When I first got into Urban Exploring in 2007, Maryland was a pretty good place to be. We had a lot of stuff to keep us occupied in only a 30 minute drive. These days everything is gone whether it be by demolition, nature reclaiming it or by rehab. What is left is mostly locked up like Fort Knox. I decided to gather up one photo of each place we lost recently. Most of these edits are years old and could be better but here it goes…

1st Left: Alcoa’s Eastalco Works in Frederick, Md. Been under ongoing demolition for several years now.

1st Right: Seagram’s Distillery aka Baltimore Pure Rye Distillery in Dundalk. It has caught on fire so many times I have lost count. There is nothing of value left.

2nd L: Eastern High School in Baltimore. The roof caved in due to snow last year.

2nd R: Enchanted Forest in Ellicott City, Md. Anything that could be salvaged was removed and sent to Clark’s Elioak Farm for restoration. What is left is crumbling and sad.

3rd L: Gunther Brewery in Canton, Baltimore. Now being rehabbed into condos and shops as part of Brewers Hill.

3rd R: Lebow Clothes in Station North, Baltimore. Been rehabbed into Baltimore Design School, opens this fall.

4th L: Fort Howard V.A. Hospital. Going to be rehabbed soon, under heavy security by Federal Police.

4th R: Montebello Rehab Hospital, on the Morgan State property. Demolished in summer of 2013.

5th L: Henryton Tuberculosis Hospital in Marriottsville, Md. Demolished in summer of 2013.

5th R: Illchester Mill near Ellicott City, Md. Demolished in summer of 2013.

Masquerade Ball at Artomatic Frederick on the 29th

I’m excited, just not sure if it’s going to be handsomely dressed socialites or screeching children. Hopefully a good mix with a dash of art student thrown in. Super, super excited, actually, because this gives me something to put on my mind other than the weight of Design and Painting.

Super excited. She says with a dot at the end.

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