“Mexican Standoff” w/ Key & Peele

Can’t wait for the fan-theories on this video.


Whose Gun is It anyway? - Freddie Wong - I seriously LOVE all of freddie wont’s stuff. he is slowly becoming the KING of fight sequences. He just does them perfectly. They go on for exactly how long you want them too and just get better and better. Definitely subscribe to him :)


Quick look (If you are the Tl;dr sort)

FreddieW - YouTube awesome sauce with buddy Brandon. They are an awesome duo!

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And for the first feature for this tumblr I thought credit should go to the already insanely popular and very inspiring Freddie Wong or as many of you would know him, “freddiew”. Freddie along with his buddy Brandon (I’d call them co founders of sorts) produce insanely creative videos each week which are a treat to watch. His videos revolve around bringing video games to real life as well as envisioning what future life might be like in general or in ‘warfare’. If you like guns and more guns and lots of explosions and more guns and then some more guns…. You might want to check his channel out. But I keed. There’s a lot more to it than just guns. Like I said. Treat to watch. Visual eye candy. And the best part about it? His second channeld Freddiew2 which produces the behind the scenes for each episode. Fun fact? Expect cameo performances from other YouTube indie stars. If you haven’t subscribed to his channel yet. Give it a go :)

Why I specifically chose them to be the first I wanted to feature on the Indie Zone was because they’ve recently begun their journey towards taking their work to the next level. Over the next couple of months Freddie, Brandon and a set of very talented people will be involved in the production of a feature length film called Video Game High School. Check the video out at the bottom for more information as well as a link to their Kickstarter page. 

On a side note at the time of typing this Freddie and Brandon are griefers of the 'in progress’ reality show “The Controller” which I will be featuring soon. 

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