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Could you give headcanons for springtrap/spring Bonnie? :0


spring bonnie:

-loud happy boy, he’s very enthusiastic while performing and smiles a lot, he’s got stage presence down.

-very honest and open, and also a bit naive. he and fredbear balance each other out well though, as fredbear is a bit better at looking at things realistically

-he’ll go out of his way to make most people happy, especially fredbear really, he loves to make him smile

-can play basically any guitar-like instrument. can’t read music.

-super patient and kind, especially with kids- however he won’t stand for any kind of bullying. he’d jump in any time a kid was being picked on or bothered


-lost his patience and happiness, now he’s mostly just angry. over time abandoned, he got spiteful.

-his naivety is what he felt ultimately got him into that situation, and he tries to blame fredbear for a lot of it in his head, thinking that fredbear purposely left him. (he didn’t)

-ended up really good with animals, particularly mice/ rats. he sings to them sometimes.

-would have cut his hair years ago, but fredbear said he liked the long hair, and he just can’t bring himself to get rid of all of it.

-when he saw fredbear again, he first hugged him and cried in his arms a bit. then punched him. they eventually mostly made up

Tiny FNaF Pixels

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FNaF 1:

FNaF 2:


(If you look close, these guys even have their faceplates!)

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hey may we have some Fredbear/W. Golden Freddy headcanons to go with the Springbonnie/trap you just posted?-

sure thing 👌


-gentle giant, he’s quieter than spring bonnie but also very happy to play with the kids and is real proud when he can make them smile

-he’s the more rational one, when compared to spring bonnie, definitely a look-before-you-leap kind of person, and much less easily swayed.

-works hard on his look! well groomed and could never be found in wrinkled clothing. not to say he does it to impress spring bonnie, but he definitely appreciates when he notices.

-he’d drop everything to help the people he’s close to, especially spring bonnie.

-confident, and wants others to feel confident in themselves as well. as much as he likes the loud playful kids, he definitely gravitates toward the quieter insecure kids, and likes to help cheer them up.

golden freddy:

-doesn’t feel the drive to keep up a nice look, he eventually got to the point of not caring, and just let himself go

-was shattered to find out that springtrap felt like he’d been abandoned by him

-took the punch like a champ btw

-much quieter than before, he’s got no desire to perform anymore, and hardly talks. he doesn’t feel like there’s anything useful for him to say anyways

-part of him still wishes he could have stayed positive and motivated over time, but a lot of his energy came from spring bonnie.

-may not do much anymore, but still would put helping people ahead of all else.

-tells himself jokes when he’s sad

-learned the jokes from spring bonnie


From FredBear to Golden Freddy
We had an idea that after Fredbear and Spring Bonnie were separated Fredbear did everything he could to try to find him. Of course you can’t have a discontinued mascot with a bad history roaming around the restaurant. This lead to Boss breaking and removing most of his endoskeleton so he could never move again. 


requested by @alonebutwithfriends ahhhh i late 2 days haha and i spend so much ink trying to do this XD but whatever there it is my BATIM and FNAF family together, i hope that it was just like what were you specting :D