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By the time of his death on February 20, 1895, Frederick Douglass had become one of the most celebrated personalities in the United States. Born a slave in Maryland around 1818, he escaped to New York in 1838, married, and soon became an anti-slavery lecturer. He went on to write three acclaimed autobiographies, lectured widely on a range of social causes, and became a statesman and advisor to several presidents.

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Photographic portrait of Fredrick Douglass, photographer unknown, 1876. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.

Note written and signed by Frederick Douglass, dated December 11, 1861. It reads: “We are fighting the Rebels with one hand while we should be fighting with two. Unchain that black hand!” The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.

An 1881 autograph of a paraphrase from Frederick Douglass’s famous autobiography, which had been recently published in its latest edition. Douglass included the autograph in a letter to Caroline M. Seymour Severance (1820–1914), a prominent abolitionist and suffragist. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.

Well, meet the artist I guess? “^^ Hello! My name is Abigail, and I am a Pan, and Poly artist, feel free to send in requests, just know I mostly do Overwatch, Yuri on Ice, In the Heights, Steven Universe, etc. I’ll put more in the tags ”^^

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri, July 4, 1908

It was originally believed that the person who sent the bottle of poisoned ale to Dr. Wilson was a man named Frederick Geis, Jr. whose wife, Bess, had died following a botched abortion preformed by the doctor. Fred’s family didn’t even know he’d married Bess, but he claimed they had married secretly in another city (using false names) simply to save her position as school teacher, as at the time teachers had to be spinsters or give up their jobs. Presumably that’s at least part of the reason why Bess had to have the abortion as well. 

The doctor received a bottle purported to be sent as an advertisement for a new type of ale which it was hoped, if he enjoyed it, he would recommend to his “patients and friends”. The brewery it was said to have come from told police that they didn’t use typewriters in making their labels, that the letterhead was not their own, and that they didn’t even make ale. Detectives found the shop where the special “S” key for the type was purchased but not the man who purchased it. 

The express clerk who received the package was also sent an anonymous letter telling him to “go slow, indeed, in identifying anybody in the matter. It would be awful to send anyone to the gallows for putting such an infernal rascal as Wilson out of business”.

Frederick was arrested for killing the doctor in revenge for his wife’s death but was released when it came to light that the bottle had been sent to Dr. Wilson before Bess had died (there was a mix up with the dates, confusing the American system with the European, reading the date as the month and vise-versa). Fred’s arrested came a day or two after this article was published and he was released by July 7th.

On the first anniversary of the doctor’s death a package was mailed to the police from the killer, which included the special “S” keys used to type the bottle’s label, as well as a piece of wood bearing the same hammer impression which was used to package the bottle of ale.

 An article in the The Cincinnati Enquirer written July 16, 1916 shows there was still no clue as to who might have sent Dr. Wilson the poisoned ale.

When the Nazis took power, many German Jews were fully assimilated. A few, as German nationalists, even supported Hitler. Despite Nazi claims to the contrary, it was Hitler’s hatred that created Jewishness as a political identity in Germany, not Jewish identity politics that created Hitler’s hatred.

Today, African Americans aren’t joining the Black Lives Matter movement because they reject the concept of a universal community — they’re joining because they’ve long been singled out for police violence. As Frederick Douglass said, “The man struck is the man to cry out.”

Let’s not shift the blame for prejudice from those who hate to the target of the hatred. Black Lives Matter activists and feminists and immigrants didn’t push anyone to vote for Trump. Rather, the hatred that Trump has inherited, and which he fans, is what has forced people in America to be conscious of their political identities as Mexicans, as African Americans, as women, as trans people, and, sometimes, as Jews.

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At what point did you decide Robin was trustworthy? Asking them to help you with your bear meat problem seems like it would open you to a lot of poisoning opportunities from them. And what kind of precautions did you take with Robin until you decided you could trust them?

“I believe someone else may have beaten you to this question, good stranger, but I suppose the ‘bear meat conditioning’ did have some role to play in it. Robin offered to help, and I supposed that I could kill two birds with one stone if I could overcome a personal obstacle while allowing our tactician to earn my trust. Of course, I made it clear that I would have wrung Robin’s throat the second I detected a hint of foul play, but I’m grateful it never came to that.”

“As for secondary precautions, I kept Lady Emmeryn and Captain Phila constantly updated on Robin’s comings and goings during the second war with Plegia. Virion’s pigeons were certainly helpful in sending these messages back to the capital quickly, and I admit to being a tad overzealous with my reports. Such seemed only necessary at the time.” 

“Upon the war’s end and the eventual reveal of the mysterious ‘Marth’, new discrepancies began to come to light. Lady Lucina and I agreed that Robin needed to be monitored, especially around Validar, and a frightful conclusion was drawn. It was our shared belief that Robin was Lord Chrom’s murderer in the future Lady Lucina hailed from, and that it likely had something to do with Plegia’s newest king. Surely enough, our worst fears came to fruition, and Lady Lucina nearly took matters into her own hands…

Things may have gone very badly had Lord Chrom not stepped in to intervene on Robin’s behalf. Lady Lucina recounted that it was a difficult decision made all the more painful by the prospect of what was to come, and I could only pledge to look out for her father as best as I could. Ultimately, however, milord’s trust proved itself well-founded. Robin managed to turn the tides against Validar at the Dragon’s Table, and a terrible crisis was averted.”

“I suppose the takeaway of this all is that I realised that I had quite a bit of growing to do. I am a wary and sceptical man, but I’ve come to see that my cynicism can blind me to the potential in my allies. Following the incident at the Dragon’s Table, I resolved to try to look for the best in those around me.” 

“It is an admittedly difficult task (as old habits die hard), but I suppose I’ve learned to have a bit more faith in my comrades… *ahem* if only a bit! After all, Lord Chrom does require a word of caution every now and again, and it certainly wouldn’t do to get soft while times are still so trying.”

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If you had to talk about one thing for 10 hours straight, what would it be? Chrom?

“Heavens, no. While I am perfectly comfortable speaking warmly of milord, I could not keep it up for longer than an hour. After a while, it would begin to digress into petty complaints and idle gossip. Gods forbid I turn into Maribelle…

“No, if I were to go on a ten hour sermon about anything, it would be training. Of course, active demonstrations and physical prompting would certainly help the time go by faster, but I would approach it just as I would any other Fitness Hour… though, I suppose it would be ten of them consecutively… or simply one, enormous session… Hmm… Perhaps that isn’t a bad idea.”

“Well, good stranger, I must be off. I’ve quite a bit of planning to get through, and I think it best to notify my comrades of the mandatory training session I have planned. My thanks for the inspiration; I am sure the others will appreciate stupendous the amount of growing they’ll be doing.”

I honestly have like a really big thing for honorable knightly characters who are polite and just sweetboys. Gets me every time really. So I’m just kinda throwing Lukas in to the pile with all the others LOL