Troye Sivan · Family Template · Requested by Unusualpuff

  • Mother: Annie Wersching
  • Father: Jon Hamm
  • Sister: Willa Holland
  • Brother: Aaron Taylor-Johnson
  • Brother: Landon Liboiron
  • Sister: Kaya Scodelario
  • Brother: Freddie Highmore
  • Sister: Lucy Boynton
I see fire.

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I do have to admit that this is my first time attempting to write a non-binary reader imagine and I hope I do this justice?? If I didn’t, please do tell me so I can improve myself. That aside, I wasn’t quite sure what you wanted me to write so I just wrote whatever came to mind!

request: Shaun x non-binary! Reader please :)))))

words: 707 words

The day has been long and taxing and all you want to do right now is just get under your covers and warm up. Today has got to be the coldest day you have ever experienced up to date and you almost can’t feel your nose at all. You try wriggling your nose a few times as if to make sure it hadn’t fallen off.

But unfortunately for you, you still have one more stop left before you can even think of the warmth your bed can offer. Just as you are about to reach your building, you made a quick stop to the local bakery, getting coffee and some delicacies you know Shaun would like and head home.

To your surprise, when you reach your apartment building, Shaun is standing there, holding on to his bag, looking at everything and nothing in particular. A smile appears on your face and you jog over to him. “Shaun!”

Shaun peeks at you. “Hello, Y/N.”

Now that you are right in front of him, you can see that the tip of his ears are red, his cheeks look slightly flushed and he looks cold. You furrow your eyebrows. “How long have you been waiting here for, Shaun? Let’s get you warm inside.” You mutter, concern lacing your words. You took out your keys and unlock the front door, ushering Shaun inside. The two of you quickly climb up the stairs and head towards your apartment room.

The moment you are inside your apartment, you place your coffee and the bag of goods on the counter before turning back to face Shaun. No matter how many times he has been in your apartment, he always has this look on his face as if it was his first time.

You step closer to Shaun before looking at him all the while reaching for his bag. He hesitates for a bit and hands the bag to you. You give him a small smile and place his bag on your sofa. “May I?” You reach toward his hands and Shaun relaxes his fingers and slowly reaches your outstretched hands. “Your hands are really cold, Shaun - I am so sorry for getting here late!” You gently rub his fingers, trying to get some warmth on to his icy fingertips.

Shaun makes a noise at the back of his neck, looking at the top of your head. “My body temperature is still fine.” He says a matter of factly while staring blatantly at what you are doing. It makes him feel something inside and Shaun doesn’t exactly know what it is except for the fact that it feels nice watching you try to warm him up. “When submerged in cold water, the chances of my survival would most likely be a few percent before my body goes into shock.”

This causes you to chuckle and you look up from Shaun’s fingers, holding them instead now. “Well, I am glad you are nowhere near cold water then.” You bring one of his hands to your lips, lightly kiss his hand. Shaun smiles awkwardly and averts his eyes to the counter. You follow his gaze and you inhale sharply, dropping his hands from your hold. “I almost forgot about them! I got you some baked goods from the bakery down the street.” You pad over to the counter but just as you are about to grab the bag, Shaun speaks up.

“I want to eat green apple.” He pipes up and you look at him over your shoulder. Shaun is looking intently at your fridge. “Y/N, I want to eat green apples.” Shaun moves to your fridge and you nod your head, letting him do as he please because you only bought those green apples due to Shaun liking them a lot.

“Just make sure to bring these back with you or you can share it with your friends at the hospital tomorrow.” You inform him and reached for his bag. You made sure to place the bag of baked goods nicely in his bag pack before heading to the kitchen to join Shaun as he starts telling you what he had done late last night and earlier that morning.

“We saved a life today…”


“It doesn’t get any better than this.” And for you, I’m afraid, that’s literally true. You’re a nice kid, and you’re obviously very smart, but you don’t belong here. So, as long as you’re part of my team, this is all you’re ever going to be doing… suction.