Before and After: London Architecture

Created using the Lightroom preset Architecture - Dubai (Blue Glass). This really brought out the sky beautifully. To finish of the photograph, I used a clarify brush with an additional 0.2 exposure to brighten up the details of the street and building.

Photo Hint: All though it was a very sunny day, I waited till I was in the shadow of a cloud to ensure even lighting and no harsh shadows.

Download the presets at

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i brought u some pebbles

“Kindly redirect them to Corrin’s camp. Apparently, they have taken to throwing the pebbles I gave to them at their enemies, which is unorthodox to say the least. I suppose the days of soldiers killing each other with swords and magic like civilised folk are quickly disappearing in that particular continent, and I…”

“…I may need a moment or two to clear the road ahead. Gods help me, there are enough pebbles here to pave the streets of a small town.”

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Chilton accidentally making the reader cry but not knowing what he did?

I feel like this imagine might warrant a part 2, thoughts?

“Dr. Chilton I have the results from patient 1365’s tests.” You trail him down the cold hallway.

“Do you want a trophy?” He sneered, can’t tapping against the floor as he continued to walk.

“No sir, I just…”

“It’s not sir, it’s Doctor. I didn’t got to school for years and years to be called something that you could also call a construction worker. Get it right.”

“Yes sir- I mean Doctor…” You mumbled as it try to hand him the papers again.

“Why are you still here?” He growled.

“Sir I just… I have to get these signed by you and-”

“And you think you are so much more important than everyone else, so you can stop me in the hallways?” He turned on you, now quickly walking towards you. “You need to watch out who you cross in this hospital.”

“I just.. I-”

“You what? Spit it out. Incompetence is a very unattractive trait in a woman.” He stopped when he looked up, noticing hot tears sliding down your cheeks.

“Why are you crying?” He asked with a scowl.

You couldn’t take it anymore. “Do you seriously not know?! You can’t treat people like this!” You were trembling as you cried now, wiping your eyes, probably looking like a gross mess.
“I can’t to learn from the best and all you’ve done is insult and humiliate me! No more! I quit!” You throw the files at him, storming down the hallway and out of the hospital, hoping never to return.


“17. Answers” premieres tomorrow, but apparently ‘Lines’ can’t wait for Stan. Good luck, guys. ❤

You’re not seeing that wrong; my friend (Budgiechild) and I have created an extra challenge to Fire Emblem: Awakening, staring everyone’s favorite great knight: Frederick.

While, one night, Budgie and I were joking about how useless Frederick truly was, we had the sudden idea of Frederick as the center of attention during the entire game and it just evolved from there. The rules to the run are quite simple.

The first and most important rule of the run comes from the creation of your avatar, the requirements consist of:

  • The avatar MUST be Female
  • The avatar’s name MUST be “Frederick”
  • The avatar’s birthday is SUGGESTED to be the same as Frederick’s
  • Details such as Build, Hair style, Hair color, Face, Voice, Asset, and Flaw DO NOT matter.

After (Female) Frederick’s creation, the adventure shall begin!

The main point of this run is to be completely themed around Frederick, due to this, and his interests in fire.

He enjoys making fires the most out of anyone in the army.” 

 ALL tomes must be sold UNLESS they are a fire-themed tome (Red tomes only)

Another rule to this run is that marrying Frederick is ABSOLUTELY necessary!

Disclaimer: Chrom CANNOT marry anyone except for the maiden, all other marriages are up to the player as long as they don’t over shadow the Fredericks.

(Frederick X Frederick is OTP)

You must also get Morgan/Fredgan/Morgrick/Kortrijk from this marriage.

If you have the DLC: “Xenologue: Lost Bloodlines 2″ you are required to make Frederick a Dread Fighter, however, it is NOT neccasary if you DON’T have the DLC.

That’s all the required rules for the Frederick Run. 

This extra challenge was created by:

I, @zeonxity, and my friend, @budgiechild

Bonus: Chrom 0 exp Run

A bonus for those who want even more challenge in their Awakening playthroughs or simply don’t like Chrom.

The rules are incredibly simple for the the Chrom 0 exp run….

As the name applies, Chrom mustn’t gain a single point of experience during the entire game, and CANNOT participate in battle of any kind (Validar fight in the very beginning is the ONLY exception) He must not carry weapons, but instead healing items ONLY, just keep him away from the heat of battle, keep him paired up and you should be fine, just be wary of ANY experience growth and watch out for Chrom dual guarding enemies. This IS possible with the Frederick Run.

(This is why Chrom isn’t in smash.)

Just remember to play Fire Emblem the way YOU want to play, Good luck!

(If you have further questions, just message either: @zeonxity or @budgiechild.)

Forests and Fog - Oxfordshire & Cumbria

9 new presets to download for Lightroom editing. Version 1.4 now offers a total of 64 presets for a large range of photography.

Download Lightroom presets:

By Frederick Ardley Photography