Saturday Morning

Fred Weasley x Reader

This is my first ever imagine so please be kind!


It had been yet another sleepless night, and with the clock next to your bed nearly approaching 11:00, you were lucky it was Saturday. Finally dragging yourself from the blankets, you decided to head down to the Great Hall for breakfast, or what remained of it anyway.

Slipping on your softest jeans and coziest slippers, you forced your favorite t-shirt over your wild bedhead. The shirt was a size too large, and with good reason, seeing as you’d stolen it from your best friend, Fred Weasley. You remembered him running up to his dorm to grab it after an unfortunate slip in a mud puddle that left the clothing you were wearing utterly soaked. You never could recall one instance in which Fred of George hadn’t been completely selfless and generous. Remembering how Fred so willingly offered his old shirt to you as you sat by the common room fire made you wonder, but it couldn’t be. You were almost sure he’d never see you as more than a friend.

Unaware of how far your memories and daydreams of the ginger had carried you from Gryffindor tower, you soon found yourself at the entrance to the Great Hall. Once inside, you noticed that you were too late for even a crumb. You turned back the way you came, but before you could take one step, two voices that you knew all too well began shouting your name.

“I’m coming! I’m coming! Relax!” Making your way over to the table, you slumped down beside George and snatched the last piece of toast from his plate.

“Morning (y/n)! I see Freddie’s old quidditch tee is keeping someone warm,” George laughed earning a sharp glare from his twin and a rich flush from your crumb-ridden cheeks. “Anyway (y/n), we had plans to test some new products today. Would you like to join us?”

“I’d love to George, but I’ve been behind on homework, and-”

“Oh that’s rubbish! You wouldn’t want to miss what we’re doing today! Tell her Fred!” Caught completely mid-bite, Fred struggled to swallow hard and finish his brother’s thought.

“Mmm-ahh… yeah (y/n)! We want you to be one of the first to see our new fireworks!”

“Fred’s even got a little surprise for y- OUCH!” George’s hand shot up for the back of his head as you smirked.

“I guess I’ll try to make it,” you beamed.

“Great!” Fred blurted out. “Meet George and I on the quidditch pitch at half-passed noon. See you there!” Leaving you at the table in their excitement, you couldn’t help but giggle as you watched the two redheads disappear out of the hall.

An hour later you found yourself standing on the plush grass of the quidditch pitch, but there were no Weasleys in sight. “Those idiots are nearly twenty minutes late!” you huffed. “What could they possibly be doi-” Suddenly you were caught off guard by the twins’ shouting and pops of a few fireworks. The two finally landed a few meters away and scurried over to you.

“Glad you made it!” Fred forced out between breaths.

“Yeah (y/n)! Lover-boy over here was nervous you wouldn’t show up-OUCH! Bloody Hell Fred!” You snickered as George rubbed the back of his neck once more.

“Wouldn’t have missed it for the world! When have I ever let you two down?” Fred simply grinned at you, setting a million Cornish pixies free in your empty stomach.

“Ready Georgie!?”

“As I’ll ever be!” Kicking off of the ground, the gingers were floating above your head once more. Excited for what they had in store, your eyes hopelessly darted back and forth before catching a glimpse of a sparkling fuse.

You sat for ten minutes and marveled at Fred and George’s most dazzling display yet. Sparks and bright purples, oranges, greens, and even reds sizzled overhead as the twins zoomed around the goal posts. Looking up, you realized you were in the center of the most beautiful, controlled chaos you’d ever witnessed.

“READY FOR THE GRAND FINALLE (Y/N)!?” Fred took this que from his brother, and quickly threw three fireworks up into the air and flew out of sight. Just as the suspended fuses paused, you threw your arm up to shield your eyes from the brightness. Once adjusted, you stared in awe as flashes of colored light illuminated your cheeks. The explosions started to slow down and the saturation of color faded. For a few moments you thought you were going insane as some of the glittering lights began to form letters, and then words, and… no! You couldn’t believe what the sparks were spelling out. Over the entire quidditch pitch read:

I Love You

Still in shock, you suddenly  jumped at the feeling of arms snaking their way around your waist, and a warm breath on the side of your face. Unable to contain it any longer, your lips cracked into an un-faltering smile.

“I love you.” Fred’s soft and gentle voice repeated into your ear sending shivers down your spine. He spun you around so you were face to face.

“How did you find out? Did George say something to yo-” Fred had cut you off mid-sentence, his ever so slightly chapped lips on yours. With his arms still around you, you melted and formed your lips to his. After a moment, you wrapped your arms around his neck and tangled your hands in his fiery hair as George howled at the sight. Fred pulled away slowly, leaving you on your tippy-toes, and with eyes still closed, you could almost hear him thinking hard of something romantic to say.

“I’ve always wanted to do that.” Fred sighed bearing his big goofy smile that you loved. You could only laugh as you looked into his deep hazel eyes and caught sight of the giddy schoolboy he used to be. Placing your forehead against his, all of his freckles blurred and you watched a faint smirk dance on his lips.

“So?” Fred whispered.

“So? Oh… I love you too.” Giggling once more, Fred kissed the tip of your nose and with eyes closed once more, you inhaled deeply. You couldn’t think of a better way to have ended your stressful week.

Being a small, sassy Slytherin and Dating Fred would include
  • Can you imagine it
  • Both of you being super sassy
  • To each other
  • To your friends
  • To teachers
  • Like everybody knew that you were sassy
  • But now with Fred it’s 10000 times worse
  • But it would be the best thing ever
  • Always laughing with each other
  • You’d always be smiling
  • And Fred was never so happy before
  • Cause he finally found his soulmate
  • And he’d hang in the Slytherin common room on hot days
  • And you’d hang out in the Gryffindor common room on cold days
  • Nobody would make a problem of it cause you were happy
  • And Fred was happy
  • But the Slytherins kept an eye on him
  • Cause nobody hurt a fellow Slytherin.
  • Fred would tower over you
  • So he’d pick you up all the time
  • Bridal style and all
  • Cute dances
  • He’d bend down to kiss you
  • And his shirts are dresses on you
  • Mrs. Weasley would make you your own Weasley jumper
  • And even that would be too big
  • Cause you really are that small
  • But Fred would think it’s adorable
  • cute kisses
  • You’d steal his jumper when you go to your parents’ home
  • And they’d know Fred
  • Cause everybody in the wizarding world knows the Weasley’s.
  • “as long as you are happy”
  • Fred visiting you
  • And you visiting him
  • And his family loving you
  • George joking all the time
  • “she looks like a leprechaun next to you” “George” “It’s true mum!”
  • And saying something back
  • “yeah, well   All the best things come in small packages. ”
  • George would still tease you
  • But he knew that he could get something back
  • Fred always kissing you after a good comeback.
Oh, fuck me.

26, 40, 43 with George

It had been 4 months after the battle of Hogwarts, 4 months after Fred’s death. The pain was still there, still as intense as the first day. But George tried to move on, he had too, so he opened Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes again, Ron helping him with the shop.

George walked in some Muggle coffee shop, the only place close to Diagon Alley that had decent coffee. The place was pretty crowded. There were double the amount of people there. George put his hands in his pockets as he slowly shuffled closer to the counter. “what can I get for you sir?”, a young woman asked, she smiled politely at George. “One coffee to go, black please”, George said. The woman nodded as she wrote it down on a cup. George paid the woman and waited for his coffee to be ready.

“what a line, huh”, A female voice said from behind George. He turned around, facing the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She had H/C hair that fell around her face perfectly and E/C eyes that pierced through his soul. She smiled at him and god, it was mesmerizing. “u-um yeah, never knew it so long”, George said, his hand rubbing the back of neck. “one coffee, black”, the barista said. “oh, that’s mine”, George said. He quickly grabbed the coffee and turned around. The woman he was talking to stood a lot closer then he thought, making him bump into her. George’s coffee fell out of hands, on the woman’s white shirt. “oh, fuck me”, The woman said, tried to whip eff the coffee. “My pleasure, oh god I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to say that I mean … I don’t know what I mean”, George said as he took some napkins, trying to get the coffee off her shirt. “I-I-I’m so sorry, I have an extra shirt in my shop, why don’t you come along and I’ll give it to you”, George tried to help. She gave him a questioning look but decided that a shirt that’s too big on her is better than a soaked shirt. She nodded.

George and the woman walked out of the coffee shop, both of them silent. “my name’s George, George Weasley”

“I’m Y/N, Y/N L/N and do you mean Weasley like Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes?”

“oh you know it?”

“yeah, my niece is crazy about the store”

“I didn’t know you were a witch”

“well I sort of thought you were a wizard, I saw your wand in your pocket”, Y/N chuckled. George’s cheeks turned red. “you were about to do something really stupid if I wasn’t a witch, you know that right?”, Y/N asked. “how?”, George asked. “well you were about to take a muggle to Diagon Alley!” “oh yeah, I forgot”

The whole time George didn’t look at Y/N. her shirt was completely soaked and see through, it stuck to her body, her perfect figure more defined.

George opened the door to the shop, letting Y/N go inside. “hey, what took you so lo- oh”, Ron said as he saw Y/N and George stand in front of him. “I’ll go grab you a shirt”, George said, cheeks still red. Ron followed his older brother to the back of the shop. “bloody hell, George, what did you do?” “I just spilled coffee all over her and I’m trying to act like I can’t see her bra through her once white shirt, Ron that’s what’s happening”, George whispered as he took a purple shirt from the back of the shop. “how did you do that?” “that doesn’t matter” it does matter George cause If you didn’t notice yet there’s a girl with a soaked shirt standing in our shop! So it does matter!”, Ron said. George walked back to Y/N, handing her the shirt. “here, you can change in the back if you’d like?”, George said as she accepted the shirt. “thanks”, She murmured. George turned to Ron, who was smirking at him. “what?”, He asked. “you like her”

“I just met her!”

“sure big man, whatever you say”

Y/N came back, the purple t-shirt too big on her small frame. Her coffee stained shirt in her hand. George thought she looked adorable, even Ron was staring at her in awe. “I got to go, I’ll bring you the shirt back tomorrow or so”, Y/N said. “no, it’s fine, don’t worry about it, you can keep it”, George said. He walked with Y/N towards the door. “maybe I’ll see you again?”, she asked, a glance of hope in her eyes. “yeah, I’d love that”.

Y/n walked out of the shop, into the busy crowd of people. George felt a smack against the back of his hand, he turned around seeing Ron. “what was that for?” “Ask her out you idiot!” “what?” “ask her out! Go!”, Ron pushed George on the street. George looked around, hoping to see the purple shirt and H/C hair. A few feet further from him she stood. She was looking at something in a store. George ran towards her. “hey, Y/N”, George said, waving his hand. “oh, hey, that was quick”, Y/N joked. George chuckled, “yeah I wanted to ask you something” “well, ask then!” “oh yeah, do you want to go out with me maybe someday?”

Y/N was quiet but then nodded her head. “I’d love to! How about tomorrow, 7P.M. meet me here? Don’t be late”, She winked and left. George stood there, his mouth slightly open. Did this just really happen?

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━━ Full name: Sir Frederick of Ylisse (formerly Frederick of House Wesston)
━━ Nicknames: Fred, Freddy, Fredericson, Freddy Bear, Alfred, Fredward, Commander Killjoy, Royal Nanny, tin soldier, steward, Yer Knightliness, Rick (HIS NAME’S NOT RICK)
━━ Age: 22 (Beginning of Awakening), 25 (Endgame)
━━ Gender: Male
━━ Sexuality: Demisexual, Demiromantic
━━ Ethnicity & Species: Ylissean human
━━ Birthplace: Wesston, Ylisse
━━ Birthdate: August 26


  • Starting fires… campfires, of course
  • Intentionally going overboard in his service to his lieges
  • Fighting (and – to a far lesser extent – killing) in battle


  • Wolves (and certain large dogs)
  • Failure (namely watching one of his lieges die)


  • Being an unrelenting badass
  • Being an unrelenting hardass


  • Arson (not guilty, no actual property damage on record)
  • Murder (not guilty; use justifiable homicide in the line of duty)
  • Assault and battery (not guilty; employment of barely legal disciplinary measures) 
  • Verbal harassment (not guilty; again, employment of barely legal disciplinary measures)
  • Threatened assault (not guilty; used as a last resort)
  • Cruel and unusual punishment (guilty; subjected colleague to intense physical labour after catching them stealing [Chrom’s] pastry)



  • An enemy soldier/assassin/etc.
  • Tharja after her fifth or sixth straight day of Frederick’s Fanatical Fitness Hour


  • Historical epics
  • How-to books


  • Tragic villains/anti-heroes with high body counts (a firm critic of the saying “the ends justify the means”)


  • Freakish level of physical fitness
  • Intense mental and psychological preparedness
  • Veteran warrior
  • Tea connoisseur
  •  Amateur knitter


  • Loyal
  • Gallant
  • Honourable
  • Essentially a perfect gentleman
  • Good looking
  • Impeccable work ethic


  • Overly doting
  • Has a kill count well into the hundreds
  • Can be a cold bastard from time to time
  • Untrusting
  • Paranoid
  • Boring or dry at times
  • Nearly nonexistent sense of humour
  • No-nonsense personality

How they change:

  • Very slowly over a long period of time
  • During the events of Awakening
    - Learns to open up a bit more
    - Learns to accept his emotions to a greater extent
    - Becomes slightly more trusting
    - Becomes more open to the importance of relaxation
    - Overcomes a number of apprehensions and inner conflicts

Why you love them:

  • Loyalty; I’ve been with this guy since 2013 and it has been an adventure
  • He’s one of Awakening’s most interesting characters (my opinion)
  • He and I still have a frightening amount in common

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Prompt: ‘You inconsiderate asshole!’ Pairing: Fred x Reader (Y/N) your name (Y/H) your house (Y/H/C) your hair color (Y/E/C) your eye color °° You threw open the door to the gryffindor common room, your (y/h) robes flapping behind you. Your stalked over to your boyfriend Fred, fists clenched at your sides. He was sitting with George and a few sixth years, showing off their latest invention. “Hey love, what’s the matter?” Fred asked, standing to greet you with a kiss on your cheek. “We need to talk. Now.” You practically growled, as his eyes widened comically. “Um, okay, we can go to my dorm,” Fred stated, taking your hand in his. He lead you into his room, closing the door softly behind him as you stood in the middle of the room. He took a seat on the bed, patting the spot beside him. You simply crossed your arms over your chest, glaring down at him. “What did I do now?” He sighed, running a hand through his vibrant hair. “What did you do now? Is this really how you want to start this?” You laughed humorlessly, your (y/c/e) darkening slightly. “Well, whenever you glare at me like that I know I’ve done something, but I’m stumped today!” He snapped, “I haven’t pranked anyone lower than a fourth year, I haven’t pranked anyone close to you in a bad way, the most harmful prank I’ve done on anyone in almost three weeks was the explosive purple dye pillow on Ron!” “You inconsiderate asshole! You don’t even remember,” you yelled, pushing your (y/h/c) hair behind your ear. “It was our one year anniversary yesterday.” “(Y/n) I -” he started, his tone softening as he reached out for you. “Don’t Fred, just don’t,” you growled, stepping back out of his grasp. “You were with Angelina, and don’t bother denying it, I was walking with George when I saw you two.” “We weren’t doing anything! She was asking if I could help her prank some guy that had been harassing her,” he explained, his words laced with irritation. “Oh right, so her hand just had to be placed on your chest,” you hissed. “She was flirting with you, she does it all the bloody time!” “So what if she was? I only want you (y/n), I only love you,” he confessed, slapping a hand over his mouth. Neither of you had said the L word yet. You stared at him, mouth agape as you let his words sink in. He stared back, impatiently waiting for your reaction. You shook your head slightly, watching as his face fell. “You bloody dork,” you whispered, stepping forward and cupping his cheek in your palm. “(Y/n) I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to forget, just with everything that’s been going on-” he rambled, placing his hand over yours. “I’m the inconsiderate asshole, not you,” you soothed, rubbing your thumb over his cheek bone. “I knew you were dealing with a lot, especially since Umbridge is constantly looking for reasons to punish you. I’m sorry love.” “No, you had every right to be upset,” he replied, leaning in slightly. “Let me make it up to you.” His lips brushed against yours slightly as you nodded your consent. He brought his other hand up to rest on your cheek, deepening the kiss. His other hand moves to your hip, pulling you back to the bed with him. “I love you too,” you finally whispered against his lips, feeling him smile against yours.

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Being a short Gryffindor chaser girl dating Luna would include:
  • Luna coming to every game
  • Supporting for you all the time
  • Even if it’s against her own house
  • She’d always be proud of you
  • You’ll try to teach her
  • But she doesn’t want to
  • Lots of cuddles in both common rooms
  • Cause you somehow can always figure out the riddles to get in the Ravenclaw common room
  • And when you walk in everybody would be surprised
  • “holy fuck did she figure out the riddle?”
  • Luna giving you random nicknames that don’t make sense
  • She’d braid your hair and put flowers in it
  • Luna would be the tallest one
  • And she’d think it’s cute that you have to stand on your tip toes to kiss her
  • Luna helping you study
  • And doing homework together
  • Looking for nargles together
  • Just to make her happy
  • Maybe even searching for her shoes and clothes
  • Standing up for her to bullies
  • Especially Draco and his gang
  • “Piss off Malfoy, before I turn you into a toad!”
  • Everybody would be scared if you
  • Cause you’re so tiny and then there would be this loud cursing voice
  • “wow was that Y/N, holy fuck, let’s leave before she does something crazy!”
  • Lots of kisses on the cheek
  • or on the lips
  • or nose
  • just kisses everywhere and anywhere
  • And random hugs
  • from behind
  • or one arm hugs
  • and really tight hugs
  • Sitting in front of the lake and talking about everything
  • silly dances
  • Luna would help you with all your problems
  • Writing about her in your letters to your parents
  • And them immediately loving Luna
  • Cause they can just feel how happy she makes you
Replacement// Young James x Reader imagine

#53 where Sirius stands you up for a date and James is egar to cheer you up so you two have fun together


You stood outside the Three Broomsticks waiting for Sirius. You two made plans to go on a date, you were reluctant at first but decided to go. He told you to meet him there for 5 o'clock. You waited outside for him thinking over how the date should go, You kept wakting but he never showed. Hes lronanly just running late you thought to yourself. You were sure it was kate so you checked your clock and it read 7 o'clock. He stood you up. You teared up a bit knowing he didn’t show so you decided to leave.

You heard a familiar voice behind house before you could leave. You turned around to see your best friend James. “James! What are you doing here?” You asked him. “I should be asking you the same, have you been..crying?” He asked sounding concerned. Your smile became a frown and you let out a deep sigh. “He stood me up, Sirius. He told me to meet him here and he never even showed. I’ve been waiting for two hours so I’m just going home" you wiped away a few tears that fell. James gave you a hug and rubbed your back. “Listen, I know I may not be Sirius, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun ” You were quite shocked but excitement filled your body. “Yeah sure! Where should we go?” He laughed a bit. “Leave that for me sweetheart” you blushed slightly but went with it. James grabbed your hand, leading you through the crowd of people.

You two went to almost every shop there was. By the time you two finished hanging out it was late at night and it was starting to get cold. “I didn’t anticipate being out this late so I didn’t bother bringing a sweater” you shivered. James looked at you with a small smile. He took off his sweater and put it on you. “James, you’ll get cold!” You tried giving it back to him but he refused. “I already have this on” He pointed to his long-sleeved shirt. “Thank you for this, I had a lot of fun tonight” you smiled to him. “As did I” you both laughed a bit. You walked closer to him and wrapped your hands around chest and pulled him in for a hug. His arms found their way to your waist as he pulled you closer. “I should get going” you sighed, not wanting this night to end. “We should do this again sometime” you nodded in agreement at his suggestion. James turned around to leave but you called his name. He turned around with his eyebrows raised slightly. “Here, take your sweater back.” You took it off and handed it to him. “Keep it, it looks better on you anyways” James winked at you “Thank you again james” you smiled before turning to leave. “So,ething first dates do go well huh y/n?” You heard James yell behind you. You blushed before turning around “I guess they do” you heard James laugh once more before you went home.


“I’m going to do my job and I believe that I was born not to die in a car wreck. I don’t believe I’m going to die slipping on a piece of ice. I don’t believe I was born to die because of a bad heart. I don’t believe I was born to die of lung cancer. I believe I’m going to be able to do what I came to do. I believe that I’m going to be able to die high off the people. I believe that I will be able to die as a revolutionary in the international revolutionary proletariat struggle. And I hope that each one of you will be able to live in it. I think that struggles are going to come. Why don’t you live for the people? Why don’t you live for the struggle? Why don’t you die for the struggle?~Fred Hampton