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Do you still believe in tjlc after that? I don't think I do :(

This is going to be the most hedging answer ever, and I apologize in advance for that.

The short answer is: Yes. I do. There is a LOT going on here that I don’t understand, but as I reblogged earlier, the fact of Mark throwing himself and his favorite movie (TPLoSH) under the bus is…it’s odd. It’s very odd indeed.

It’s come down to “Who do you believe, us or your lying eyes?” territory. I believe in what we’ve been shown. I believe in the narrative, I believe that Sherlock has been exhaustively and conclusively shown to be gay as a daffodil (to quote Freddie Mercury) and that in the end it will be Sherlock and John, together, “always the two of them.”

TAB was the perfect opportunity to shy away from the same-sex romanticism between Sherlock and John, and “reset” for Series Four. That…did not happen.

Instead, they doubled down. HARD. So…I trust my lying eyes, I suppose. 

Yes. Yes, I still believe in TJLC.


However, with that said, here is the longer answer:

My happiness in life does not depend upon TJLC being real. I won’t allow anything outside of myself to inform my wellbeing or tear down my self-esteem or take away my joy. This doesn’t mean I think “It’s just a tv show”, or that representation isn’t important, or that I am flip or unconcerned about how things play out. It just means… I create my own happiness, and the things about this fandom that make me happy are writing and being creative and spending time with friends. None of that has changed at all!

Because of this fandom, I met the best friend I’ve ever had in my life. I’ve made friends all over the country–no, the world–, many of whom I’ve met and spent time with in person.

Because of this fandom I’ve traveled. Because of this fandom I returned to my first great love of writing. Because of this fandom, I figured out a lot of things about myself and about how I relate to the world.

This current kerfuffle, while disappointing? Doesn’t change any of that.

Some people really feel they cannot stay, and that breaks my heart. Some of those people are very good friends. I can’t stop them, I cannot place blame for that. All I can do is wish them well and let them know I will welcome them back with open arms.

But at the end of it all, TJLC is real in a whole lot of ways. The shared reality we have created, in the long shadows of the long hiatuses? THAT is TJLC. It is, it is, it is. I won’t walk away from that because Mark Gatiss is being a pissy bitch. He doesn’t own Sherlock Holmes, and he doesn’t own the universes in my head. 

I believe in TJLC, and I believe in Sherlock Holmes. None of that has changed.

And if you feel this is Pollyanna-ish rah rah bullshit? That’s okay too. I can’t make you be happy, either, you know. You have to do that for yourself. I just really want you to see, to feel, to understand how all the amazing love and community and creativity that we built together haven’t gone anywhere because of some unkind words.

Look around us. We have love and friendship and a common cause. We are so fucking fortunate, and I won’t throw that away. Not now, not ever.


Freddie Mercury: 8.8 inches

Why: This good old fashioned lover boy wants to get down and make love. And you’re his next target in the game, baby. Read his body language until his giant hammer falls headlong inside of you. Freddie will provide you with one lazy Sunday afternoon you won’t forget, so don’t let him flick his own wrist any longer. Mamma mia indeed! 


The LGBT community is not having Trump’s use of  Queen’s ‘We Are the Champions’

Trump’s use of the queer anthem “We Are the Champions"—which followed Melania Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention on Monday—has enraged fans and the LGBT community. And Queen’s surviving members aren’t happy either. 

The band has opposed Trump using the track, which was penned and performed by out-queer icon Freddie Mercury, since he adopted it as a theme song in June. Here’s how guitarist Brian May and current vocalist Adam Lambert are speaking out.

I saw Trump using we are the champions in his opening at the RNC (via the late show) and I was literally groaning with disgust. It’s just so appalling to hear Queen’s music being associated Trump for obvious reasons…. which Colbert sums up perfectly. 

oh, and ps, Queen doesn’t like it either