Couldn’t Have Asked For Anything Better - George Weasley Imagine (requested)

Request: could i please get a george imagine that involves the reader and their young children? like lots of cute family moments, cuddling, playing, etc.? thanks!

This is such a cute idea and I had a blast writing it! Xx p.s i know i said memory lane part.2 would be my next post but i wanted to write a separate George piece first. xx


y/n’s pov-

6:57 am was in no way my ideal time to wake up on a Saturday, and from the grumbles of protest coming from beside me; it wasn’t my husband George’s cup of tea either. Stirring in and out of a deep slumber and the wicked reality, George groaned tossing and turning. I huffed throwing the blankets and bed sheets away from my body deciding I had spent enough lazy time in bed for the morning and that it was in my best interest to get ready for the day’s events. Swinging my legs over the side of the king sized bed I rubbed the sleep away from my eyes, but a hand finding its way to my waist jolted me awake.

“No, darling…don’t leave me yet. Let’s just cuddle until the little monsters come and get us.” His morning voice was something I couldn’t resist. The groggy tone was known for setting me over the edge and giving into just about anything George requested, much like this morning. Rolling back over into bed and snuggling up to George’s surprisingly warm side, I smiled.

“Fine but only for a minute or two. I thought I heard footsteps earlier.” I admitted halfheartedly with a slight pout. George chuckled kissing my temple, then resting his chin on top of my head so I was pressed against his chest. George Weasley and I had been married for roughly 6 years, coming up on our 7th in a month. Our family was growing by the second it seemed. Our son, Fred II, turned 5 years old a week ago, while our daughter, Paisley, was 3 turning 4 in December. I’m currently 7 months into my pregnancy, and as we found out last month, I’m having twins. To say George was ecstatic would be a complete understatement.

The sound of little feet pounding against the wooden floorboards and hushed voices whispering outside our bedroom door signaled the two trouble makers we up. Glancing up at George, I pulled away a bit resting my finger against my lips signaling for him to be quite. Understanding what I was getting at, he closed his eyes pretending to be asleep as I mirrored his actions. Not long later, our white wood bedroom door creaked open and four feet pattered in, splitting at the end of the bed with one pair coming to my side and the other to George’s.

“Mommy… daddy… are you awake?”  I recognized the voice immediately as my daughter and felt the bed shift only slightly as her and her brother climbed up. Paisley’s hand reached up to my face lifting my eyelid, and it took everything in my power not to open my eyes fully.

“Paisley stop that! Mommy doesn’t like when you do that remember? She says it hurts!” Fred II scolded swatting his sister’s hand away from what I presumed.  Paisley’s small body sunk down next to me and Fred II maneuvered around so he was sitting in the small space between George and I. Carefully sliding my hand down to George’s cold one, I tapped his palm and within an intense we both shot up like a rocket in the sky and set into actions tickling both of our children’s sides.

Ear bleeding screeches filled the entire house and Paisley giggled uncontrollably as Fred II attempted to wiggle free from his father’s grasp.  Paisley flailed her little arms out, kicking into the air at nothing in particular.

“No mommy, stop it! I can’ breathe!” It was clear she was overreacting but I decided to let her free anyways and her childish giggles transformed into heavy breaths. Fred II fell onto the side on the bed with his hand over his chest. George chuckled scooping him up in his arms and rising from the bed.

“What do you say, should we go make your sister and mommy some breakfast?” George offered setting Fred II down on the floor and throwing on a plain white t-shirt on. Fred II nodded aggressively already sprinting out of the room heading for the kitchen, chanting about having waffles.

“I’ll take that as a yes…” George muttered with a smug smile. Turning back to his daughter and me, George worked his way around the bed leaning down to Paisley’s level as she curled up next to me, hiding her grin.

“Sweetheart, I believe you owe me something…?” He mused leaning forward teasingly.  Squinting her big brown eyes, Paisley finally gave in lunging her face towards her dad so their eyelashes were touching then blinking at the speed of lightning. Butterfly kisses were Paisley’s favorite time of the day, and I had a feeling they were George’s too. Pulling away, George took hold of his little girl’s hand helping her off the bed and then reaching for mine. Interlocking our fingering I followed part of my beautiful family to the door, quick to snatch my robe on the way out and flinging it around my body and knotting it tightly before the cold hallway air could hit me.

A loud bang and cluttering of pans could be heard as the three of us entered the kitchen. There in the middle of the kitchen next to the island table was a flushed Fred II looking down at the waffle mixture which seemed to have practically exploded across the tiled floor. Gazing up at us, a barrier of tears broke down and the next thing I knew he collapsed on the floor crying his eyes out.

“Mommy I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to, I wanted to help daddy!” He squealed. Releasing my grip from George’s, I wavered around the powdery mess and lifting Fred II out of it and into my arms.

“Hey it’s okay, Freddie. There’s nothing to worry about, I can clean it up real fast and it’s not like you were doing it on purpose. Have you ever heard the term don’t cry over spilt milk? Or in this case I suppose it’d be waffles… but either way it means the same thing.” George snickered, helping Paisley into the breakfast nook. Her eyes wandered out the window already forgetting about the drama scene playing out with her older brother.

Fred II nodded wiping the dried tears away off of his red cheeks and hugging my neck. Paisley squirmed around onto her knees examining the outside world and all the people passing by.

“Hey daddy look! The book stores lights are on! Do you think we could go there after breakfast, please?” Right across the street was “Alligator’s Tale: Children’s Book Shop” which was run by a neighbor of ours, Mr. Hugo.  He was a sweet man in his mid to late 60’s and enjoyed the days more than anything when Fred II and Paisley would pay him a visit. Mr. Hugo had told George and I that the kids reminded him of his own grandchildren that lived down in Cambridge, UK which was about a three and a half hour drive from our home in Manchester. 

We could relate to the struggles he was facing with not seeing his family much. The rest of the Weasley all live in Ottery St. Catchpole in Devon, England. Molly and Arthur still lived peacefully in the Burrow while Bill, Ginny, and Ron all lived only a mile or so apart. Percy for the most part resided in London, while Charlie stayed in Romania for the most part. Although there was talk of Bill and Fleur heading out and moving closer to Oxford, but I didn’t see that happening in the meantime.

“Why don’t you ask you mother and see what she thinks?” George advised the child, giving me a hopeful look. There was no doubt about it; George was a sucker for the eye catching children’s store. He was a child at heart after all.

“Of course we can go, but after you finish your breakfast that is.” I informed her setting a plate of freshly made waffles in front of her and a tupperware full of various berries I had picked the day before. Fred II skootched in with his plate of waffles and bacon, across from his sister leaving an open space for me besides him while George took the spot next to Paisley.

“Mommy I want bacon!” Paisley declared, standing on the booth and pointing at me. George was quick to sit her back down.

“Paisley you know the rules; you have to say please and don’t stand on the cushion you could fall off.” She scrunched her face murmuring a distant ‘please’, but loud enough to earn a few stripes.  The rest of breakfast went smooth as everyone crunched down their meals, and soon enough Paisley was bouncing out of her seat heading to the front door to hyped up to wait for everyone else.

“Baby, we can’t go until you get you shoes and coat on. Winters coming up and I positive you won’t want to getting sick because if you do you can’t play in the snow next week and build a snowman with your brother, daddy, and me.” Paisley contemplated the idea for a while and deciding against it sprinted to the hallway closet plucking her fluffy winter jacket from the hanger and zipping it on.

“Hurry, Freddie! All the good stories are gonna be gone!” The second she started in on her complain, Fred II walked in next to George getting down on all fours and taking his boots out from under the shoe rack and putting them on with ease.

“I’m going to go change quick then we can leave. I suggest you, daddy, do the same.” I didn’t have an issue with the kids going out in their pajamas just across the street. Paisley was wearing her polka dotted pj pants and purple shirt while Fred II had a simple pair of dinosaur pjs on. George adverted his eyes down to his attire then back up to me finally giving in.

“Why don’t you guys go brush your teeth? We’ll be ready in like 5 minuets!” Paisley and Fred II shared a look of disgust but gave in anyways trudging up the stairs and into their shared bathroom. George and I ventured off down the open hall to our room.

“Do I really have to change or were you just using that as an excuse to get in my pants before we leave?” George asked sending a cheeky smirk my direction. With my mouth agape in slapped his shoulder, trailing over to my dresser and pulling out a cardigan sweater and a pair of jeans.
“I can’t believe you just said that you ballsy little shit!” Tossing George’s loose shirt off of my top and slipping my bra and snow tinted tank top on I reached for the sweater I realized it was not where I had left it but instead in my husband’s hands.

“Did you just call me ‘ballsy’, love?” He pressed circling me and stopping at my back side. A small kiss was placed on my back neck as he lifted my arms helping me into the comfy sweater.

“Indeed I did, honey.” I spoke truthfully untying my bottoms and wiggling into my blue jeans before George had the chance to make a comment about my bum. He tapped it quickly before dodging into the bathroom and changing within seconds. I glared playfully at him waving him over,

“Come here…” Uncertain, George stumbled over and as soon as he was in distance I locked our lips as one not giving him a chance to speak a word. He dropped his previous clothes holding my face in between his hands to deepen the embrace. Our tongues dance together for a moment until George pulled away squatting down eye level with my budging stomach.

“Georgie… what’re-“George cut me off unintentionally by placing his sweet lips on my belly. It was a simple action but it was enough to make me feel something indescribable. It was almost like a soft blanket of protectiveness covering me from all harm. He lied his head down barley resting on my stomach and hummed,

“I love you, Mrs. Weasley. And I love those beautiful children we created across the hall and I already am in love with the ones growing inside of you. I’m so grateful for everything you’ve given me and I wanted you to know I appreciate everything, my gorgeous wife. I love you more than anything… to the moon and back.” There was no use in keeping the tears in as a stray one raced down my face. George stood back up, towering over me but allowing me space to wrap my arms around his waist digging my face into his chest.

“My god, George Weasley I don’t know what I did to deserve you but I’m so glad I have you. That means the world to me and I love you and our children more than the whole universe.” George smiled down at me, his eyes crinkling around the edges. The door squeaked again as it had did this morning and our two brilliant children bounded in hugging either sides of us.  No they didn’t understand what the little show of affection meant or why it happen but Paisley jumped to conclusion that it was good,

“Does this mean we both get two books today?” George laughed and I followed closely behind shrugging down to them.

“You can both get two, and pick out two for your new baby brothers.” Paisley howled in delight and Fred II jumped up and down in his place both rushing back out the door and down the stairs. I couldn’t have asked for a better family.

((This gave me major George Weasley feels like i can imagine him as literally the best dad ever!! ))



Pairing: Fred Weasley x Y/N
Reader Gender: Female
Requested: Yes
A/N: I tried a different writing style, can you guys tell me what you think and this is set around GoF. 

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Y/N couldn’t exactly remember when she became friends with the Weasley twins, but she does remember a lot of the thing they pulled her into. She remembers when they would drag her along through the hidden tunnels through out Hogwarts, she remembers when she would stay at the Borrow for the summer and she would watch them prank Percy and Ron, and she remembers exactly when she started having develping feelings towards Fred.

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