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I present to you: Adventure Time Production Art!
Model sheets, storyboards, promo art and everything the crew shared throughout all these days!

It’s still largely incomplete because it’s (more than even) 10 years worth of content from 9-season long series but I will try to update it systematically and notify you when I get any bigger chunks done! So it’s worth revisiting from time to time.

Contact me if you have stuff to add or suggestions in general!



Check out this awesome original animation made by @zedrin-maybe, who is one of our Channel Frederator Network Members!


Modern Cartoon Rules #7 -

There must be a chick with super long flowy hair … For aesthetic purposes. 


Get all caught up with everything you need to know about Samurai Jack before the new season tomorrow! Channel Frederator is the place to be with 107 Samurai Jack Facts!

Meet Sam Lavagnino, Voice of Catbug

Come meet Sam Lavagnino, the singular voice talent behind Catbug from The Bravest Warriors.

Bravest Warriors Season 3 launches January 10, 2017 on VRV, the new video platform from the people who bring you Crunchyroll. Our friends at Funimation partners at VRV, are hosting Sam and Cartoon Hangover at their special location. You don’t need a New York Comic Con badge to meet Sam (see details below).

Sam Lavagnino Autograph Signing @ Destination Funimation

Stitch Bar NYC 247 W 37th St, New York, NY 10018

Saturday, 10/8, 1:00pm - 2:00pm

RSVP here:

For those of you with New York Comic Con badges, come watch a sneak preview of Bravest Warriors Season 3 at the official Cartoon Hangover panel. Fred Seibert, CEO of Frederator Networks (which includes Frederator Studios and Cartoon Hangover) and Sam Lavagnino will be there to talk all things Bravest Warriors.  

Cartoon Hangover Panel with Fred Seibert and Sam Lavagnino
New York Comic Con, Javits Center,  Room 1A24
Saturday, 10/8, 4:15-5:15pm

Thanks for supporting the show after so much time. The future is awesome!

Update: For those at NYCC, Natasha Allegri’s discussion (separate from the Cartoon Hangover Panel) has been cancelled.

After the new episodes this week, did you think to yourself, “How will I still get my Steven Universe fill?” Well, how about 107 MORE facts about the show! Share it around to those friends who also need a little more Steven in their life.


Modern Cartoon Rules #5 -

One character has to pine after a love interest who’s way out of their league

Banana Man is excited about building a rocket ship today! Can he convince Finn, Jake, and BMO to help him out?


Have you heard of the Teen Titans? Well, on this episode of Know Your Show, we break down the original cartoon and why you should check it out for yourself!