fredrik holmer


(Upcoming News Edition!)

I need to go shower and then take a photo of myself because I need a nice one. I don’t think there’s a good one of just me, that I’m actually identifiable in. You’ll find out why in the coming week. It’s exciting. 

TOP: Martina Kovacevic
Having a curiosity of the photographer’s process is a good thing and right now I’m not sure if this is a double exposure or not. I love the colouring here and the tonal quality of strong highlights and deep shadow detail is an asset. Lastly, the hand transforms this piece from an abstract to something so much more relatable. 

LEFT: Kevin Novales
I love how summery this shot looks. There’s some work to be done in terms of getting a more neutral colour balance but I think anything which has long shadows to indicate sunrise or sunset can be a lot more forgiving of a yellow cast. Much like the other shot, my favourite aspect here is the study and interaction of silhouettes.

RIGHT: Fredrik Holmér
Using a strong flash can isolate the geometry of basic shapes to transform simple scenes into something much more interesting, as demonstrated here. Additionally, the colours here are very flash-friendly muted blues and whites. This is a great overall use of basic photography tools.

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