I Don’t Know What To Do (George Weasley)

‘Please.’ Molly said, ‘He’ll only listen to you.’

The cold wind whipped your face, making you pull your coat tighter around your body. You walked through the yard right to the back where you saw George kneeled down beside the fence, his head hung. ‘George…’ You said, kneeling next to him and pushing you beanie back so you could properly see him. ‘Please come inside.’ George didn’t look up at you, his head just started straight ahead of him - examining the words “Fred Weasley April 1st 1978 - May 2nd 1998″ You took off your coat and slung it over the red haired boy as he was only wearing a t-shirt. ‘Please.’ You said, again, becoming a whole lot colder now that your jacket was off. George looked at you for he first time, his eyes red and his skin blotched. ‘I don’t know what to do.’ He sobbed, looking at you completely desperate for an answer. You looked sadly at your boyfriend, the man you loved and felt your heart snap in two as you realised you didn’t have what he needed. You moved closer and wrapped your arms around him, pressing his head to your chest. You felt George shudder against you as he cried uncontrollably. After a minute he pulled away gently as rested his head against the hard, concrete headstone. You looked back towards the house to see Molly and Arthur standing by the window in the kitchen looking out. Molly’s head was leaning against her husband’s shoulder and even from a distance you could see her eyes glistening with tears. ‘What do I do?’ George said, sitting back up and facing you. ‘What do I do?’ He repeated even more hopelessly. ‘You come inside.’ You replied.
‘I can’t.’ George was shaking and you knew it wasn’t because of the cold. ‘I can’t leave him.’ You opened your mouth to reply but realised you hadn’t a clue what to say or how to even deal with a situation like this. ‘I know it’s hard.’ You said, feeling yourself well up. ‘I know. But-but you have a family in there, George.’ You pointed back to the house, back to Molly and Arthur. ‘And they need you! Fred…’ You paused, testing the water, ‘Fred needs you to keep them safe and look after them while he’s away.’ You said gently. George looked up at you. Since Fred’s death, George seemed to have aged forty years; his eyes had lost its spark and the circles under his eyes went a dark purple and his skin was patchy and uneven. ‘I can’t.’ He replied, ‘I don’t know how to explain it but I just…can’t.’ You nodded. You understood a little bit of what George was going through but it was no where near the extent of what it actually was for him. ‘Okay.’ You said, You took off your beanie and placed it on his head, kissing him on the cheek softly. ‘Well when you’re ready we’ll be inside waiting for you.’ You said gently. George nodded and turned back to the grave. 

‘He’s not coming?’ Molly asked, standing up from her chair as you entered back into the warm house. You shook your head, pulling a blanket from the couch and wrapping it around your body.  Molly rubbed her tired eyes and slumped back into the couch next to Arthur who took her hand. ‘It’s okay.’ He said, ‘He’ll come in when he’s ready.’
‘Here, I’ll make you some tea.’ you offered. You walked into the kitchen and as you got there you leant against the sink, your head hung and eyes closed. You breathed in and out deeply as you desperately tried to think of something, anything, to help the situation but of course nothing came to mind. tears sprung to your eyes and you cried quietly, your tears making tiny noises as they went into the sink. ‘What do I do?’ you whispered, asking the world and only getting silence as a reply. In an attempt to pull yourself together you turned around to get a teapot when you saw George standing in the doorway. Soaking wet and shivering like a homeless dog you sprinted over to him engulfing him in a hug. ‘You’re bloody freezing.’ You said, taking his hand. ‘Come sit by the fire your mother is so worried-’ 
‘Wait just a second.’ 
‘What’s up?’ You asked, a look on concern washing over your face. 
‘Thank you.’ 
‘What?’ Taken aback you shook your head. 
‘You actually really helped me tonight.’ George said. 
‘No, I didn’t.’ You swallowed. 
‘Yeah you did.’ He looked down, ‘Sometimes it’s not about what you say it’s…it’s just being there you know?’ You nodded although you didn’t fully understand. ‘I’ll always be here.’  

Treats ; Fred Weasley


“It wasn’t me!” bellowed Fred, who was pointing at his twin, George. “It was George! Do you even know that?”


“I didn’t do it!” George yelled, pointing at Fred. “It was him! I saw it with my own eyes!”

They both looked at each other and bursted out laughing once they realised they had pointed at each other’s direction, unmistakably accusing one another.

“This is ridiculous!” you yelled, muting the twins’ annoying remarks. “I’ll be at my dorm if you two has a good sense of apologising.”

“I’m so-”

“Shut it, Fred,” you rolled your eyes, and quickly made your way up the marble staircase, to the fat lady in pink gown portrait, to the common room, and to your dorm.

It was empty- you had skipped Charms class today- and it was extremely peaceful. You couldn’t remember the last time you had your own privacy in your dorm, but it surely wasn’t months ago.



“I’m George,” the voice spoke, causing you to roll your eyes once again.


“Jokes, I’m Fred,” the voice laughed, and finally, a tall boy with ginger coloured hair with freckly freckles entered your dorm, and made himself comfortable next to you.

He stared at you for a few minutes before clearing his throat embarrassedly. “I’m sorry, (Y/N).”

“You shouldn’t’ve done that!” you crossed your arms, as Fred smirked slightly. “You could’ve been killed! O-or, you-”

“But I’m alive, aren’t I?”

“Yes- but, it was stupid, alright, you can’t just go to Hogsmeade without Dumbledore’s permission- you can get caught… but you didn’t-”

“Potter lent me his invisibility cloak,” he snickered, as you bit the inside of your cheeks.

“Well- people could’ve spot you. Hagrid could’ve told Dumbledore about you and George wandering around- NEAR THE FORBIDDEN FOREST!”

“(Y/N)…” Fred pouted. “I was just having fun… look what The Three Broomsticks lady gave me… CANDIES!”

He shoved a lot of candies out of his pocket onto your bedspread, grinning widely. “Charming, the lady.”

There were a few Chocolate Frogs, Stone Cakes, and a lot more. Your anger was washed away- thanks to the candies- but the furious feeling towards Fred and his brother wasn’t settle down yet.

You was on your sixth Chocolate Frogs when Fred interrupted you. “I have something to say… actually.”

“Spill,” you mumbled, shoving the frog’s head in your mouth. “I’m listening.”

“I- well- wouldyouliketobemygirlfriend?”

“I speak english, Fred,” you laughed, finally looking at him. “Come on- slowly.”

He took a deep breath and stared into your (E/C) eyes, a nervous expression plastered on his freckled face.

“Would you- (Y/N), like to be my- my-”


“My- well, WHAT?” He jumped in shock, and turned to look at you in excitement. “Are you okay? I- I fucked up, didn’t I?”

You leaned forward and attached your lips to his, and a few seconds later, once he’ve realised that you were kissing him, he kissed you back and both of your lips moved in sync.

“Fred?!” You quickly pulled away from Fred as you heard George’s voice, afraid he would caught you and him kissing and ended up mocking you about it.

“Are you in here?” The door suddenly opened wide, revealing George, Fred’s twin. “Holy shit- what did you guys do?”

“None of your business, George,” Fred rolled his eyes, and made his way towards him. “We should go back to our dorm. Don’t want anyone seeing us here, do you?”

“FRED AND (Y/N) SITTING ON A TREE, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” He yelled, while Fred gave him a painful smack on the back of his head.

Fred turned to look at you for one last time, winked, and left you blushing, on top of your chocolate-stained bed, when you were supposed to be in Charms, learning about spells.

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in case you don’t believe me about faith and tara being at hogwarts at the same time as harry potter here’s the scoop: 

  • we literally don’t know how old faith so i can take artistic liberty and pretend (hah!)

eventually the entire scooby gang would be at hogwarts together during the harry potter years oh my god i’m screaming why is this all so amazing and horrible the scoobies literally cannot escape the apocalypse they just can’t

Happy Endings Come When You Least Expect Them

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Tittle: Happy Endings Come When You Least Expect Them

Pairing: Fred x Reader

Requested: Yes

Warning: Mentions of Abuse

Rating: PG 

A/N: I may do this is in two parts, depending on how I feel about it and if I think it needs it.


    I stumbled backward, holding the side of my face as I stared awe struck at my boyfriend. Draco has always had his moment of cruelty, but never has he hit me. Even he seemed surprise by actions, his gaze wide as he looked from his fist to me, regret soon filling his features. Normally the pained look he gave me, the one that reminded me of the 11 year old boy I met two years ago, would be enough to earn my forgiveness. This time however I could not forgive him, would not. The names and insults were one thing, something I could take because I knew they were true, but this and his cheating I could not over look.

  “We’re over Draco. I never want to hear from you again.” I breathed out, tears stinging my eyes as I watched him shake his head. “I can forgive you for the names and the insults, but this, this I can and will not forgive. I hope you grow up.” Without looking at him, I spun on my heel and fled the empty class room we had hidden in.

   “Y/n wait. I didn’t mean to..” His voice trailed off as I turned the corner, gasping as I bumped into one of the Weasley twins. Both boys smiled at me, before frowning, their gazes moving to the swollen part of my face. I could see everything click as they figured out the cause. Before I could say a word they threw me behind them and raised their wands, pointing them at Draco’s chest.

   “One more step and you will give us no choice to but to hex you.” Fred snarled, his free hand reaching out behind him as I sniffled. Slowly I placed my hand in his, stepping closer to his back and peeking over his shoulder at Draco.

   “This does not concern the pair of you.” Draco said coldly, his gaze turning to me. “It’s between the mudblood and I, my mudblood I should remind you.”

  “Don’t you dare use that word.” George growled, stepping closer to Draco as Fred stepped back, moving so he could pull me against his side. “Not at her.”

   “What on earth is going on here?” Professor McGongall called out, her sudden appearance causing all of us to turn towards her.

  “It’s my fault Professor. Draco hit me and as I was leaving I bumped into Fred and George, they were only trying to protect me. Please don’t get them in trouble.”

   “Very well, I will let you two off with a warning. I trust the two of you can take Ms Y/L/N to the hospital wing.” She said softly, nodding as Fred and George instantly stood on either side of me, pushing me towards the Hospital Wing. “As for you Mr Malfoy, 50 points from Slytherin and two months of detention. I will not tolerate violence, especially when it comes in the form of abuse.”


   A Few Months Later

   Ever since the fight with Draco, Fred and I have been joined at the hip. Despite my constant reassurances, along with George’s, he refused to leave me alone in fear Draco would find a way to get to me. At first his constant presence was a pain, but I have since grown to love it. I may have took me a while to admit it, but Fred was a great distraction from my thoughts and the negativity that surrounds them. He had a way with people, a gift of making them laugh and could brighten even the worse of moods. He really has become a great friend. 

     As I grew closer to him, I couldn’t help the feelings that started grow for him. What started off as friendship, slowly turned into something more. Until I was head over heels in love with boy. At first the thought scared me, the last time I loved someone they turned out to be a monster. I feared that would be the same here, but I quickly learned wrong. Fred didn’t have a mean bone in his body. He was kind, sweet, funny and protective of those he loved. Nothing like Draco. 

    “Y/n?” Fred said suddenly, his voice pulling me from my thoughts. I glanced at him, smiling when he caught my gaze, his own returning smile brightening up his face. “Why are you in the common room this late?”

   “Why are you just returning to the common room this late?” I giggled, watching as he sent me a playful glare before moving so he could sit in the arm chair beside me,

   “Detention with Snape.” He answered, smiling widely as he leaned back into the chair. “I told a slytherin to shut it, which resulted in a fight. Since it was Snape who broke it up, I was the only one in trouble.”

   “Why would fight a Slytherin?” I asked, sighing as I shook my head at him.

   “He was insulting you.” He answered quietly, his words causing me to blush. This hasn’t been the first time Slytherin’s have been talking rudely about me, in fact they have been since Draco and I broke up, apparently I was a stupid little mudblood that couldn’t appreciate my place in the world or the fact that Draco was kind enough to show me it. It was however the first time Fred had gotten in a fight because of it. Normally I was able to talk him out of it, because as far I was concerned I wasn’t worth the risk. He always assured me I was however, even if I failed to believe it.

    “Thank you, for defending me. Though you didn’t have too. I’m not worth you getting in trouble for Fred, truly.”

   “You honestly don’t see it?” He groaned, standing from the chair and pacing in front of me, his hand running through his hair. “To me you are worth it, you are worth the pain, the trouble it causes, everything. You are wonderful and kind. Bloody hell your all the good things in the world and so beautiful you take my breath away. I’m in love with you, I have been from the moment I first saw you smile. Seeing Malfoy treat you like that, and you take it, killed me. That’s why I was relieved when you broke up and so scared you would return to him. I could see how much you believed those horrible things he said about you and I didn’t want that for you. At first I stayed at your side all the time because I was scared he could talk you into going back to them, then it was because I was hoping the more time we spent together, that you would fall in love with me too.”

   He was breathless at this point, his chest heaving as he turned to face the stairways that lead to the Gryffindor common rooms. I took the moment to breath, to let his words sink in before standing up and taking a deep breath. “It worked you know. I did fall in love with you Fred. I’m in love with you, that’s why I hate seeing you get in trouble for me. I don’t…” My words were cut off as Fred spun around and pressed his lips against my own, his hands cupping my face. Instantly I melted against him, my lips moving along with his in perfect sync. Slowly I moved my own hands so they were resting on his waist, pulling myself closer to him in the process.

    This wasn’t the first time I have been kissed, but it was the first time I felt like this. To me it felt like the world had stopped and everyone vanished, leaving just Fred and I in it’s wake. All I could feel was him, his body pressed against mine, his lips moving feverishly with mine, his thumbs gently brushing my jaw. It was perfect and wonderful and one I never wanted to end.

   “Please say you’ll be mine.” Fred breathed out as he broke the kiss, his forehead resting against mine. I smiled, leaning forward to press a quick peck to his lips before answering.

   “Of course.” I replied, gigging when Fred smashed our lips back together, this time his hands gripping my waist so he could lift me off my feet. My hands wrapped around his neck, savoring the kiss and the man behind it.

   A Few Days Later

   I smiled as I walked out of potions to see Fred leaning against the opposite wall, his eyes scanning the crowd for me. When he saw me standing beside Hermione he pushed himself away from the wall and pushed his way towards me. Once he was standing right in front of me, he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me against him, his lips pressing against my own in a quick kiss.

   “You two are cute.” Hermione giggled, while Ron and Harry playfully gagged, their reactions earning a chuckle from Fred.

   “Thank you.” I giggled, smiling at her as Fred wrapped his hand in my own.
Before she could respond, Draco spoke up from behind us.

   “You and I need to talk Y/n, now.”

  “I bloody well don’t think so.” Fred answered, glaring at Draco as he pushed his way in front of us. “Whatever you say to MY girlfriend, you say in front of me.”

   “Fine, though I’m sure you won’t like it.” Draco sneered, smiling at me as he held out his hand. “I miss you, come back to me. Things can be different and you know I can give things Weasley can only dream of.”

   “No. We never should have happened Draco, your a monster who thinks they are better than everyone because of your blood status. I’m not leaving a man, one who actually cares for me, for a boy with a superiority complex.” Draco snarled at my words, his hand reaching out to slap me, only to get caught by Fred. Before I could say anything, Fred used his free hand to punish Draco in the face, the sound of breaking bone echoing through the air. Blood gushed from Draco’s nose and bottom lip, his eyes full of anger as he looked at Fred.

   “My father will hear about this.” He snarled before running off, leaving a trail of blood droplets in his wake.

    “You shouldn’t have done that.” I sighed, stepping in front of Fred with a soft smile. “But I am really glad you did. Merlin knows he needed that. Thank you.”

   “Don’t thank me.” Fred chuckled, pulling me against him, smiling as he pressed a kiss to my temple. “I will always protect you.” He hummed, smiling as I leaned up to press a kiss to his lips.

   “And I you, Now come on, lets get to dinner before Draco comes back.” I said, earning a cry of agreement from the small group. Fred sent me an answering smile as he pulled me against his side, his arm still looped around my waist, As we walked to the grate hall, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Fred laughing at the events that had just happen, I couldn’t help but smile. I started off this year alone and scared, and thanks to Fred, I would end it loved and happy. Nothing could change that, not even Draco and his threats of his father. I was finally where I belonged and no one can take that away from me.


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