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Big Hero 6 Japanese Release Poster

I know that there’s a ton american release posters, but I gotta admit that some posters in Japan have some of the best visuals for American movies, and this is one of them! As Disney’s first animated superhero movie, it’s a great start to a possible franchise! Looking forward to the new series, with its very fluid animation style and new characters and villains! I liked this movie so much, I even made my own full length version as a mashup on YouTube, and can’t wait for the story to continue! I’m kind of wondering if Fred’s Dad will make more appearances in the show, so Stan Lee will become a part of the team as a guide?

Wow, man—- Turns out I’ve worked on a lot of shows….

New BH6 Characters - Theories

When the series’ cast was announced, we learned the series will contain new characters. 

Here are the characters we know a minimum of info about: 

  • PROFESSOR GRANVILLE: Callaghan’s replacement at SFIT, and a severe teacher who’ll probably give Hiro a hard time. This lady who’s giving Hiro a “where do you think you’re going like this, young man?” glare in the series’ intro:
  • OBAKE: A villain with possible shapeshifting abilities (since “obake” means “apparition”, “monster” in Japanese, and an obake is a type of yokai). According to me it’s this guy from the series’ intro but I could be wrong: 
  • FRED’S MOTHER: Don’t really need an explanation of her role, am I right. We at least know what she’ll look like, as we saw Fred’s family picture in the movie! :) 
  • BARON VON STEAMER: While we don’t know how he looks like yet, we know he’s a villain by how he tries to kill Hiro and Baymax in the sneak peek) Here is his calling card logo:
  • KARMI: A classmate of Hiro. She has good chances to be the canon Disney version of Marys Iosama from the original BH6 comics, who was a 15 year old girl who had a close friendship with Hiro (Takachiho). Given the fact that her voice actress is 16 (15 when started recording), it confirms that she might be around Hiro’s age like Marys was JUST GIVE HIM A FRIEND HIS OWN AGE PLEASE!!! She also could be this villainess, who seems to be a teenager:

And here are the characters we know absolutely nothing about: Globby, Bluff Dunder, Richardson Mole and Mel.  So here are my thoughts about them:

  • GLOBBY: At first, I guessed he was maybe a student nicknamed by Fred, or even a robot, or something towards the plucky comic relief type (since Andy Ritcher, his voice actor, is known to make more comedic roles) but I saw @bigherosixfeels state that it could be this villain!

And it looks more plausible, the name fits him, don’t you think? It would also be cool to see Andy Ritcher do a more serious role as a threatning villain. OR even better: a villain who’s so bad at being bad, it’s funny and he’s almost harmless by how ridiculous he is.

  • BLUFF DUNDER: I feel like he’ll be a student. Between you and me, that name looks show-off as hell. You know who I think he’s gonna be? The class-clown-craving-for-attention type of guy at SFIT with a bad attitude. He’s so rude with everyone and probably gave at least one teacher a burn-out, but for some reason, still attends SFIT because he’s smart, and gosh, he wants everyone to know! Well, he’ll probably be Hiro’s main rival at SFIT who insults and bullies him because he’s jealous of him being a genius (I READ SOMEWHERE THAT HIRO MIGHT BE BULLIED AGAIN, NO PROTECT HIM). I don’t know, it’s an impression I have. If I’m right, I hope he’s prepared for an ass-wooping by the gang, because you don’t mess with Hiro Hamada and get away with it, pal!
  • RICHARDSON MOLE: His name also sounds a bit snobbish. He’s for sure a teenager, because Richardson’s VO Sean Giambrione is 17 and has a really young voice. I totally picture him coming from a rich family and contrary to Fred who’s a sweeheart, he’s one spoiled brat with a haughty aura surrounding him. Either a teen genius as well or a regular at the café, who knows. But I’m sure he’ll end up being not as bad as he seems and one of Hiro’s close friends (yes, if you haven’t got it yet, I just want Hiro to have a friend his own age, he deserves it).
  • MEL: I have a feeling he’ll be Karmi’s father? Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle said they inspired some of the characters from the original BH6 comics, so if Karmi is based off Marys Iosama, the latter was raised only by her father; it’s legit if Karmi is raised by a single father as well. Marys’ father was nameless in the comics, only going by Dr. Iosama, so if Mel is indeed Karmi’s dad, him having a proper backstory and a more important role than existing solely to be kidnapped for the plot would be cool. If I’m wrong, there’s a ton of other possibilities: teacher, regular at the café, friend of Aunt Cass, employee of Krei, etc.

Finding Tadashi: Part 2

Lovely cover art for my Of Robots and Gummy Bears Series by Kita. This takes place in between part 2 (The Boy Who Flatters) and part 3 (The Boy Who Tells a Lie). 

Kita does not have a tumblr account, but I have been given permission to post/use her works.

Please do not repost! These works belong to Kita.

Part 1

Okay microbots being used for building and construction is awesome but imagine Hiro meeting a girl in a wheelchair, and all of a sudden a whole new use for these little guys comes into play.

You control these things with your brain like you do your limbs and now there’s hope for any amputee or paraplegic to be able to walk or run or even stand or have both arms again and just like that both Hamada brothers become names not only in the robotics world, but the medical world too, and Hiro completes Tadashi’s dream- to help a lot of people. 

Lol forget my Hogwarts acceptance letter. I just want for my San Fransokyo Institute of Technology acceptance letter now.

big hero 6 AU based on yuumei’s webcomic “knite”, in which you can’t see the stars in the sky of san fransokyo because of the pollution. the pollution also causes thousands of people to develop lung cancer — including hiro, who has always wanted to see the stars. tadashi teams up with a wasabi, honey, gogo, fred, and the robot he made for hiro, to create their own stars using kites. they soon gather enough volunteers and make enough kites to fill the the sky of san fransokyo with “stars”, making millions of people happy.