - rose’s sweater is maroon and her letter r is like a darker maroon and it sounds weird but i have it pictured in my head and she looks gr8

lucy weasley - lucy’s sweater is always a lightish brown color that matches her hair but molly changes the letter color depending on what color lucy’s streaks are that year awww

albus potter - albus’s sweater is dark green and the letter used to be black but after he went into hogwarts he wanted it to be silver bc he likes the color of scorpius’s eyes :’)

louis weasley - louis’s sweater is blue and bronze bc ravenclaw pride?? ayee

roxanne weasley - hmm roxy’s sweater is like a chocolatey color and the letter r is kind of a pale blue color, because that’s roxy’s favorite color

lily potter - lily’s sweater is pale yellow w like a springy green bc lily potter is so cute can you imagine

hugo weasley - hugo’s sweater is big and black and the letter is grey and it absolutely swallows him bc hugo can be a bit emo sometimes and molly will never fail to indulge her grandchildren (:


A/N: I am sorry that I am only capable of writing longer ones. I hope you still check this one out though! It’s a mess but I am a mess. And also, idk whymy summaries are so bad lately…THAT’S PROBABLY BECAUSE I WRITE PLOTLESS STUFF. Also, I would be happy about a review because I need constant validation.

Summary: Fred realizes his feelings for the you when all of a sudden he notices how closer you seem to be to George than him.

Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader

Word Count: 3120

Warnings: none! It’s fluff

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It’s easter at Hogwarts. Fred and George are both alive and kicking. They have decided that since Umbridge left, this might be a good moment to re-do their last year and cheer all the traumatized war-veterans up with some top quality pranks.

And maybe play matchmaker for a couple or two.


“Alright listen up ladies, gents and all who feel more comfy somewhere in between!” Fred’s eyes shot towards Alicia, who these days went by Al and they/them. “Today is the day!”

“The day you have all been waiting for!” Shouted George.

“The day of all days!” Added Lee Jordan.

“Yes, yes, yes. We heard it, now get to the point guys, I have to study.” Complained Ron, who got a loving look from Hermione in return.

“We will, brother dear. We will. Though I will add feeling up your girlfriend is not a part of the exam this year.” Answered Fred.

“Pity.” Said McLaggen. A comment that earned him a well aimed stinging hex from both Ron and Hermione.

“Today we will see who is the best student, the best seeker, the best lion badger eagle or snake this school has to offer!” A loud cheer went up among the attendants of each house. Every seventh and eighth year student was present on the grass in front of the entry hall, even the Slytherins. “Today we will see who has the power to overcome their past and their prejudice and look forward into a bright future!” Continued Fred.

“Lee, George and I have hidden seven easter eggs on the Hogwarts grounds. It is your job to find them.” Some Hufflepuffs immediately started to look around. The others knew better. There was more to it.

“But!” Shouted Lee over the sudden chatter. “Whoever finds an egg has to carry out the instruction inside.”

“And has to do so with their assigned partner!” No one really liked the cheeky grin that had appeared on the faces of the trio.

“When the instructions are followed to the letter, you will not just win eternal glory, but also a romantic date for two with your person of choice, provided by us!” Ron grabbed Hermione’s hand and grinned, but Harry’s mood sunk. A date… With who was he supposed to go on a date?

“And the pairings are…” Ron was paired with Hermione, Ginny with Luna and Seamus with Dean, but that was where the predictable picks ended. Neville was paired with Blaise and Lavender with Millicent. It wasn’t just Harry who got fidgety after the number of unassigned people shrunk.

“And last but not least, The Boy Who Lived and the boy who will probably be the death of him, Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy!” Harry’s heart sank.

“Go now, easter bunnies! Search! Have fun!”

Harry locked eyes with Malfoy. Fun…

More likely it would be a funeral.

Read Dean and Seamus Here

Read Luna and Ginny Here

Read Harry and Draco here

Read the ending here

Read the night of Dean and Seamus here

This is part one of my easter themed drarry/linny/deamus fic…

Hope it doesn’t fail,

If you have any suggestions about what sort of assigments could be in the eggs you’re more than welcome to enlighten me with them, I’m sure you guys have a much better sense of humour than I do.

STARVING - a. andrews smut series /part three\

PART TWO! - read before this part  

Groaning, Y/N woke up wrapped in Archie’s arm, his heavy weight pressing over her. She shifted slightly and his grip tightened, pulling her closer. Locked in his arms, she could do nothing but look over his open window. The curtains were flying from the blow of the wind and the sun was beginning to rise. Morning sunlight was slipping through the room slowly. 

“Archie?”  she softly whispered in his ear. His head was buried at the crook of her neck and she could feel the way his warm breath tickled her skin. He was breathing her in. 

She snaked her hand around his bare back and ran her fingers through his hair. Their naked legs were tangled under the sheets and she couldn’t help but feel as if she was stuck in his love. Locked in his strong arms. 

His arms tightened around her and she felt her naked bosoms pressing harder against his hard chest. Then his hand slowly ran up and down her bare back, his calloused fingers softly brushing against her soft skin. Tingles prickled under her skin and she felt it crawling all the way up to her spine She was helplessly melting against him. 

“Archie?” she whispered in a breath. “Wake up, I need to take a shower and go. Your dad’s coming back today.” 

She heard him groan muffling into the pillow beside her head. Nuzzling his face into her hair, he took a deep breath of her scent. “My back hurts,” he moaned. 

Pulling away from him, she sat up and the duved revealed her ample breasts and pink buds. She leaned over him and getly rubbed his back with her hand. “Where does is hurt?” she asked softly, concern lacing in her voice/

“My muscle hurt,” he exhaled in a breath, “Need your touch.” 

Her eyes were filled with concern as she looked over him. She sighed and moved, hovering over his back as she ran her fingers all over his shoulders, easing his tensed and aching muscles all the way down his back. Straddling his back and easing his pain away, she heard his deep throaty moan purring she she felt herself warming from the sound of his deep voice. 

“Fuck,” Archie cursed silently under his breath. It wasn’t that she was really good at it. Her crotch was rubbing against his lower back and he was feeling the way she was creaming underneath the friction. He could literally smell her musk. She was riding him helplessly and she didn’t even know she was pleasuring herself in the proces. 

“Kitten,” he groaned. 

Confused, she stopped and maneuvered over his back. Leaning close to his head, she whispered in his ear, “Are you alright?” 

Growling, he rolled over and turned around, resting his back upon the surface of the bed. She gasped once she felt his morning hard on pressing against her core. He gripped her thighs and pressed her down upon his length. Rubbing. Aching. She moaned softly and leaned down to capture his lips. Her hair flowed down like curtains. Strong arms embranced her small waist as she felt herself falling for him. Deeper. 

She moaned to his lips, She couldn’t help it. Couldn’t help but rub herself against him. And feel herself soaking him. Milking him. Suddenly, the atmosphere of the room feel too hot. She was sweating slightly. A quiet moan of ecstasy escaped her parted lips when his fingers found her core and rode her to the edge of the peak. 

Breathless, she collapsed upon him. Her heaving breasts pressing against his hard chest. His strong arms came around her and his calloused hands moved to gently rub her back. She flattened her head upon his chest and she could hear the sound of his heart beating fast. 

“Breathe, my love,” he murmured to her head. His hand reached up to stroke her hair and she could have sworn sh purred at his touch. Like literally a kitten begging and aching for his love and affection. 

“I thought your back hurts,” she muttered under her breath after awhile. 

He smiled to himself, “Well, your little hands did magic.” 

She smiled faintly and kissed his chest. “I love you,” she murmured softly to his skin, speaking to his steady beating heart. 

His heart fluttered. Without warning, he rolled them over and he hovered above her. With both arms bracing her head, he kissed her forehead then her nose then her soft plump lips and all the way down to her chin. Almost instinctively, she gave him more access as he kissed down her nec, sucking the sensitive skin below her ear. 

“I love you too, my little kitten,” he whispered so softly in her ear the he felt the way she shivered. He trailed his lips lover and kissed down her chest, giving pleasure to each pink nipple that was aching for his lips. Her back arched as she bit her bottom lip, trying to suppress a moan that was threatening to escape her lips. She rolled her head back and ran her fingers through his hair. When he lightly bit her aching bud, she gasped softly and gripped his hair. 

For a moment, he paused and pulled back slightly to look into her eyes. “Can I steal you tonight?” 

Y/N laughed. “What?” 

He gave her a grin and it too her to breath away. “Come over tonight, again.” 

“At my place,” he said. “We’ll watch movies. Everything you like. Tonight will be all about you. Nothing else. I promise.” 

She hummed for a moment. “Don’t think I should ask my mom first?” she asked. 

“Should you?” 

Before she could answer, she heard the sound of knocking upon Archie’s door. Shocked beyond expectations, she pushed Archie off off her and then flee all the way to the bathroom. Before entering the bathroom, she saw him winking at her and she just laughed silently as she watched him still lying in his bed. 

Taking a deep breath he cleared his throat. “Come in dad.” 

The door opened and Archie watched silently as his father entered the room. 

“Had a good sleep son?” 

He beamed and sighed  dreamily. “Never been better” he answered, honestly. 

Fred Andrews just nod his head, and gave him a smile then walked to the door. Before softly closing the door behind him then Fred paused, turned around, and said, “Oh, and please tell Y/N if she’s planing to stay the night and leave her clothers all over the floor we can always make her a wardobe or something”

Here we go guys! The day of Kj’s birthday is the last day of starving series.
I hope you liked it and I have more things coming soom.

Tell me what’s your favorite moment :’)
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Opposites Attract

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(Fred x Ravenclaw reader)

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Hi! Can you write a Fred Weasley x Ravenclaw!Reader imagine? The reader is a bookworm, and is often found in the library. She and Fred are almost complete opposites. Fred is intrigued by the “different” girl you can say and they start hanging out. Introducing each other to their life, with things the other would never do. Ends with a cute passionate kiss? 

A/N: this one’s a little longer than usual, but it was so fun to write and I hope you like it xx

I sat at one of the tables in the library, reading The Tales of Beedle the Bard for the hundredth time. It was a late Friday night, so there weren’t many people. I loved spending my free time at the library. It was definitely my favorite place at Hogwarts.

After a while, I felt someone eyes watching me, and I looked around to find a red-headed Gryffindor boy leaning on one of the nearby bookshelves. As soon as I looked up and caught his eye, he winked at me, then slowly turned a corner and disappeared. 

I frowned. That was strange. Was that a Weasley boy?

I was so distracted by what had just happened, that the words on the page weren’t even making full sentences anymore.

Not being able to read anymore, I picked up my book and headed out of the library towards the common room.

On Saturday morning, I made my way to library, as per usual, to study for various subjects. 

I headed towards my usual table near the center of the library, but today, it was already occupied by someone else.

He looked up as I approached the table with a stack of books in hand.

I recognized him immediately as the Gryffindor beater. Fred? I think that was him. Although, it could very well be George…

“Is it alright for me to sit here?” he asked me.

“Um, yeah, sure, no problem,” I replied, still a bit confused.

He smiled, making his brown eyes shine, which I totally got lost in for a moment.

I sat myself next to him, dropping my books onto the table.

Although I usually liked to read alone, I found that I didn’t actually mind having him sit by my side.

“I’m Fred, by the way.”


“Well, that sure is a beautiful name.”

As much as I tried to hide it, I felt my cheeks turn warm, and when he smiled, they only blushed harder.

“What are you reading?”

“Just some stuff that Professor Snape made us read for homework. We have to write an essay on non verbal spells. It wasn’t even his class and he gave us homework,” I complained lightly.

He laughed. 

“I have a better idea.”


“Come with me, Y/N. Leave your books, we can come back.”

And with that he smiled so widely that I found myself unable to do anything but take his hand and wonder about the adventures that were about to take place.

It felt strange. Walking out of the library after having entered so soon ago. Strange, but good.

“Where are we going, Fred?” I laughed as I was led down the tapestry corridor.

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