fred the barber

This is john…he transfered to his current school and wanted to play football. Fred told him that the football coach requires his players to have and maintain flattop haircuts, Fred took him to his barbershop while on the way there fred told john that he would hsve to get a VERY SHORT SHAVED FLATTOP. At first john didn’t want to go super short, but at the barbershop he let fred instruct the barber…after the haircut, fred ran his hand over johns level, shaved deck and told john “coach will be happy with your flattop, on the way back i will fill you in on the many other requirements coach has to make sure we are all good well behaved youngmen!”

Ralph Johnson Bunche, diplomat and political scientist, was the first African American and person of color to receive a Nobel Peace Prize for mediation in Palestine in 1950. He was born August 7, 1903 in Detroit, Michigan to a barber, Fred Bunche, and a musician, Olive Agnes. Bunche was valedictorian in 1927 at UCLA and earned his doctorate in political science at Harvard. Bunche was an active supporter of the civil rights movement. He participated in the March on Washington, as pictured in 1963, and fought for racial equality.

He was particularly important to the creation of the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights as the United Nations document “Ralph Bunche, Visionary for Peace” says, “He championed the principle of equal rights for everyone, regardless of race and creed. He believed in the essential goodness of all people, and that no problem in human relations is insoluble.” 

In 1947, he was asked to help a UN special committee to negotiate a settlement between Jews and Palestinian Arabs. Bunche was able to negotiate armistices in 1949. He was honored by the NAACP, and received more than 30 honorary degrees along with a Nobel Peace Prize.