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Why is chilton's 'nickname' the peacock? lol I'm new here and I'm digging your blog

Hehehe my favorite thing to talk about. He’s so incredibly ostentation and he is constantly dressing in a way that you just know is a result of his deep-seated insecurities that manifest as the desperate desire to have all eyes on him, always. He peacocks around, strutting his stuff in the most flamboyant outfits, because he can. 

Oh, what’s that? You demand photographic evidence. Well, good, because I was going to show you my favorite peacock attire of his anyway. 

First up, we see the Peacock dressed for winter. Of course his jackets require a fur-lined collar, how else is his poor neck supposed to stay warm and toasty in the cold Baltimore air?

He chose a good outfit this day, because what pattern is better than plaid for discovering a half-eaten, former-patient serial killer in your basement?

Here we see his “My suit looks like a pajama set and I love paisley and garish tie clips” outfit.

More ridiculously conflicting patterns, also featuring his ridiculously large and overbearing gold ring. He’s probably always suppressing the urge to have people kiss the ring, like the king in a movie he once saw. 

More Patterns. And even his cane was Much More than it needed to be. 

And finally, and perhaps the most damning piece of Peacocking evidence is his tiny red sports car. With any other man, it would scream “Midlife Crisis!” but with Frederick, it’s a symbol of his status as the Peacock to rule all other peacocks. 


Six times in which Will has genuinely surprised Hannibal:

  • Sending Matthew Brown to kill him.
  • Very nearly killing Mr Ingram but allowing Hannibal to stop him.
  • Tearing a chunk out of Cordell’s face.
  • Mutilating Chilton by proxy (reminiscent of and continuing their season 2 courtship);
  • Participating in the murder of Francis Dolarhyde.
  • Reciprocating and consummating their love on the cliff top.