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Hello to all the Bee and Puppycat fans out there. Earlier on this year I cosplayed Bee and Puppycat, and made my very own Puppycat, woo!

I decided to make and share my tutorial for anybody who wishes to make a Puppycat of their own. ****Please respect my tutorial and don’t copy it as your own, thank you****

I love the series xxxxx I can’t get enough of it and I can’t wait for the next episode. Pretty Patrick!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Photo taken by melshardae

Making a tutorial of sorts because kateso asked for one!


  • Yellow sweatshirt or sweater
  • Black knit fabric (I cut up an old t-shirt)
  • White and yellow fabric paint
  • Freezer paper
  • Iron
  • Black thread

Okay so first things first you’ll want to draw your bee!  I actually drew mine backwards, so be careful about that!  Draw him out and also treat the heavy black outline as a shape.

Trace this design onto the NON-WAXY side of your freezer paper.  Now carefully using scissors or an x-acto cut out the areas that will white or yellow.  Save the small dot that will be the eye.

Using a low setting iron this stencil onto your black fabric, and don’t forget to place the eye dot!

Paint the yellow and white.  When near the edges paint inwards, starting on the stencil and dragging your brush onto the fabric.  If you go the other way you run the risk of shoving bristles underneath the stencil. You’ll need three or more layers of paint. ( I should have done more on my yellow section)

Peel the stencil up and you’ll have a bee.  Sort of.  But no stinger or outline!  Now you’ll want to cut around your (dry) painted area leaving a margin of black to create the outline, and don’t forget to make the triangular stinger!

Now you can handsew your applique onto the sweatshirt with black thread and you’re done!

I did some Bee, Puppycat and Deckard nail art, I hope you like it ^_^ I wrote a post about it on my nail blog here:

Thanks Etiennette this is sooo cool! I want some Bee and PuppyCat nail art done to my nails. Dang that PuppyCat and Bee nail are soo good.

If you want to submit more Bee and Puppycat cosplay or nail art, click here!


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