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Halo 5 Guardians - Campaign Armour

Here is all the campaign armour you can get for your Spartan IV in Halo 5. My personal favourte is this custom Mjolnir Mark VI. Here you have the following…

  • Fireteam Osiris - Jameson Locke [Hunter Armour]
  • Fireteam Osiris - Edward Buck [Helljumper Armour]
  • Fireteam Osiris - Holly Tanaka [Technician Armour]
  • Fireteam Osiris - Olympia Vale [Copperhead Armour]
  • Blue Team - Fred-104 [Centurion Armour]
  • Blue Team - Kelly-087 [Hermes Armour]
  • Blue Team - Linda-058 [Argus Armour]
  • Blue Team - John-117 [Mark VI Armour]

I took all these screenshots myself and tried to do my best with photoshop (im not great, as you can tell).


Petty Officer Second Class Kelly-087, born Kelly Shaddock, is one of the few remaining SPARTAN-II supersoldiers. She is well-known due to close friendships with Joshua-029, Samuel-034, Linda-058, Frederic-104, and John-117. She was temporarily missing, but was later reunited with the remaining SPARTAN-IIs (excluding John-117) on Onyx. She, along with the other surviving SPARTAN-IIs and several SPARTAN-IIIs, were trapped in a Micro Dyson Sphere, but were able to exit the sphere and link up with UNSC ONI ships (UNSC Glamorgan, UNSC Port Stanley, and UNSC Belleisle). She is one of John’s closest friends and is renowned for her incredible speed (62 KPH), even with her MJOLNIR armor. By 2558 she had engaged in 201 operations (124 campaigns).

exploding-spartan  asked:

Hey im a huge halo fan and im extremely excited for guardians ! I want to ask who is blue team ? Are they in the novels or something ? I havent heard of them before, I know I must sound like a total amature here :) be great to hear back #huntthetruth

Hi there, exploding-spartan! Glad that you’re so excited for ‘Halo 5′. And if you’re looking for some information about Spartan-II Blue Team, you’ve come to the right place. :)

They’ve been a part of the Halo Universe since it premiered in 2001, but have only appeared in Extended Universe materials up until now - novels, comics, animated shorts, etc. So if you’ve only ever played the games it’s no surprise that you haven’t heard of them (a lot of people are in the same boat as you too, so don’t feel bad). Make no mistake though, they are very important characters and play a huge role in the Master Chief’s own story. So hopefully this brief primer will help get you up to speed, and possibly encourage you to check out some of the books, videos, and comics that chronicle Blue Team’s past adventures before the next game comes out…

I’m going to assume you know at least a little about the SPARTAN-II Program: in which Dr. Catherine Halsey (with UNSC/ONI approval) orchestrated the abduction of 75 children in the year 2517, and over the next 7 years had them extensively trained and physically augmented to become super-soldiers. Halsey is also the mind behind the development of the Spartans’ signature MJOLNIR Armor. The Spartan-IIs were originally meant to be the soldiers that would help the UNSC quash the human rebellion in the outer colonies, but after the arrival of the Covenant most of them spent the majority of their service fighting the hostile alien forces (though they were still assigned to neutralize rebels from time to time).

Blue Team has had it’s share of Spartans that have come and gone throughout it’s existence - some notable ones being Samuel-034, William-043, and Kurt-051. But as it stands currently the core four members are John-117 (a.k.a. the Master Chief), Kelly-087, Frederic-104, and Linda-058.

  • John-117

The Master Chief has been the leader of Blue Team ever since he was in SPARTAN training, and held the position for the duration of the Human-Covenant War. The Covenant’s eventual assault on the planet Reach in 2552 led to a series of events that resulted in his first lengthy separation from his fellow Spartan-IIs (as seen in Halos 1-4). After the Didact’s attack on Earth in 2557, the Chief was reunited with Kelly-087, Fred-104, and Linda-058 - and the four of them returned to work together in the field. What events led them to go off the grid prior to ‘Halo 5′ are currently unknown. John considers all the Spartans to be his family, and will go to great lengths to protect them from as much harm as possible without compromising their duty as soldiers. He is particularly close to his Blue Team squadmates, and feels most comfortable and confident when leading them into battle.

  • Kelly-087

Kelly-087 has been John-117′s best friend and right-hand on Blue Team since the first days of their SPARTAN training. She has a rather varied skillset, but most of her specialties hinge on her incredible speed (both physically and mentally). Using her ability to literally give their enemies the run-around has been a staple part of Blue Team’s battle strategies from training through the entire Human-Covenant War, and how Kelly earned the moniker of “Rabbit”. She is also unique in her jovial personality and how her mannerisms are often more expressive and open compared to her peers. Kelly has an extremely high tolerance for pain and a knack for surviving devastating injuries - all while staying on her feet and continuing to fight. Her unflappable constitution is what has made her an invaluable support to her team leaders throughout her entire career.

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S-117 Psych Evaluation


I received the full set of files and your request for my input. I don’t know why you came to me; you know I’m not going to parrot back to you what you want to hear. If you’re hoping I’ll confirm your suggestion that Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 is “broken” or “troubled” I can tell you right now that I cannot agree with such an assertion. I know what Doctor Marnon’s report said, but I’ve turned a deaf ear to ONI’s mouth-piece and you know it. You know me well enough to not bother clumping in that sort of garbage to try to sway my opinion. But you asked me for my thoughts, so I shall give them.

Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 has, without a doubt, an impressive military career. But I believe the analyses of my colleagues have been missing one major factor: the subject is a Spartan. Every examination I’ve read so far has compared the Master Chief’s profile with the profiles of standard UNSC soldiers - but a Spartan simply can’t be compared to that standard. Instead it must be taken in reference to the psych profiles of the remaining living Spartan-IIs, which I have taken the liberty of procuring to insure a thorough analysis. After comparing the Master Chief’s behavior to that of other individuals in his peer group, I have come to the conclusion that - for a Spartan - the Master Chief is healthy. The Spartan-II team consisting of Frederic-104, Kelly-087, and Linda-058 (designated “Blue Team”) has been consistently deployed to active combat positions for the past five years, and their behavior is identical to that of John-117. And as there has been no question of the stability of mental states of the other Spartan-IIs, I can see no reason to assume differently in regards to Master Chief Petty Officer 117.

Though I suppose I must address the incident that took place on the bridge of Infinity - the one most extensively outlined in the files you sent me. There are two possibilities here as to what was going on under the surface, but from what I can gather from your message it seems that you’re unlikely to believe in the same one as me. As a colleague and friend, I advise you to not put so much stock into one idea before examining all the facts. For starters it should be acknowledged that the Master Chief went above and beyond the call of duty towards the end of the war and afterwards, and that the events he experienced would be considered highly stressful even when accounting for level of training afforded a Spartan-class soldier. It is also noticeable that there were no other reported incidents of insubordination in the file that you gave me. So I feel I must point out that one event does not equal a pattern.

The first of the possible reason for such an action can be the attributed to the direct losses suffered by John-117 during the last several weeks of his tour during the Human-Covenant War. This idea boils down to one point: that even a Spartan can only take so much defeat. According to some records I’ve looked into, 95% of the Spartan-II personnel that remained in 2552 went KIA or MIA just prior to the Battle of Earth. This left the Master Chief without a reliable team to lead into combat - which, judging from his service history, would be an experience somewhat outside his comfort zone. And after experiencing the deaths of his known associates Commander Keyes and Sergeant Johnson on the Forerunner Installation known as “the Ark”, in addition to working under the reasonable assumption that all of the other Spartans were possibly KIA in 2557, lead to a situation where when faced with giving up the AI CTN 0452-9 (designated “Cortana”) he refused. Doctor Karban was the first one to at least put this theory forward, reasoning that the Master Chief was not willing to sacrifice the last teammate he’d acquired in absence of the other Spartan-IIs. In that moment he defied direct orders to keep the remaining personnel (albeit an artificial one) under his command safe. The obvious concern that goes along with this is the possibility that the Master Chief might react drastically to similar orders in the future. I believe such a fear is unfounded however, as the files you sent me clearly state that he has been returned to work with Blue Team. I also have to point out that such a concern is based in faulty logic to begin with; the Master Chief has lost multiple long-standing teammates during his career while maintaining optimum mental stability, so the idea that the deaths of those associated with Spartan-117 for only a few weeks would result in a progressive psychological breakdown is quite ridiculous. Though you’ve always been a fan of the dramatic.

The reason for these actions that I stand by, and that I’m sure you’ll dismiss, is that he was simply acting in accordance with his Spartan training. Captain Del Rio dismissed the Master Chief’s assessment of immediacy of the threat of a hostile Forerunner (known as “the Didact”), though the danger was proven to be true later with the attack on New Phoenix. It is very likely that the Master Chief fully understood the gravity of the situation and, as the Spartans have been indoctrinated to do, did what was needed to protect humanity. No one can really argue that his defiance of orders was not the right choice, as his actions resulted in the neutralization of this enemy before any more lives were lost. I read the transcript of the verbal altercation that occurred on the bridge of the Infinity, and I have to disagree with your assertion that the Master Chief’s refusal to follow the Captain’s orders had a great deal do with the AI. It was rather clear from John-117’s words that he was responding largely to Del Rio leaving the Didact without taking care of the threat. Your confusing desire to make the focus of this incident about an AI, which the keeping of appeared more to be an act of desperation, is unfounded and only muddles the facts and the analysis of the subject.

Once again, I know this isn’t the answer you wanted; but you asked me for my honest opinion. I request only that you don’t completely toss aside my assessment and at least give it a chance. I know that you and I don’t often see eye-to-eye, but even when your opinion has been the polar opposite of mine I have always respected it. I would think that our years of friendship would lead you to do the same. I also understand that you have a job to do, so if you hit the delete button as soon as you read this I can understand that as well. I hope only that you honestly consider my reasoning before erasing it from your computer, and I’m sure mine, and moving on to reading more of the mindless reports that I’m sure ONI’s puppets have sent you.

P.S. Steven was upset that you didn’t come over for dinner the last time you were on Luna, and demands that you don’t make the same mistake next time. We’ll keep a place at the table set.