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Louis talking about Freddie and fatherhood 18 months in:

“Oh it’s so fun at the moment. I actually had to be away for promo for like the last three weeks so I hadn’t seen Freddie so I saw him for the first time yesterday. And it was so fun. I mean there’s just so much personality. It kinda goes from not doing loads - yeah being super cute - but not necessarily doing loads and now it’s just so rewarding. I mean like he’s starting to talk, running around, showing off, all that stuff. It’s really fun.”

Source: On Air with Ryan Seacrest, 8/8/17, 7:30 mark

I’m curious about something

Was Bendy’s cartoon stardom affected at all by the Hays code the way Betty Boop’s was?

I’m not an expert, but basically the Motion Picture Production Code, nicknamed the Hays code after Will H. Hays, was put in place by the Motion Picture Association of America to regulate what could and couldn’t be shown in movies and cartoons from 1922 to 1945. That included sexual content, nudity, strong language, drug use, sexual relationships between black and white people, things like that.

Betty Boop, created by Fleischer Studios, is considered one of the first animated sex symbols. (She’s also apparently 16 but that’s a whole other discussion entirely.) She debuted in the 1930 cartoon Dizzy Dishes as an intended love interest for a dog named Bimbo, who was himself intended to be competition for Mickey Mouse. Betty was originally a humanoid French poodle, but was quickly redesigned as a human. After that, Bimbo was made her love interest, along with Fleischer Studios’s other character Koko the Clown. These three went on all sorts of zany adventures, some of which included jazz music from famous black musicians like Cab Calloway and Louis Armstrong.

But, suggestive immoral behavior? A human dating a dog? Reference to drugs? (Laughing gas, actually, not hard drugs.) Not on the Hays code’s watch.

Most people agree that Betty’s best cartoons were the ones produced from 1930 to 1933. The Hays code began to hit hard when it went into effect in 1934, and it showed. Not only was Betty redesigned from a flapper into a mature, modest housewife or career-woman who didn’t show her legs (which I have mixed feelings about but again, another topic for another day), but she was also given new co-stars like her boyfriend Fearless Freddy, the eccentric inventor Grampy, and a dog named Pudgy. Bimbo and Koko were hardly seen, if at all, in Betty Boop cartoons after 1934. In fact, the whole point of pairing Betty with new co-stars was to make them the new stars of Fleischer Studios. For the studio, Betty wasn’t popular as a career girl of the swing era; she was a sex symbol of the jazz era, the spirit of the Roaring Twenties. And these newer cartoons were flopping during the Great Depression of all times. Betty’s last cartoon was 1939′s Rhythm on the Reservation, which is just as racist as it sounds. She wouldn’t be seen on the big screen again until her cameo in Who Framed Roger Rabbit in 1988, almost 50 years later. Her main voice actress, Mae Questel, even came back to voice her!

There have been a few (failed or unfinished) attempts to bring Betty back in animated form, but most people today probably know her by her abundance of merchandise rather than her cartoons.

So what does this have to do with Bendy? Just look at who he is as a character. Creepy behind-the-scenes occult shenanigans slowing cartoon production aside, Bendy himself is portrayed as a demon and his cartoons reference religious subjects like Hell and angels. You can’t tell me people in the 1930s didn’t try to claim it was “religious defamation” or “making light of a serious subject” or something.

If anyone else knows more about the Hays code, feel free to add your own info or correct me if I got something wrong.

Pups first out door adventure. They are 4.5 weeks old…the sun was not great for pics or vodeo from where i was and I was dressed for work so couldnt crawl around on the grass but I think I got some pics with the DSLR. This is the only video. Probably won’t get a chance to post til tomorrow afternoon. It’s suppose to rain tomorrow so they won’t get to go out. Galileo was very fearless and Freddie cried the whole time but was doing it while running around. The video is the indicator. Galileo and Freddie willingly followed me around. Supersonic wasn’t happy at all and just hovered by the garage wall and near momma Dream. Floozy and Breaker ventured around a little but tried to stay near momma Dream or Lightning. With each new adventure their confidence will increase.

The Prodigal Son Returns! :D

aight, so y’all remember Freddy the Fearless? my little nerite who decided he was brave enough to go on an adventure? WELL…

He’s back! :D

So lemme tell y’all what the heck happened…

This was taken the night Freddy disappeared (I take lots of pics of my babes, camera roll is heckin full of em~~). He probably scaled the waterfall to explore the caves and tunnels behind it ;p

So here’s what the tunnels and caves (filtration) look like~ There’s a media basket and some smaller slots n stuff too (I looked down those little compartments, but didn’t see a Freddy). 

Well I was cleaning up Moriarty’s tank, and put Moriarty in here temporarily. I saw Scootter hanging out near the filter flow so I decided to keep an eye on him in case he decided to follow Freddy off into the abyss~ Scooter ended up munching biofilm n such from the media and the inside of the basket. I didn’t wanna move him so I just kept an eye on him. I came back literally 5 minutes later and GUESS WHO DECIDED TO JOIN HIS FRIEND FOR A LATE NIGHT SNACK!? that’s right. Freddy ._. 

I have NO idea where the little squiggle went or where he came back from but I am glad he’s home safe now from his big adventure! :p (I’m currently figuring out the best design for a craft mesh barrier to limit Freddy’s adventures to those inside his tank)

Here’s the tank now! :p Before Freddy went adventuring, it had one marimo and the wood ornament and that was it (I discovered he was missing when I went to put in the black sand). Now it’s got some cucumber (they still haven’t touched it ;n;) my 3 good marimos (the ones I’ve had for a good 4 or 5 months now. the aquaticarts ones are in the fridge rn), black sand (really glad I went with black) and the java ferns I didn’t know what to do with lol (I had to clean them up. I had separated them into categories: spotty, healthy + new growth, growing sideways) but then I didn’t have anywhere to put them while I decided what to do with them! (I wanted to tie them to some wood and put them back in Triton’s tank…but I couldn’t find any thread .__.) so the boys get some plants for the time being :p

Scooter’s on the back far left leg of the stump and Freddy is in the bottom right hand corner :p

Thank you so much to everyone who sent asks and well-wishes about Freddy <3