Frederick Carl Frieseke - The Garden Pool [c.1913] by Gandalf’s Gallery

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<br />From our very first encounter with The Garden Pool, there is conflict in the nature of the experience, as there might be in our appreciation of the work going into an architect’s design of a comfortable building. The substance of The Garden Pool depends not on its subject, but its design; and here Frieseke takes liberties that amount to daring. The canvas is consciously, even defiantly, symmetrical, with the model’s bowed head entered so that the composition radiates from it. Despite the garden setting, we are thrown into a conflicting field of strongly defined horizontal and vertical forces, even down to the application of the brush strokes, that accentuate the vertical strength of the bending figure, as well as setting off the abbreviated lozenge of the pool that our knowledge of the world compels us to believe exists on the same horizontal as the floor we stand on. The experience of swirling vertiginous colour becomes coherent only because it is organised by the severity of the design of the canvas.

[Sotheby’s, New York - Oil on canvas, 65.4 x 81.9 cm]

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If I remember right you stated that your family has served the Ylissean royalty for quite a while. So I'm curious, within such families sworn to the crown isn't it normal to be expected to marry and carry on the lineage of knights? You seem uninterested in this venture, so is there a relative of yours who is deemed obligated to carry the line rather than you yourself? Such as the head of the family or whatnot..?

“A relative? Relatives? No, good stranger, there are not. My father was the last lord of House Wesston, and he perished at the end of the Crusades. Though he was a cruel man in action, he maintained his own sense of honour to the bitter end and always stood true to his vows of marriage. Having sired no other heirs nor having any living kin – save for me – by the time he died, I was left the sole surviving member of my family line. 

As you said: I have little interest in marrying to carry on my family’s lineage. As far as that is concerned, the bloodline of House Wesston shall likely die with me. However, I do not intend to go to my grave without leaving a thing or two of it behind. Honour, pride in one’s work, duty, sacrifice, training… none of these things are strictly hereditary. In my mind, if I can pass these ideals and practices on to the people around me, then the true spirit of my family name will live on long after I am gone.”

Journal PART 9 (Chilton x reader)

Summary: Frederick is super worried, the reader learns something important and the rest is pure fluff.

A/N: If that one doesn’t make up for the angst in the last parts, I don’t know what does. I hope you enjoy it. And thanks for your constant support!

Word count: 3,016

(Y/N) = your name

Warnings: hospital, kisses, mentions of fainting and other body issues

tagged: @mrschiltoncat , @supercarricat

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