Snape: [taps quill]

McGonagall: [taps quill in response]

Umbridge: Stop that.

Snape: Stop what?

Umbridge: You’re talking about me in morse code.

McGonagall: Yes, that’s what we’re doing. In our very limited free time, we took a class on a very outdated, very unnecessary form of communication just so we could talk about you in front of you.


McGonagall, to Flitwick: That’s… exactly what we did.

  • fred: prepare for trouble!
  • george: and make it double!
  • fred: to cause the school some devastation!
  • george: to prank all peoples within our nation!
  • fred: to sell our snacks to all of you chumps!
  • george: to leave your faces full of lumps!
  • fred: fred!
  • george: george!
  • fred: weasleys wheezing at the speed of light!
  • george: buy our stuff now, or prepare to fight!
  • ginny: oh my god you two shUT UP
Hogwarts Mystery Dates

So, we know we’re in the same year as Charlie and Tonks, right? According to the Harry Potter Wiki, Charlie and Tonks attended from 1984-1991, so from there you can figure out what year it is:

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