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Y’know, it’s been a while since I have been hit with some genuine hatred. I feel like this post is gonna break my streak, lol.

Yeah. It’s a FNaFTale image. I like the concept, so I’m gonna draw it. Sorry, Undertale fans who can’t accept their game being ‘tainted’, but I assure you of the fact that your fandom was destroyed the moment this elitist view towards those who wish to combine the things they love surfaced.

Another FNaFTale drawing! This time it’s of the Robobros., Psychic Friend Fredbear and The Great Spring Bonnie!

This one was fun to draw, haha. Spring Bonnie and Fredbear Plushie are two of my favourite FNaF characters to draw, and Sans and Papyrus are my favourite Undertale characters to draw. Combining their designs was a pleasure.

The sign behind them says “Jacko’s”, btw. Obvious Grillby’s parody is obvious.

Some more random FNAF plush designs, Funko style. I also remade some of the older ones I made, based on photos of the original plushies. I have no ideas if they ever make them, I just had fun made this sketchy cuties while waiting for some new official FNAF plushies
Withered Bonnie, Spring Bonnie, Shadow Bonnie, Plushtrap, Nightmare, N. Fredbear, N. Chica, W. Freddy, W. Foxy, Fredbear, Eyeless Toy Chica, Nightmare Mangle.

anonymous asked:

What is exactly the story of Golden Freddy en your AU? As long I know(because of your youtube videos and post here).. Golden was the partner of Springtrap back in the day... but somehow Nightmare was with him... and you draw them with their hat snd bowtie purple one time. So Golden is Fredbear?? Pleaseee explain uwu

Ok, there is the story of Golden in my AU;

Long time ago, there was a pizzeria called “Fredbear’s Family Dinner”, who had a animatronic called Fredbear, a golden bear with a “spring-lock” system; he could be use as a suit or as a animatronic. The place was famous and many, many kids love it, everything was fine.

Until one day, in 1983, some kids were bullied a little child and put him in the mouth of the animatronic… biting him and killing him by accident.

This caused the closure of the pizzeria. The animatronic wasn’t shout down because in the time the accident happened,  he was supposed to be in “suit mode”, but the man who should use it in that time was doing other stuff, so the man was fired and the animatronic was put in storage.

Fredbear felt really bad for what happened; he love the childrens, he didn’t wanted to hurt one, he couldn’t do anything to stop the other kids. When he was in the storage with those bad feelings, a Black-Bear animatronic with a “demonic” look appeared next to him, calling himself “Nightmare”; he was the constant reminder of the bite for the other animatronic. He is a “Ilusion” that only Fredbear can see, hear and touch. 

Nightmare was mean, was very rude, always do his best to make Fredbear feel bad and even cry. He hurt him physically and psychologically. Nightmare was obsessed with Fredbear. 

Those two coexisted for many years, until ”Fazbear Entertainment” buy the place and restyle Fredbear, naming him Golden Freddy. Golden asked Nightmare to call him by his new name, and he accepted… for some reason… 

However, the animatronic is scared to work with childs again after what happened… until the company bring Spring Bonnie to the pizzeria; a new “spring-lock” animatronic to be his partner, he was a golden bunny. 

Golden felt safe with him, they become partners quickly and the joy come back again to the old animatronic, taking away his fear of hurt another child… making Nightmare weak and jealous.

Nightmare hate Spring with all his existence, he doesn’t like that Golden is with him, Golden is supposed to be with him… only with him. 

Golden notice that Nightmare was different: he wanted to get more attention, to spend more time with him, etc. Nightmare even was more calm with the golden animatronic, he wanted to be with… and that happened, they started to connect in a good and healty way. Everything was fine again.

Until one day, the spring-locks of Spring failed and hurt the person that was using him, the workers had to destroy his feets to free him, breaking one of this ears by accident. The mechanical of the animatronics was on vacations, so the owners decide to take the animatronic to the storage of the franchice: A old pizzeria that was closed after the four animatronics were found broken. 

Spring was scared, he didn’t want to go, Golden calm him saying that he will come back, that they will repair him and everything will be back to normal. Saying that, the two golden animatronics were separated.

At first everything was the same; the pizzeria worked right, the people were happy, Nightmare was… more happy that usual because the other animatronic wasn’t there, so he had Golden just for him. He golden bear was worried thought, because days passed and he knew nothing about his partner.

Until one day he heard the owners talk about Spring… saying that they are fine with just Golden, that he didn’t need him anymore. Golden was shocked, he felt unsecure for some reason, he needed to see Spring once more, what happened to him?. Nightmare show happiness from the notice, but get really angry when he see that Golden was worried and even sad.

He was so angry, that he called him Fredbear again, making him remember the bite, remember the darkest days, remember everything…

He broke him.

Since that day, Golden didn’t seem so happy, he look happy in front of the childrens, but even they see him different. Golden only talk when he was working, only sing when he needed to. He didn’t pay attention to Nightmare anymore, the black bear become agressive again because of that… but he didn’t stop him.

One day an accident happened in the kitchen and the place was set on fire. The customers run, but Golden stay in his place. Nightmare stay next to him, trying to say something, even when he didn’t hear him anymore. 

And then the place burned down, and Golden Freddy disappeared.

Until one day…

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It Wasn’t Fredbear

OK, so I’m throwing this out here because I seen a LOT of people miss this little detail.

After night six of the FNAF 4 game we are brought to the cutscene of the crying kid and the plushies of the FNAF characters and this text appears after a few seconds.

(There’s going to be a lot of pictures so bear with me.)


HOWEVER, if you all were paying attention to the text you would see a key thing!

Everyone has a different color of text when they speak!!

So what does that mean?

It mean that these

Can’t be Fredbear because the text color of Fredbear (or the plushie of Fredbear) is yellow!

So who’s saying they’re sorry? 

The only one who has the dark grey text! 

And who has the dark grey text?!?




That is all folks. (Thanks for reading everyone! Goodnight!)