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Imagine suggesting Tommy a plan on how to beat Sabini and his men

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Tommy sat down smoking a cigarette, his gaze wandering to the window:
“Sabini and his pasta bastards will never go away won’t they?”
Talking out his thoughts he started to pinch his eyes trying to find a solution.
“The horse race.” you said, Tommys attention now layed on you, his look asking for an explanation.
“We will make trouble on the other side of the place while burning all of Sabinis licenses for the bets on the other one, sending all of his men all the way down to hell with cartridges.” your eyes layed on the floor now looking up to Tommy waiting for his verdict on your plan.
He smiled, “That’s good,no..even better than that.”He squeezed his cigarette into the ashtray, his stare meeting yours, a grin across his face.
Welcome to the Peaky Blinders.

the signs as Peaky Blinders characters
  • Aries: Alfie Solomons
  • Taurus: Polly Gray
  • Gemini: John Shelby
  • Cancer: May Carleton
  • Leo: Inspector Campbell
  • Virgo: Grace Burgess
  • Libra: Esme Shelby
  • Scorpio: Arthur Shelby
  • Sagittarius: Freddie Thorne
  • Capricorn: Lizzie Stark
  • Aquarius: Michael Gray
  • Pisces: Ada Thorne