Annnnd this is Morpheus, the Great Lord of Dreams, father of Sleep and blah blah blah (also I need to talk to Eddie and Milky about the sandmen because I’ve got in mind that they’d be his creations but no one knows because he pretends he doesn’t exist and we need to discuss it)
Since I can’t color because I don’t have my PC nor colored pencils I’ll just say his color palette:
Eyes: Navy-blue-almost-black with white dots like a starry sky.
Hair: Mmmmmmmm black.
Skin: Slightly tanned because he’s a Greek hottie and always with a cute healthy blushing on his cheeks but since he only works at night he’s way paler than oh-his-hotness-Apollo-of-the-golden-everything-probably-including-his-oh-so-hot-documents