freddy versus jason

spooky films the signs should watch during October
  • Aries: the fall of the house of usher (1928), child's play (1988), the grudge (2004), insidious (2010)
  • Taurus: psycho (1960), stephen king's it (1990), hide and seek (2005), the rite (2011)
  • Gemini: the exorcist (1973), misery (1990), the amityville horror (2005), the woman in black (2012)
  • Cancer: the texas chainsaw massacre (1974), scream (1996), the descent (2005), sinister (2012)
  • Leo: the omen (1976), the blair witch project (1999), the hills have eyes (2006), the conjuring (2013)
  • Virgo: carrie (1976), the cat with hands (2001), vacancy (2007), the babadook (2014)
  • Libra: piranha (1978), jeepers creepers (2001), 1408 (2007), the taking of deborah logan (2014)
  • Scorpio: halloween (1978), the others (2001), the strangers (2008), the witch (2015)
  • Sagittarius: friday the 13th (1980), the ring (2002), quarantine (2008), the visit (2015)
  • Capricorn: the shining (1980), wrong turn (2003), the haunting in connecticut (2009), devil's due (2014)
  • Aquarius: children of the corn (1984), freddy versus jason (2003), orphan (2009), the possession (2012)
  • Pisces: a nightmare on elm street (1984), saw (2004), devil (2010), mama (2013)

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Horror movies are one of those things that most people tend to have polarizing opinions on. You either love them or you hate them; there’s not really that much of a middle ground there.

In your case, you loved them. It wasn’t always that way (there was a very traumatic incident involving the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise as a child), but you’d grown into liking a little bit of gore here and there. Especially around Halloween.

Once September rolled around, you were known to break out your horror movie collection and gather friends (mostly unwilling) for movie nights. You had them all pile up in your living room with blankets and snacks and watch whichever film happened to catch your attention.

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Let’s Try This Again

Dolph Ziggler/OC. For Anon: Really smutty Dolph Ziggler one where you’re spending a quiet day at his place (he’s your ex but you had a mutual breakup due to you not being with the wwe), watching movies, playing video games when he turns to you and tells you he still has feelings for you and now you’re both with the WWE, maybe you can get back together and smut? Then the next day, your friend Nattie asks where you were the night before and you try to make up an excuse until Dolph comes up behind you and wraps his arms round you.

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