Endeavour by tillieke

I really loved drawing this so much, even the car (which wasn’t easy D:) and am secretly very pleased with it (That doesn’t happen very often). I also have a version without the text, but liked how it balanced everything out so just kept it in.

Looking forward to the next season! :D

After the war- George x Reader

The battle of Hogwarts was over.The war was over. Y/N got a telegraph. Fred and Angelina were dead. Her father Remus Lupin and her stepmother Tonks were dead. She stared at the peice of paper. She was hollow inside. “Mummy!” Amelia yelled reaching up from the dinner table. Y/N snapped out of her negative thoughts and put the telegraph down on the kitchen counter. She wiped the tears from her eyes. She couldn’t break down. She had her twins and Sirius, Fred and Angelina’s son to watch and her brother Teddy as well. She smiled. “ Yes, my love?” Amelia pointed to her twin Remus. “More!” She wanted more strawberries like her brother. Y/N began cutting the strawberries. What is she going to do? Sirius was only 5 months old and Teddy almost over a month old. They would never know their parents like she did. She shook her head and handed Amelia some strawberries. Amelia smiled. Remus reached up finished. She couldn’t believe how much her babies have grown in ten months. She placed them down to play in the living room that had been baby proofed. She waited for the family to return to the burrow.

She knew George and his family would be broken. They had lost their Fred. She prepared herself. She couldn’t cry and she couldn’t be anything but, supportive. She could grieve and cry later. She saw her husband come into the burrow. His eyes were red and puffy. It broke her heart she wanted to take all his pain away. He hugged her tightly. Neither of them saying a word a silent agreement between the two. “ Daddy!” Remus and Amelia squealed reaching up. They had crawled from the living room. George rubbed his eyes. Not wanting his kids to see him cry. “ I’ll take them, Darling.” Y/N scooped up the twins and headed back in to the living room. Molly, Arthur, Percy, Ginny, George, Bill and Fleur sat at the table. “What are we going to do about Sirius and Teddy?” Percy said looking at Y/N with the kids. “ Arthur and I can take Sirius.” Molly said. “ No mum. Y/N and I will take him.”George said. Y/N nodded. “ I agree. Molly, Arthur you’ve raised seven children. Ginny is finally old enough to take care of herself. George and I have just started a family and you deserve to relax. We can handle it.” Molly wasn’t sure. “ But, he’s our grandson…3 kids under one is a big deal.” Y/N picked up Sirius. “ I have to agree with them Molly.” Arthur said surprising his wife. “ Face it Molly, we aren’t young anymore, we wouldn’t be able to run around with him. We can still help. Just as grandparents.” A letter came. It was addressed to Y/N. she opened the letter. Before her father and step mother died they wrote in their will that if anything were to happen to them. Y/N and George would be awarded custody. Y/N read it out loud to the family. In less then 48 hours Y/N went from being a mother of two to a mother of four children under one.

Y/N spent most of her time outside with the kids. It was suffocating inside. Every Weasley was grieving. She knew they wouldn’t appreciate loud babies yelling so, she stayed in the garden. When it rained she would take the kids on outing to shops, the muggle library and kids centres. Anywhere to keep them away from the grief of the burrow. Her husband George locked himself in Fred and his childhood room refusing to come out. Ginny sat with her mother in the kitchen most days. Arthur got time off work. He spent it in the living room quietly reading. Percy stayed in his own room grieving. Ron came to stay in his childhood room. Sometimes Hermione or Harry would come over to try to bring light into the home. It was a warm July afternoon two months after the battle of Hogwarts just before the twins first birthday . Y/N had laid out a blanket in the garden under a shady tree. Various toys and books scattered around it. Amelia and Remus sat up playing with blocks. Y/N propped Sirius up with pillows against the tree whilst he looked at a book about baby animals. Y/N had teddy in a baby carrier sling across her chest while he slept listening to her steady heartbeat. Y/N finally had a minute to sit down. She was exhausted. She had to take care of the children on her own. She couldn’t ask these grieving people for help. “ Sing!” Remus yelled. He loved hearing his mother sing. She smiled. “ Okay baby.” She sang like a song bird. It got all the kids attention and kept them from doing anything as if they were hypnotized.

George came down from his room. He could hear Ginny and his mother having an arguement. George stepped into the kitchen. “ What the hell?” Ginny’s eyes were full of rage. “ You!” She looked at George eyes full of fire. “ Ginevra don’t you dare!” Molly yelled. “ No mum! He needs to hear this!” She turned moving closer to George. “ You need to stop wallowing in self pity!” George felt his cheeks glow red. He was mad. “ Self pity? Self pity! I lost my twin brother! My other half! You wouldn’t understand!” Ginny’s face turned as red as her hair. “ He was my brother too! Think about Y/N! She lost Fred, her best friend since childhood, her father and the only mother she has ever known! Right now she’s raising four kids on her own! She hasn’t asked for help!” Ginny began to cry. “ She hasn’t been able to grieve like we have! She’s exhausting herself! Be the father I know you can be dammit!” Ginny ran out the front door. Harry came out chasing her.

Y/N saw Ginny running out the front door. She stops singing. Oh the poor girl is crying. She thought to herself. She saw Harry hold her. “ Mummy!” Amelia yelled getting her mother to pay attention to her. “ Y/N picked up Amelia. “ it’s alright my love.” The sun set and Y/N brought the kids inside. She has Sirius asleep strapped to her back in the baby carrier, teddy asleep in the baby sling, Amelia and Remus were asleep in either arm. She would have laughed at her appearance if she wouldn’t have been in her own shoes. She carried them upstairs. Slowly and quietly. She laid them all in their cots. She flopped down on her bed. She was exhausted she hadn’t even eaten that day but, she was too exhausted so, she drifted to sleep.

Y/N woke up to something she hasn’t felt in a long time. Someone was next to her in bed. She could feel George arms around her waist. It was so comforting. She never wanted to move. “Love? Are you awake?” George said above a whisper. “ Yeah.” George cuddled into her hair. He pulled her closer. She missed this so much. “ I’m sorry I haven’t been with you my love. I haven’t been a good father or a good husband either.” Y/N turned over and touched her husband’s face in the dark. “ Don’t be sorry. You’re grieving.” “ So are you.” Y/N stiffened up. She hadn’t thought about it. It wasn’t real yet. “ I don’t have time to.” Y/N turned around. She closed her eyes. “ My love…you don’t have to be strong all the time.” “ I have no choice George…one of us has to be strong.” George felt his stomach drop. “ I’ll be strong for us now.” When George said that a wave a grief hit Y/N like a tsunami. Her daddy was gone. Her stepmother was the only mother she had was gone, her best friend since she was seven was gone. Fred who helped introduce her to her wonderful husband was gone. She began to shake. Their beautiful children would never know their parents. She finally let her tears flow. She had lost so many people. George held her and let her cry for hours as the children slept in bliss, unaware of the sorrow around them.

Y/N woke up the next morning. She saw George with the two youngest Sirius and Teddy in his arms. “ Hey Sirius. I’m your uncle George. I know I haven’t really been here for awhile but, not to worry. You’re stuck with me. Hello Teddy. You are technically my brother and law so thank you for letting me marry your sister. Please be kind to your niece and nephew Amelia and Remus. They are good kids.” Teddy sneezed. “ Bless ya little man.” He laid Teddy back in his cot. The commotion woke up the twins. “ Daddy?” They said. Confused to see him. He picked them up. “ Hello my mini loves.” They giggled. “ I’m back. I’m here now.” They wrapped their arms around his neck in a hug. It melted Y/N’s heart to see her kids back with their father. George noticed Y/N awake. “ Sorry to wake you my love.” She stood up and walked to the cots. “ It’s perfectly alright.” She picked up Teddy and Sirius. “ We have a beautiful family you know?” George smiled at her statement. “ Ya our family is perfect four perfect little babies and two loving parents.” Y/N nodded and kissed her husband. It may have went from a family of four to a family of six but, it was just as perfect as before. It was even better in fact.“ I love you George.” “ I love you too my love. Forever and always.”

“You know how Marvel Comics and comics in general have really expanded in popularity and become much more mainstream, so there’s a much broader audience and they’re much more respected? We’re trying to singlehandedly undo all of that with SLAPSTICK.’”

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I hope you regret it!

Not so nice// Draco x Reader imagine

Imagine where the reader is really nice and wouldn’t hurt anybody so pansy Crabbe and Goyle eat her up. Draco is about to save her but turns out she can fight and beats them up? Thanks love"


You were in Slytherin but as most know, not all Slytherin’s are bad or evil people, not all of them anyways. Your family was indeed pureblood but your parents raised you with the upmost respect. You treated everyone as normal and didn’t fuss about blood status. That’s what your boyfriend Draco liked about you. He liked how care free you were. It was different for him but in a good way. He enjoyed seeing how free you were and how considerate you were towards people, he wasn’t use to that kind of behavior and it was strange for him but he liked it. Not having to be so cruel to somebody just because they’re different, it was new and interesting. It made him think he could possibly be the same. And the thought of that made him love you more.

You finished your day with potions class and headed back to your dorm. When you got there you put your stuff away neatly and got changed into one of Draco’s sweaters and a pair of sweats, you decided that you wanted to go for a small walk around the castle before calling it a night. You wanted Draco to come with you so you went to his dorm, and he agreed to come with you. “Blaise borrowed my potions notes so I’ll go grab that but I’ll meet you back here?” He asked. You nodded as he jogged off. You were leaning against the wall waiting for Draco when you looked over and saw Pansy, Crabbe and Goyle walking towards you. You sighed and looked in the other direction. “Well, well, well. Look who we have here? Little miss princess!” Pansy chuckled. “Please leave me alone pansy I’m not in the mood to be bothered by you.” She scoffed, “I don’t care what your mood is, I just wanna have some fun that’s all!” She looked back at the two boys and laughed. She nodded at them and they formed a small circle around you.

You were now cornered with nowhere to go. “Awh poor little y/n, your little boyfriend isn’t here to save you now is he?” She grinned. You knew you could handle this yourself but you were still quite nervous. You looked both ways before looking at pansy again. As soon as you made eye contact with her, her first collided with your jaw. You stepped back from the shock. “What the hell was that for?!” You yelled. “For stealing draco from me you git!” She yelled. She went to punch you again but you blocked it and punched her instead. The two boys came after you but before they could do anything they were on the ground groaning in pain. You heard a pair of loud footsteps coming your way and decided to hide.

“Y/n?” You heard a voice call. You walked into the open to see Draco examining the three bodies on the ground. The sound of your steps made his eyes shoot up to meet yours. “What happened here?“ He asked slowly. “They uh wanted to start trouble, so I guess I stopped it?” You reluctantly said. You thought he was going to be mad or upset at you but instead he chuckled. “Y/n your bloody brilliant! I never knew you were so…tough!” He exclaimed. You blushed at his comment. “Come on, let’s get out of here before someone catches us” Draco grabbed your hand and ran down the hall. You two were laughing the entire time. The adrenaline you both felt was electrifying! When you finally stopped you were both out of breath. “I still can’t believe you did that!” Draco said sounding so amazed. “Neither can I” you replied, you two both laughed again. “I love you so so much y/n more than you’ll ever know, you make me want to become a… better me! But tonight, it showed me another side of you, and that side is truly incredible.” Draco stepped closer to you and smiled. “I love you too Draco, with all my heart” you both grinned before he crashed his lips into yours, it was soft yet passionate. When you two separated you just started unto his eyes, “here it’s getting late, let me walk you to your dorm.” Draco offered. You nodded your head and he took your hand and you two wandered slowly back to your dorms.