fred outfits


“Ready, Fred?” George cheered.

“Ready, George.” Fred smiled, turning to you, “Ready to see a prank store almost as good as ours (Y/n)?”

“Why not?” You shrugged.

Fred winked at George as he picked you up and started carrying you towards the small town.

George laughed, “Next stop, Zonko’s!”


You laughed along with Ron and Harry as the firework-leprechaun danced gleefully in the sky. Just when you started to feel the beat, a team of red clad men tore through the leprechaun, causing it to explode.

“It’s the Bulgarians!” Fred and George cheered.

You clapped, cheered and clutched the railing as you smiled and prepared to watch the match of a lifetime.

You guys know the drill! You’ve been awesome so far! Let’s come up with an outfit for Fred! What do you guys think? Help me come up with a look! Mix and match if you want, I need your help! lol
Give me your ideas! Have an idea for an outfit other than these?