fred toye


Root x Martine: Hand-to-Hand Combat Showdown - Part Deux

- “Asylum” (POI, 4.21)

Worth mentioning is, Amy Acker doing her own fight stunts 100% this time (as opposed to 4.19 “Search and Destroy”) makes the scene so much more intense and real. Didn’t think she could pull it off this perfectly but again, Acker has proven me wrong! She truly has embodied the kickarse persona of Root with this genuinely badarse-ry set of fighting moves, besides being an already badarse dual-wielding shooter! :)

Very Root. So Amy Acker. In full character mode that only a brilliant actor can morph into, in mind, body and soul.

And shout out to Fred Toye (one of the few brilliant directors on TV), for trusting Acker to perform her own fight stunts and more importantly, trusting her to look menacingly convincing on-screen as someone who can kick some bloody arse!