Just backed Bee and Puppycat.

I gave the $50 tier so I get the DVD, soundtrack and other goodies, the kickstarter is pretty close to the next stretch goal, I know there’s lots of people who like to chip in at the last minute, so it might happen, it might not. I’m just happy that the show is going to be made.


Impossibomb Bravest Warriors Minisode #4 by Pendleton Ward


You should be listening to Paul Brill

This song and music video is something completely different and original. Please give it a listen.


So! PancakePancakePancake (

Natasha who is the creator of Bee & Puppycat and went through Kickstarter to amazingly have her show funded and won hard at it!! is now letting people who donated (like me) send in a video of what we like, etc etc and I’m so freaking nervous ._. Like, I’ve never been more nervous in my life. But I’m gonna do it >:O ! Unless I chicken out!

Zorunlu eğitim müfredatı AB ile uyumlu

Avrupa Eğitim Bilgi Ağı'nın raporunda, 12 yıllık zorunlu eğitim müfredatının, yıllık eğitim gün sayısı ve ders saatlerinin AB ile uyumlu, kazanım sayısının ise AB ortalamasının üzerinde olduğu kaydedildi.