Miscellaneous YesMary doodles (my parents keep watching Poirot in the evening, which is only a problem because I’ve seen all of them so I wind up drawing fluff instead).

Mary would totally nail teaching herself advanced robotic repairs in 24 hours. Also confused/broken androids are cute as hell just you try to tell me otherwise.


Someone asked me how I get my lines to behave in photoshop and while a lot of it is just practice I have to credit the fact that immediate practice, aka warming up, is big part of the process for me. Basically I take any old sketches I have kicking about in my computer and do some practice linework on them before I set to working on the piece I’m actually going to do; it’s just like limbering up, basically, but then I end up with these unfortunate Frankenstein-like hybrids of scribble and linework that nobody ever sees because they’re hella ugly. So yeah have some YesMary from this week as an example.

Also Fred is scared of being submerged in water WHAT A SURPRISE I hope this gets cuter than it already is dohoho.

(p.s. For those new followers from the Lutece pictures, I ship a robot with Mary Poppins due to panfandom RP. Go deal with it.)