Again, an AU where Chrom gets a brief short-term memory loss.

I’ve done this scene many times and it’s still giving me trash ideas like this but I couldn’t help it lmao.

Raúl Esparza drawing Nr. 110: 
Another Frederick Chilton from Hannibal.

It always fascinates me how many people love Chilty as much as I do. I love Barba to bits, but Chilton will always have a special place in my heart. The poor man did not deserve what happened to him.

I didn’t study art or took any courses, I have no clue about theoretical stuff or techniques. I just DO and try to do Raúl and the characters he played justice. 💞 I am also happy about EVERY wonderful comment I get on my drawings. You guys are amazing! I LOVE to draw for our fandom! ❤😘

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PLEASE use that quote with Fred???? Like if MU is in a bad accident post-endgame and Fred is like "I just got her back again this can't happen!"

[That’s okay I didn’t need my heart anyways-]

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The trip to Ferox was supposed to last  a few days. Frederick was left behind with assurance that Robin and Chrom could protect each other, Lon’qu had Lissa and vice versa, and Raimi to escort you back past the border.

Sumia had also been asked to stay behind, with Frederick there to help with the duties she had. Neither were happy about it, but Frederick most of all.

He didn’t want you away from him, especially when he couldn’t see you. He could survive training days when you were in meetings, but days apart? It reminded him too much of the cold when you were gone.

It had been six months since then. Too soon for you to not be here. Even if you promised you’d be all right, he didn’t like the thought of you gone. The ominous stirring in his chest agreed.

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