frederick of prussia


Frederick II and the Anspach-Bayreuth dragoons after the battle of Hohenfriedberg, 4 June 1745, Wilhelm Camphausen

The Dragoons overran twenty battalions, took 2,500 prisoners, capturing 67 flags and standards as well as four cannon in what is considered and celebrated as one of the great cavalry battlefield triumphs. The battle ended with the complete defeat of the Austro-Saxon army.

Strap in guys, this is gonna be a long post.

Today is the 313th birthday of this guy

who was born the 28th of February 1704.

Who is this?
It’s Hans Hermann von Katte, a person you have probably heard of if you’ve been following my blog for a while. Mainly because I’m a little bit in love with this idiot.

Because his death was about as dramatic as it gets.

Why did he die?
Well, because this guy,

Crown Prince Frederick of Prussia, had some problems with his dad.

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Uniform of King Frederick the Great of Prussia from the 1st Battallion Guard with the Order of the Black Eagle from the 18th Century on display at the Deutsches Historisches Museum in Berlin

Frederick’s reign is remembered for it’s militarism which would go on to inspire unsavory historical figures such as the despot Adolf Hitler and many neo-Nazis. But he was a figure of the Enlightenment and liked to fill his court with free thinkers such as Voltaire and, quite controversially for the time, Atheists.

He was an open homosexual as well. After one particular defeat on the battlefield he wrote “Fortune has it in for me; she is a woman, and I am not that way inclined.”


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