Here is a little Frederick Chilton special for you, till I’m finished with Raúl Esparza drawing 163. I will never get tired of portraying a man with a good heart ❤️ I started 4 sketches today. Two Broadway, two SVU. We’ll see how they turn out.
Feel loved, my friends! 😘

Dr. Frederick Chilton, & his Date.

Going to continue this further, only had a lil bit of time, and I really like to think about this awkward little guy being excited & nervous…

Continuation of: Dr. Frederick Chilton- Your Secret Admirer

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In the entire history of electronic correspondences, there could not possibly be one more awkward than this.

Frederick actually cringed when he saw the little yellow envelope show up in the bottom corner of his screen. Of course, he had been expecting it- you were nothing short of diligent… well, always.

You had proposed to get coffee together, tomorrow.
Tomorrow just so happened to be a Saturday.
On Saturdays, he didn’t come into the Hospital.
Your work schedule only required you to be there during the week.

The sole fact that you wanted to meet with him, during a time you had absolutely no obligation to be anywhere near him, nearly made poor Frederick melt into a puddle right there in his desk chair.

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Imagine you're on your first long car trip with Frederick

(A/N: I started writing this ages ago, but when I heard that  @mrschiltoncat  needed some cheering up today, I felt motivated to actually finish it. 

Just a silly little imagine!)

You and Frederick have been together for just a couple of months. He wanted to do something extra special for the weekend and now you’re on your way to a luxury spa a few hours away.

At first the both of you are having a lot of fun; listening to your favorite music (you even get him to sing along), talking about your plans for the weekend, and simply enjoying each other’s company. Twice he puts a slightly shaking hand on your knee, just for a few seconds – he’s still so nervous about showing his feelings for you in a physical way! But to you, his shyness is the sweetest thing ever. You smile and pat his hand lightly.

After a while he gets unusually quiet. When you try to get the conversation going again his answers are snippy. At one point you can’t help but sigh in frustration. You don’t think you said or did anything wrong, but you never know with your wonderful, yet demanding, new boyfriend.

At the next gas station he suddenly pulls over and mumbles something about a bathroom break. When he comes back after a few minutes his eyes are red. It’s obvious that he’s been crying.

At this point you’re seriously beginning to worry. You ask him straight out what’s going on, why he’s been so distant. It takes you a while to coax it out of your adorable, pouty Frederick, but finally he comes out with it:

He doesn’t understand why you didn’t reciprocate his affections in the car more lovingly. He’s wondering if you still like him anymore. Usually when you’re physically close, you love to take his hand into yours, give him a kiss on the cheek, stroke his back. But in the car? Nothing. No, patting his hand for a mere second does not count. Maybe he should just drive you  home and forget about your trip … and about the two of you.

Now it’s your eyes that are beginning to water. You take his face into your hands, look him straight in the eye, and gently kiss him on the lips. After you pull away, you tell him that you did want to touch him, that you needed it as much as he did. But you know how overexcited he gets! Surely he remembers what happened in the restaurant last week, when you ran your hand up his thigh a little too high under the table? And when he’s driving the last thing you want to do is distract him, let alone so much that he gets the two of you in an accident!

Back in the car Frederick just clings to you for a good twenty minutes before you continue your drive to your lovely weekend destination. With lots of very welcome distractions about to happen.

The Unexpected Guest

A little Frederick Chilton in honor of Raul Esparza Appreciation Week and @yourtropegirl. Enjoy, fantastic Frederick fans!!!

          Vermont. Hours away from Baltimore and exactly what the doctor ordered. Even though in some circles it might be considered far from the best idea to write one’s own prescription. But Dr. Frederick Chilton was in no mood for a second opinion, and this medicine would be DAW of his own accord.

           Starting out just after breakfast, he began the long drive north, having to stop every fifty miles or so to stretch his legs and rest his good eye along with the one that was always wearier, even in the sunlight. Every time he was tempted to turn back, he thought of the peace awaiting him in the lakeside cabin passed down through generations, vacant for the foreseeable future. So said his father’s assistant, the father who never paid him a single visit. Not when he was shot. Not when he was still considered a threat to the D.C. metro area and possibly the entire East Coast for crimes that would have turned his stomach even if he was able to digest animal flesh.

           Of which humans were merely a somewhat more sophisticated offshoot, and the less he had to associate with the supposedly highest rung of the food chain the better.

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by Fred L. Packer by in pastel

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />This was in Feb. 1920 magazine which i cut too closely.

Frederick Little Packer (January 4, 1886 - 1956) was an American illustrator and political cartoonist.

Dr. Chilton & Your Interview

A little something for @mrschiltoncat​ because I adore her and we all need some sweet, fluffy Frederick / Reader stuff in our lives…

Other Dr. Frederick Chilton stories can be found: HERE.

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Four times.
You had changed clothes four times, now.
& That was only the tally for while he had been surveying.

Supervising: he had called it.

Frederick perked a brow and leaned against his cane, while also cocking his head just slightly to the side. It was fascinating, really- he didn’t quite understand what your thought process was this morning. Though, he’d be lying if his watching you wriggle in and out of skirts, just to deny them and banish them to the floor with a subtle squirm and kick of your ankle, was only for his psychological considerations.

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can you do a george one where the reader is pregnant?? thanks hun

I finished one, yay! I’m very unhappy in terms of my writing nowadays, hope it’s not too bad! And  -ciclamino had a similar request asking for the reader being rather insecure about the pregnancy, tried incuding that as well! x Really hope you like it, enjoy reading x 

You started thinking that this tension was unbearable. It all felt surreal; you were almost paralyzed by the many thoughts that were in your head, and stared at the wall in Fred and George’s apartment right above their shop, eagerly waiting for someone to come upstairs already. Although you did not know how you were going to share anything you had recently found out, your only desire was to have someone listening to you, even if you would only manage to get out bits of words. It was the door’s creaking that made you get up all of a sudden, when a moment later, you heard George’s voice calling for you. “(Y/N)?” he said and walked into the living room, “I thought you had met up with that one friend of yours… but I certainly don’t mind having you here tonight” – You couldn’t keep down a grin for some reason and greeted him as well, but his eyes wandered to your fingers that were slightly fidgeting as you spoke. “What’s all the flopping around about?” he teased and walked on the carpet, shoes and working tux still on, before looking into your eyes. Once again, you had to grin out of pure nervousness – was this the right moment to tell him? You almost proceeded to say what was on your mind, but something in your head told you that it wasn’t the right moment; perhaps, it was doubt and insecurity that held you back. George’s voice made you refocus once again. “(Y/N)? Everything alright? You seem a bit absentminded” – “It’s okay, I think I’m just… tired“ you lied. It was the only excuse you could come up with at the moment, and you wanted to cringe at yourself for lying so blatantly to George, not only because he most likely wouldn’t believe you, but also because you became gradually more desperate about the way you should open up to him. “Ah” he said, “Well, then. I just thought there was something wrong, you know” His tone of voice was rather accusing, if not even slightly offended, and you understood why. George valued honesty and talking about issues, and you knew that he was very much aware of the fact that there was something going on. “Sorry, George, I didn’t mean to be rude. It’s been a strange day, it really has nothing to do with you” – Once again, you wondered why, of all things, you had chosen to say these words exactly. Of course it had to do with him: It was undeniable, you had checked often enough to be absolutely sure that you were pregnant, and no one else but George could be the father. Delight and utter excitement had been the first emotions to occur when you had found out, but then again you felt slightly scared, maybe even insecure about what was yet to come. After all, your life was most likely going to change completely, meaning there was basically no way you could undo your fate now, which left you feeling rather overwhelmed. Looking at George, though, you realized that you had an overall family-person by your side, and yet you were not sure how he’d react. You took his hands, trying to make up for your behavior before, but he still seemed suspecting, and thus he only put a soft kiss on your cheek before heading to the hallway to take off his clothes.

Fred had arrived slightly later than his twin, and after greeting you as well, even he realized that there was something up. You felt stressed out due to everyone suspecting things, and tried to force yourself to stay calm – otherwise, you probably would have lost control completely. “You two had a fight? Not that I’m complaining about the silence, but normally when you’re here, you lovebirds like to blabber quite a lot. What happened?” – “Nothing, Fred. I’m just a bit tired” Fred narrowed his eyes, knowing that it was stressing you out. “What’re you looking at?” – “I’m just assuming you’re lying, that’s all” he said, “Spit it out, (Y/N). You know you can talk to us” The pressure somehow made you feel angry, causing you to stand up before looking at Fred, your cheeks reddening. “Thanks, Fred, but I think I’m good” you replied before making your way to the kitchen.

How come you were suddenly so incapable of speaking out? And now that everyone’s mood was rather low, you felt even more desperate than before. The twins seemed to take care of some orders in their room while you prepared dinner, but it was all just too depressing at the moment. These news were good, and yet you had simply swallowed them down; it felt as if all magic was gone so abruptly - it was then that you realized that you wanted your pregnancy, and that after all, hopes and delight were stronger than all insecurities combined. This realization hit you quite harshly, causing your eyes to water as you leaned on to the kitchen counter. Neither was it actual sadness nor crying out of joy; it was just a thing that happened so suddenly, you couldn’t even determine your own feelings. “(Y/N)?” you suddenly heard someone asking and gasped slightly; you had forgotten completely about someone coming in. It was George walking up to you with a worried look on his face, he seemed protective and irritated at the same time, and as his hands seized yours, you looked into his eyes. “What on earth are you doing? What’s wrong?” he said; you could hear that he was forcing himself to stay calm rather than actually confronting you about your manner. He seemed even more irritated when you sobbed before giving him a smile, shaking slightly, and suddenly, you felt some sort of approval from yourself to go ahead. “Everything’s alright, George” you said, trying to keep your voice steady, whereas he frowned at you. “I know I acted quite strange before, but there’s a reason for that, actually” – You smiled once again between your sobs while your heart started beating faster than ever, and suddenly, you wanted nothing more than telling him about what you had found out. “I- I have news, you know? I was just so insecure about everything before, and I didn’t know how to t-tell you” you continued. George didn’t know whether he should smile or frown, and thus he just looked at you for a moment, his grip around your hands tightening. “Is this some kind of prank?” – “No, George, it’s just really big news” you laughed, and once again your eyes started watering, but this time you were sure it was out of delight. “Well, having checked often enough these past few days” you said, “I think it’s very much safe to say that I’m expecting” It as if a heavy burden had been taken from your shoulders, and you couldn’t help but laugh out loud when you finally realized that you had opened up to George. He, on the contrary, stared at you in disbelief before letting go of your hands and leaning on to the opposite counter. “So you’re- you’re pregnant?” he finally said, his voice rather soft, and you nodded in return. “Yes, I’ve checked often enough, really. There’s a little Weasley on the way, I guess”  A smile traced George’s lips; you knew that he had understood now, and his reaction caused tears to roll down your face. “You’ve got to be joking” he mumbled before he finally took a few steps forward and wrapped his arms around your body so fiercely you had to catch your balance for a moment. “This is probably the best news ever, (Y/N), and you decide to tell me in the kitchen, sobbing and weeping? Very creative, I have to admit. You really had me; I thought someone had died” – “No, Georgie” You faced him now, whereupon he put a soft, quick kiss on your lips, his eyes always fixed on yours. “I had no idea how to tell you, to be honest. I know it could’ve been much nicer, but I was just so insecure- I mean, what if you don’t want to have a baby?” – “No, actually – it certainly was a big surprise, (Y/N), I didn’t suspect anything of this sort, really. And there’s no need to worry about that, have I ever told you I don’t want to have children?” He smiled brighter than ever when your hands ran over his chest; there was true excitement in his eyes, and for a moment it seemed as if he was thinking of all the things that were yet to come. “And besides, it was about time, wasn’t it?” he smirked before he once again hugged you, letting you rest your head on his shoulder as you slightly sobbed. Your embrace lasted quite long, probably due to the both of you digesting the recent news thoroughly, but you could feel that George was happy. “I probably won’t manage to get my head around it until next week, (Y/N)” he mumbled, facing you again, whereas you smiled. “Wait until there’s a bump showing, Georgie” – With these words, George leaned forward to place soft kisses on your lips over and over again until you heard Fred standing up in the nearby bedroom. “Should we tell our little Frederick?” you smirked, bringing your hands to George’s neck – it all felt a bit different, but to you had the strong feeling that this change was going to be a good one. “Yes, he will be absolutely thrilled” George replied before taking your hand and leading you to the living room.

“Fred?” you bellowed, whereupon he answered with a rather vague “Yes?” from the bedroom. “Do you have a minute?” – There was no reply; instead, Fred opened the door and looked at the both of you with a playfully annoyed glimpse before sitting down on the opposite couch. “Here’s your minute with Fred Weasley” he said, frowning slightly due to the smile that traced both George’s and your face. He sat there with his hands folded together, eagerly awaiting an explanation from you, and as George finally took the word, you could feel your heart beating faster once again. “Well” he said, “You know that (Y/N) acted quite strange before” – “Yes” – “And there’s a reason for that. She behaved like that because she had something to share – and it turns out that all she had was some news” – “Which means?” – “Well, I guess you could say that there will be one more Weasley very soon” Fred remained silent. It was amusing how he looked at you with an expression that was almost identical to George’s; irritated, if not even bewildered. “Are you two joking?” – “Merlin’s beard, no. I’m dead serious” George replied, looking at his brother. You seized George’s hand and waited for his twin to react, but Fred seemed a bit slower, or maybe more suspicious, when it came to digesting the news. “So you’re pregnant? Does that mean I’m going to be an uncle?” – “Very clever, Fred” you said, “And yes, you’re going to be an uncle” Suddenly, a rather blissful smile traced his lips, and he looked at you two for a moment before finally speaking. “I have to say, this is very delighting, although I did expect you to tell me sooner or later. My congratulations!” – It was too obvious that he was absolutely excited; sometimes, it seemed as if he couldn’t find the words for what to say next, which was rather unusual for Fred. “But since I assume that I am the first uncle to find out” he then commented, “I hope to be involved in most intentions and plans concerning the little chap. And I might as well expect you two to get a flat of your own for you to have fun in.  Oh, and someone will have to take care of the shop with me, I reckon” George laughed slightly at Fred’s words, his arm wrapping around you, and as he put a soft kiss on your cheek, you knew it was going to be alright.

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That rejection imagine hurt me omg... Can you do a sequel to that in which the male Sheperds find her later and accept her feelings after all ?

aww a happy ending

sequel to this post

Frederick: He feels nothing but regret since the day he said no. Why? Why couldn’t he have seen just how happy you made him? But now every time he tries to approach you, you suddenly remember an uncompleted task and leave. He’s determined to catch you the next time, no wonder what excuse you can come up with.

When you see him again, you say something about washing pegasi when he stops you. “_____, I need to tell you something important.”

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Male shepherds' reaction to Morgan's first word being "dada" or "papa". Please include Libra and Freddy bear. ;)c

cute, cute oh, if this is crap you can tell me and i’ll redo it (im saying this cause sickness, so what may seem good to me may not to everyone else)

Frederick: His eyes light up and he looks like a child that’s been told yuletide has come early. “That’s my son,” Frederick says proudly, and crushes Morgan to his chest. “Papaaaa,” Morgan whines, his voice muffled by the vastness of your husband’s chest. His cries go unheard, as Frederick keeps praising ‘his little boy’ and promises to make him a teddy bear as a present.

“Bribery,” you grumble, and pat Morgan’s back.

It’s when Morgan lets out a cry of help for his ‘Mama’ that you finally extricate him from Frederick’s loving grasp. Of course, now you’re even more elated, and promise to get him a tome for his bear. He doesn’t really know what that means, but he still claps his hands.

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Age Gaps Can Make For Beautiful Romances

Raymond Reggington 54/55 Years Old
Elizabeth Keen, 30/31 Years Old
Age Gap 24-25 years

Real Couples:

Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti 22 year gap
Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart 25 year gap
Paula McCartney and Nancy Shevall 27 year gap
Celine Dion and Rene Angelili 26 year gap
Harrison Ford and Calista Flockheart 22 year gap
Michael Douglas and Katherine Zeta-Jones 25 year gap
Bruce Willis and Emma Heming-Willis, 23 year gap
Charlie Chaplin and Oona O’Neill, 36 year gap
Clint Eastwood and Dina Ruiz-Eastwood, 35 year gap
Annette Bening & Warren Beatty, 22 year gap

Literary or Movie/Television Characters/Couples w Significant Age Gaps

Jane Eyre/Edward Rochester (Jane Eyre)
Jo March/Frederick Bauer (Little Women)
Captain Von Trapp and Maria (Sound of Music)
MaryAnne and Col. Brandon (Sense and Sensibility)
Jerry Espenson and Katie Lloyd (Boston Legal)
Gay and Gloria (Modern Family)
Puck and Shelby (Glee)
Belle and Rumplestiltskin/Mr Gold (Once Upon a Time)
Rhett Butler and Scarlet O’Hara (Gone With the Wind)
Melvin Udall and Carol Connelly (As Good As it Gets)
Stanley Crawford and Sophie Baker (Magic in the Moonlight)

Love is Powerless. Some of the most beautiful love stories have been of couples of different age. Love is love. This couple has so many other, more serious and important, problems to resolve, but age won’t be one of them.

Little Women: Frederick Bhaer [INFP]

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Frederick believes it is very important to be true to oneself; he does everything in his power to encourage Jo to write what he knows she is capable of writing, rather than what the publishers want to print. He is very private and self-contained, and doesn’t share his emotions easily. He is hesitant to correct her and devastated when he hurts her feelings, but is also honest with her in his critiques.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): He is excited by new ideas and eager to have intellectual conversations with Jo, about shared philosophies and inventions. Frederick has a progressive view in that he values her opinion and strives to make certain she is heard in social circles. He discerns her true nature quite easily, reading between the lines when it comes to her family and her sensitivities to criticism, but he also knows that she is capable of greatness. Frederick’s imagination sometimes leads him to form the wrong conclusions (namely, that Jo has married Teddy).

Introverted Sensing (Si): His books and his past life in Germany are very important to him; he often reflects on them with fondness, and can quote entire passages from plays and books from memory. Frederick likes stories to be grounded in truth, and encourages Jo to let her life be the inspiration for her work. Frederick maintains a lifestyle similar to his former home abroad, and likes to keep up familiar traditions (such as the strong German coffee).

Extroverted Thinking (Te): As an instructor, he reveals his ability to plan lessons and organize his students. Teddy seeks to maintain an aspect of control over his life, and once he has decided on what he wants, he acts on it – taking Jo to the opera, giving her gentle but honest criticism on her book, and traveling to her home to propose.

Daddy Hannibal/Uncle Frederick, little Will/little Matthew

For this lovely anon, who prompted: “*begs sweetly* There should be a fic where the daddies (Hannibal and Frederic) have sexy times with each other while the boys are in bed. Of course Matty would wake Will and make him listen and spy. And then Matty of course initiates it. The boys just copy their daddies and little Will is not quite sure what’s going on but he likes it. A LOT. Of course at least on Hannibal’s side it’s all well planned. I would DIE for this. Doesn’t have to be sex, can be just a blow- or handjob”


Playing Daddies

TW: Age play plus all of the above ↑

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