anonymous asked:

hey I just want to let you know that your ask button has the wrong link but anyways I love your blog and would you recommend me some please?

oops!  thanks, anon!  fixed.

and THANK YOU! :’) oh, man.  there are so many great ones out there, nonny.  in general, i really love blogs like freddiequell, cotillardes, and catmonocles.  for doctor who, soufflegirl and clara-oswald are fabulous.  for hannibal and breaking bad, kingschultzies is lulz favorite.  for game of thrones, rhaegars and jaimelannister are really awesome.  just to name a few!

I was convinced by hikarsulu to make a list of my most preferred blogs and here it is.

This is not a follow forever, I’m not following any of you forever do I look like your bitch or something.

This is not at all fun, that’s why I never do these but I have nothing else to do.

These are just the people I tend to reblog a lot from, and it does not depend on whether I talk to them or not, this is strictly on my usual reblogs. If you are not on this list it does not mean that I don’t like you or your blog, it just means I probably don’t reblog or look at your blog much. The end. Like 3/4th’s of this list are people who don’t follow me, isn’t this awkward.

(I’m not doing alphabetical order, I’m lazy as fuck. Leave me alone. This will be listed in no particular order.)

  1. Alert
  2. johnhwatson-
  3. hasser
  4. hikarsulu
  5. freddiequell
  6. driveinmag
  7. horologists
  8. chrispines
  9. awtson
  10. restarks
  11. valonqar
  12. billchandler
  13. hilside
  14. crematorie
  15. sallydonovan
  16. abraxaes
  17. trevoring
  18. coldwarfare
  19. martincrieffing
  20. caulfields
  21. cynickels
  22. shurlocks
  23. coldswar
  24. ssherlockk
  25. jonhwatsons
  26. c0ssette
  27. pikeys
  28. mournfully
  29. stephhr
  30. fighhtclub
  31. interwar
  32. crimescenes
  33. suchasadaffair
  34. crimical

“Casey Affleck developed a respectable career starring in his brother’s movies and on his own in the Ocean’s films, but he really shot ahead when Ben made a series of diasterous choices, like Gigli and Jersey Girl. Luckily for Ben, little bro is far behind now, thanks to The Town and Argo (and also because of Casey’s less-than-well-received "documentary" I’m Still Here).” (Source)