ellameant - up1 (freddie joachim - one more night)

last bits of the double deuces,
day is coming as exclusive
–live, and direct, less than 24 hours
time checks–in for out, another 1 to add
to the set–about to be ready, keep the pace going still
–steady, waiting for night fall to accept me
as i am–accepting what’s at stand and
what falls off plan, i’m just imagining Can
i’m a simple woman,
looking for possibilities strands
let the past be the foundation as to now
and later–upgrades her, stitch and weave
as a cohesive breed, feed, nourish the soul
inhale the green, glow–fire ignition, ease the flow
signed the arrow with the archer still traveling in tomorrow’s
unknown, curiosity prone,
yearly up1 continuation zones in roam-
contemplation as a whole to control–a hold of self,
have more than my persona play a bigger role,
include all else –positive
–influences too, contribute for
such a unique outcome to shine through

Half/Full - 008
Brought to you by Los Angeles’s own @l0wkeyshawty
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1. JordxnBryant - Can We Still Hang? Prod. Foisey
2. J. Louis - Ease by Bryson Tiller (J-Louis Remix)
3. Elva8tor Music - First Move by Rashad
4. Slw.kng - Giftgiver
5. LoVibe. - 6 a.m.[Didn’t.Sleep]
6. Jimmy Blu3 - About Her / Late Nights
7. FS Green - Rock With U by Janet Jackson (FS Green Rework)
8. Hush Hush - I’m Still Here ( Yes )
9. Chiyoko - I’ll Talk to You Soon
10. Odd Castles - Abhi Dijon: “17”
11. Stwo - Sango ft. SPZRKT “Middle Of Things, Beautiful Wife” (Stwo Remix)
12. E.DOZA - Abrahamblue. x E.DOZA “Lovers”
13. Abhi//Dijon - Jon B
14. Freddiejoachim - Toro Y Moi “Freak Love” (Freddie Joachim Remix)
15. Oshi - Mustard
16. MarinoGangRecords - "Set Dat Bitch Off” A$AP Ant (ICYTAWAT REMIX)
17. Xavier Alexander - Bobby (\edit)
18. Hush Hush - With Ur Girl On Ur Worst Behavior
19. J-Louis - The Weeknd “Drinks On US” (J-Louis Remix)
20. BAEWATCH - Sisqo “Thong Song” (Baewatch Goes Deep Bootleg)
21. Lehvi - Pinapple Pool Part (Sango Taught Me)
22. Mari Gordon - Flicking My Wrist
23. Slw.kng - Luda ft. Skateboard P “Money Maker” (Slw.kng’s Re-animation)
24. Senzu - "Touch The Sky” Yeezus [Slw.kng’s Tape Salad Edit]
25. Porya. - Cloudsurfer
26. Juxtpse - Lol, Drake (Forever Remix)
27. Hush Hush - Jhene Aiko “Vapors” (Hush Hush Rework)
28. Froyo Ma - Future “I Won” (Rmx ft. Olukara)
29. Hush Hush - Thug Life.
30. Froyo Ma - Future “I Won” (Rmx ft. Olukara) (Ending)

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