The Suits Are People, No. 172
S2E10 - Alana Bloom: “Freddie Lounds thinks the two of you are a paradox”

Alana’s shoes: not seen, but probably her usual black pumps.

$ My shoes: black patent cone-heel pumps, M&S via thrift store.

Alana’s hosiery: not seen.

$ My hosiery: fishnets, Pamela Mann.

$$$ Alana’s dress: “This Chiara Boni dress (Size 38) features a red, brown, and pearl print material with elbow length sleeves.” Note the combination of snake print (the snake being Hannibal’s opponent) and fire print (how Freddie will “die”). It’s as if the very fabric has screams smeared on it.

Note, also, that way back in Oeuf, Connor Frist failed to uphold family values and was thrown into the fireplace by C.J., the “mindguard” who was worried about ageing out of his position in the family, and sat at table correcting the other children about how they should be thinking. Alana is C.J.’s direct counterpart in the BAU dysfunctional family circus.

$$ My dress: orange, brown and pearl snakeprint faux wrap dress, Alexon via eBay.

$$$ Alana’s watch: Movado Museum Classic with gold band and black face.

$ My bracelet: black rounded cross on goldtone chain, unbranded via eBay.

$$ Alana’s earrings: “Paired with the dress are Carolee earrings.”

$ My earrings: faux-topaz teardrop earrings, Diya Online.

Hannibal Auction catalog entry

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Freddie Lounds Modern Renaissance Portrait (2015)

And here’s another one ;)

And again: Please do not remove the caption or the source. I would really appreciate that. Thank you guys! Reblog it to the end of time but don’t repost it without a source/link.

The sources:

  • Hannibal Promo Poster Season 2.Photo by Michael Muller/NBC: [x] 
  • Painting (“Female Portrait" by Konstantin Makovsky): [x]

Other portraits by myself

Still here and still hungry!

Calling all Fannibals! It’s time once again to prove that, like Chilton, it doesn’t matter what you put us through we are still alive and strong! With the @rawfanzine wrapping up, everyone getting the final books in the mail, and the last drinks served we see ourselves gazing down a dark hallway unsure of whats to come for our beautiful fandom. Well this is what’s next!

This is the NBC Hannibal Big Bang 2016, From here we are going to fill the fandom with new and beautiful works inspired by our favorites from Hannibal.

This is not a one-ship, one-season, or one-theme big bang. This Bang is for EVERYTHING Hannibal. It’s for the Chilton lovers, the Bella enthusiasts, the Abigail protection squad; It’s for Marlana, Hannigram, ChillyWilly, and all other loves. It’s just going to be a big beautiful thing that we will all gather ourselves to and take the opportunity to bask in our shared enjoyment. 

Currently the Bang will be scheduled through June and July. Giving all writers and artists plenty of time to finish. However this won’t be like most big bangs, we will also be promoting other arts and creations outside of the art/fic collaborations. We all can’t be amazing writers or talented artists but many have skills in other areas that enrich the fandom just as much! Anyone with an ear for perfect music playlists, send them in! Anyone with amazing Gif creation skill, please share! Anyone who just has a prompt, an idea, a theory, anything they want to share with many others please tag us we will promote you the same! This is an all inclusive forum that we should all feel welcome to!


myers-briggs personality types

↳ INTJ (The Mastermind)

INTJs are one of the rarest of the sixteen personality types, and account for approximately 1-2% of the population.

Hallmarks of the INTJ include independence of thought and a desire for efficiency. They work best when given autonomy and creative freedom. They harbor an innate desire to express themselves by conceptualizing their own intellectual designs. They have a talent for analyzing and formulating complex theories. INTJs are generally well-suited for occupations within academia, research, consulting, management, science, engineering, and law. They are often acutely aware of their own knowledge and abilities—as well as their limitations and what they don't know (a quality that tends to distinguish them from INTPs). INTJs thus develop a strong confidence in their ability and talents, making them natural leaders.

In forming relationships, INTJs tend to seek out others with similar character traits and ideologies. Agreement on theoretical concepts is an important aspect of their relationships. By nature INTJs can be demanding in their expectations, and approach relationships in a rational manner. As a result, INTJs may not always respond to a spontaneous infatuation but wait for a mate who better fits their set criteria. They tend to be stable, reliable, and dedicated. Harmony in relationships and home life tends to be extremely important to them. They generally withhold strong emotion and do not like to waste time with what they consider irrational social rituals. This may cause non-INTJs to perceive them as distant and reserved; nevertheless, INTJs are usually very loyal partners who are prepared to commit smallstantial energy and time into a relationship to make it work.


  • the third rarest type in the population; the most rare among women
  • among types least likely to suffer from heart disease and hypertension
  • least likely of all types to believe in a higher spiritual power
  • one of two types with the highest college GPA
  • among types with the highest income
  • of all types, least likely to state that they value home/family, financial security, relationships & friendships, and community service
  • Over represented among MBA students and female small business owners
  • Commonly found in scientific or technical fields, computer occupations, and legal professions
  • famous intjs: hillary clinton, isaac newton, dwight eisenhower, and lewis carroll