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  • Friend: So who is your favorite composer?
  • Me: Chopin :)
  • Me on the inside: He was born March 1 1810 in Poland but his birthday is sometimes contested to be February 22 of the same year and he had three sisters one of whom died of tuberculosis at the age of 14 in 1827 and he left Poland for the last time at the age of 20 and traveled to Vienna and then Paris where he spent the remainder of his life and he was in a relationship with George Sand and was close to her children Solange and Maurice until the relationship disintegrated and he died a few years later in Paris in 1849 at the age of 39 of what was most likely tuberculosis and he was five foot seven and only grew sideburns on one side of his face and
Hi CartoonHangover fans, my name is Raye Rodriguez! I study Film & TV at NYU, and I’ve spent the past summer interning at Frederator Studios in LA.

I got the internship by sending Frederator lots of professional-sounding emails, and asking Fred himself if I could intern for him each time I “coincidentally” bumped into him at panels and events in NYC.

The LA office is pretty small and inconspicuous, but lots of amazing people work there. They’ve all had a part in creating some of my favorite cartoons, so it was crazy to be able to spend time with them! Kevin Kolde and Eric Homan are the Kings of the LA Office (at least in my mind). And yes, they really do sparkle when they talk.

For the first few weeks my tasks were mostly to make research spreadsheets, animated gifs, and to upload art to CartoonHangover’s deviantART. So many people seem to think that account is run by Pen Ward…

Eventually my bosses in New York started letting me draw Bee and PuppyCat fanart as my daily task. It was awesome except for the part when they wouldn’t let me upload some of them because of potential spoilers… Oops.

And after doing fanart for a while I was given the task of animating Bravest Warriors for the ToonHero app (that should come out in the Fall! I think!). It was basically just me and another intern doing all the animation, and it felt very intense. Maybe more intense than it actually was…

But out of everything, I think the coolest thing I did with Frederator was go to San Diego Comic Con to help promote Bravest Warriors. It was a lot of work, but I met SO MANY cool people! It was incredibly exhausting but sooo fun, I still can’t believe it actually happened. Here’s a list of just some of the awesome people I got to hang out with.

So basically… Frederator is a crazily cool studio and it’s been an amazing experience working here this summer!! Thanks for everything, guys!

(Follow Raye at her tumblr right here)

raficha  asked:

I disagree when you say youtube wasn’t helping you guys to continue making the show. If it wasn’t for youtube, many wouldn’t discover it in the first place. I’m not from USA and is so frustrating I can’t watch the rest of the season. Please, there must a way for the international fans.

Frederator, knowing that cartoons could be different online –independent creators need independent homes– launched Cartoon Hangover with Bravest Warriors in late 2012. Cartoon Hangover found millions of fans (and millions of views) for the show, but on YouTube the show could never get to the point where it could financially support the amount of episodes and production values that Frederator fans wanted and deserved. At the current advertising rates and the production value that you now expect from Bravest Warriors and Bee and PuppyCat, each episode would have needed approximately 35 million views for each episode to break even. These shows have not returned a profit. And frankly, almost no TV quality cartoon will have returned a profit on two hours of content, even with going to a big cartoon cable television channel in the US first, let alone having been only on one advertising driven, video streaming site to date. The costs of production are too great. YouTube favors a production quality that is much less expensive than Bee and PuppyCat and Bravest Warriors are set up with, and favors content that is getting searched for already or has some kind of built-in brand equity. The merchandise sales are insufficient in this short time frame (even though three years sounds like a long time to most of us). Bringing our shows to VRV, for the US territory, is one part of a multi-part plan to get them to being profitable. 

Farewell Elvie! We are going to miss you!

My name is Elvie! I’m entering my third year studying animation at the School of Visual Arts and I interned at Channel Frederator this past summer.

For the longest time I’ve been a fan of the shows produced by Frederator and Cartoon Hangover, so getting to be involved in some way down in their offices in NYC was pretty great.

I started back in early June and took my leave on (literally the first day of) August. I had the opportunity to experience a really passionate and friendly work environment.

Stare at the void and the void stares back.

I’ve had to do typical office stuff (that no one else wants to do) like organizing docs, spreadsheets, and the like - but for the most part I had the opportunity to do some pretty cool graphics and small animations.

What I got most out of it is really understanding the effort and work it takes when running the non-creative parts when it comes to managing the stuff that comes out Frederator and Cartoon Hangover. As someone who wants to do something more in line with the actual production process of making things like shows or film, it was pretty eye-opening understanding the different units working together to put out a single show or product. It’s like a family. One, big, dysfunctional family.

I had a pretty rad time.

Frederator in NYC looking for paid interns

(illustration courtesy of Frederator intern Dinah)


Frederator-NY is looking for a few savvy interns to add to our roster this Fall, and we’ve extended our deadline to Monday, August 17th (but please DON’T WAIT!) Be apart of Cartoon Hangover, Channel Frederator, Fredbot and all of the great shows Frederator does. 

This is NOT an animation studio internship but we are seeking ARTISTS (including animators), VIDEO EDITORS, WRITERS and SOCIAL MEDIA WIZARDS to help with marketing, promoting and doing research for Frederator’s YouTube Channels: Cartoon Hangover, Channel Frederator, Fredbot, and The Leaderboard

This is a part-time (roughly 20 hrs), PAID (minimum-wage) gig, from September—December (coordinated with semester dates). 

All the information about applying is below:

Here’s how to apply and what we need from you.

1.) Go to and fill out the Google Doc application2.) Email your RESUME, COVER-LETTER and LINKS to, email subject: “NYC- Internship, Fall 2015- ARTIST” or “NYC- Internship, Fall 2015- SOCIAL MEDIA”, etc.

ARTISTS: Please make sure you send a link to your portfolio. We’re especially interested in artists who can emulate another style on model.
EDITORS: We would love to have some video editors. Send us a link to your work on YouTube. If you shot it yourself, bonus points!
WRITERS: If you’re a writer, send us some samples of your work. A link to a doc or blog is A-OK
SOCIAL MEDIA: Interested in social media and promotion? Send us links to your social media sites of choice.

That’s it! ABSOLUTELY NO CALLS, EMAILS OR UNSOLICITED OFFICE VISITS OUTSIDE OF THIS! We promise to review every application submitted this way.

U R ☆.。.:*・°☆amazingggggg☆.。.:*・°☆

Jelly and Marisa Say Goodbye

H! We’re Angela(Jelly) and Marisa and we’re Frederator’s unartistic interns! We’re both students at NYU (though we didn’t know each other before) and in love with cartoons. 


(Or, what interns do when they’re not artists…)

Marisa: WRITING. SO MUCH WRITING. And spreadsheets… 

Jelly: Been stalking all you guys on social media, watch out, I know who you are~


Marisa: We get access to games we suck at… 

And spend lots of time in the comfy Blue’s Clues Chair…

Jelly: We pretend to be Cade on social media (what does he say?!)…

and get to creep on all the fan art :3

WE LOVE ALL OUR CO WORKERS (cuz they watch Attack on Titan lol, but really they do):

Carrie is gettin’ married~ oh heyyy. 

Cade #cadeisajerk but not really :P he taught Jelly everything she needs to know about social media and thus we must bow down 

Nate terrifies Marisa into challenging herself. He’s also secretly the funniest person in the room.

Chris is allergic to peanut butter but will let us have just one peanut butter square each, only after they’ve cooled down! 

Jen does SPREADSHEETS. (Why is the least fun task assigned to the nicest person?!)

Nick-Nicky loves Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Ben makes all the thumbnails and knows all the funny jokes!

Rachel and Jelly double teamed on an awesome adventure in finding Fred’s phone which got Jelly stuck in an Apple store for a long timeee

Ari had her baby! (CONGRATS ^__^)

Kirsten we enjoy your accent and your old spice ;)

Gwen: We don’t know you well, but we enjoyed our few weeks together!

Kelly/Orlando: Kelly ditched us for Japan, Orlando ditched us for helicopters… before he did, though, we got gems like… 

Fred liked Jelly’s sweater… twice. 

So, in conclusion… FREDERATOR IS A BLAST. The people here are incredible, the legos are to die for, and the experience is so so worth it!

As a final goodbye, here we are trolling Cade and Nicky: 



We are going to miss you Erica!! Frederator Loves You!
HELLOOO CARTOONHANGOVER FANS!!  I'm Erica, animator, student and Mythbuster Connoisseur. And It’s a pleasure to meet you.

I started way back in September and just finished in May! I had such an amazing time and these people are seriously the best. SERIOUSLY. I’ve been a fan of CartoonHangover and Channel Frederator for such a long time and to finally actually intern there I was like *faint*.  I did some boring intern stuff like spreadsheets and research but also supa cool graphic design stuff and animation stuff!! 

Like WOW seriously I got to do supa awesome stuff thanks to these people. I got to work with all the people in the NYC offices and it was the coolest! They’re ALL SUPER AWESOME and I had the best year with all of these guys! Boy am I gonna miss them!

So in the end, Frederator has super awesome cartoons, people and is the best place in the entire world. But you already knew that didn’t you? If you wanna see more things I do/did check out my tumblr! Until then, see ya!  


International Women’s Day: Meet the creators of our shows at Cartoon Hangover!

Meet Kelly Martin and Aliki Theofilopoulos Grafft! The creator and director of Doctor Lollipop on Cartoon Hangover. With over 1,000,000 views on Youtube, these two ladies have been adding color to animation with a style that is uniquely theirs. 

Check out Doctor Lollipop now on Cartoon Hangover!