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Madrigal Raith in Proven Guilty

“You’re insane,” Crane said.
“Wizards is the kway-zee-est people,” I confirmed. “And you don’t look very much like a Darby.”
Crane’s chin lifted, his eyes glittering with some sort of sudden approval. I had no idea why. Dammit, I hate it when someone knows more than me about exactly how deep a hole I’m digging under myself. “No? And what does a Darby look like?”
“I confess, the only one I ever saw was in that leprechaun movie with Sean Connery,” I said. “Call it an instinct.”

“How’s it going, Dresden?” Thomas asked.
“Took you long enough,” I said.
Thomas grinned, but it didn’t touch his eyes. His gaze never left Crane.
“Have you ever met my cousin, Madrigal Raith?”
“I knew he didn’t look like a Darby,” I said.
Thomas nodded. “Wasn’t that a movie with Janet Munro?”
“And Sean Connery.”
“Thought so,” Thomas said.

A few things of note:

1) Madrigal is one of my favourite villains because of how easy it is to make fun of him. He’s an annoying, whiny little shit with an even more annoying, whinier twin sister. I have so many headcanons about Madrigal’s relationship with Thomas growing up (since back then he was probably Thomas’s closest male relative aside from Lord Raith), but the main ones consist largely of Thomas outclassing Madrigal at every turn.

2) How the hell has no one figured out Harry and Thomas are brothers yet when they have conversations like this???

3) Darby is a really dumb name. Why did Madrigal call himself “Darby”, like could he really not think of anything better? Or is this like that thing in Discworld where vampires try to be all goth and modern and instead of using their real names (Lacrimosa, Maladora, Graven) they give themselves names like “Freda” and “Henry” and “Gertrude”. IMO it’s either that, or he wanted to be Darcy, but there was a typo.