BTW, here’s Greg Universe singing along to Under Pressure.


The LGBT community is not having Trump’s use of  Queen’s ‘We Are the Champions’

Trump’s use of the queer anthem “We Are the Champions"—which followed Melania Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention on Monday—has enraged fans and the LGBT community. And Queen’s surviving members aren’t happy either. 

The band has opposed Trump using the track, which was penned and performed by out-queer icon Freddie Mercury, since he adopted it as a theme song in June. Here’s how guitarist Brian May and current vocalist Adam Lambert are speaking out.

I saw Trump using we are the champions in his opening at the RNC (via the late show) and I was literally groaning with disgust. It’s just so appalling to hear Queen’s music being associated Trump for obvious reasons…. which Colbert sums up perfectly. 

oh, and ps, Queen doesn’t like it either