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The Freddy Files

Hey everyone!

So I was browsing Amazon and came across this book!

And at first, I thought it was just a player’s guide to the games, but look at the description!  It delves into the lore and discusses some of the most popular fan theories that have come up over the years!

I bought it and OH MY GOODNESS it’s great!  It lays out the games, characters, mechanics, and hidden lore, from FNAF 1 to Sister Location, like a production bible - and it’s all authorized by Scott Cawthon himself!

(Note: it does NOT answer the lockbox question… for now…)

If the mysteries of FNAF still intrigue you, definitely pick this up!

anonymous asked:

Things I want in the lore book: an entire chapter dedicated to MatPat, Youtube comments from theory videos screaming at each other over 1983 v 1987 (it's definitely 1987), a part where Scott makes his own theory and it's completely ridiculous but then he announces some of it is canon and everyone flips their shit, secret coded messages that are just shitposts to that then turn out to actually be a clue to the next game, the Box

  • A full-page spread of Angry Freddy with no explanation or context
  • ¼ of the book dedicated to Adult Theory
  • Statistical analysis of who would win in a fist fight when drunk, an ‘87er or an ‘83er
  • A page that starts off like it’s Phone Guy talking about the lore only for him to get distracted and start rambling about various soda flavors
  • The book being dedicated in memoriam of Chica (1985-19XX, you had no bearing on the lore whatsover)
i’m going to be really angry if mike really isn’t springle

okay not, angry, but…..

i’m pissed with how consistent it is that apparently Bill Afton back here is springtrap again

come on

okay now the only thing I want to know is why matthew patthew didn’t go over ennard enough

I don’t have anything either except the last source code, the ejection one.

who’s getting ejected? who would the ejector be lost without?

who’s going to put THEMSELVES together?

I might just be really slow and not picking up on something obvious, but I think there’s more to ennard and little miss freakshow, and I want to imagine there’s more to ballora and chica. I agree with that.

I actually take this image,

as this image

consistency to back up chica’s return. the magic rainbow is somewhat confirmed to be canon through the freddy files’ poster behind the toys.

i’m aware the freddy and the children match up to the first murder minigame, and I totally agree that something is happening to do with our puppet, but there are no rainbows in there.

as matthew says: “scott doesn’t do coincidences”

in short:

I want to hear more about ennard

I’m sure chica is more important than we thought

I agree with most of Patthew’s theory

Though i’m a little pissed that Michael isn’t springle.

please tell me if i’m missing something really obvious, I tend to do that


@20magic-rainbow-of-chica16 said:
Can anyone else please wake up that sleepyhead Freddybear somehow??

@silverxcristal said:
Freddy is sleeping against a rock now THAT’S a heAVY sleeper hajahsksmsj hard puns (?

Freddy: That’s just how I Rock ‘N Roll

Fredbear: That has got to be your WORST pun yet.

Freddy: Here comes the punlice…

At least Fredbear finally found his little brother.