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A/N: Guys remember about a week ago I posted asking for help because I had to debate about whether Harry was a hero because he was in the right place at the right time? Well, I won the debate! Thanks for your help everyone!!

“Everyone, this is y/n!” Fred and George swung open the door to the Burrow and “presented” me to their family. 

“Oh hello y/n, welcome to our home!” Mrs. Weasley gave me a warm hug. 

“Thank you Mrs. Weasley!” I hugged Mr. Weasley and waved to Harry, Ron, and Hermione, as well as Fred and George’s older brothers, Percy, Charlie, and Bill. 

My eyes met Charlie’s and he quickly looked away. If I saw correctly, his face turned red and he started blinking very fast. Fred and George saw this too and despite me trying to stop them, they glanced at each other and strode towards Charlie. 

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Dating Dilemma (Fred Weasley)

A/N: Thought I would post some Fred Fluff because let’s face it, his just adorable!

Pairings: Fred Weasley x Reader

Word count approx: 1151 words

Warnings: FLUFF, shouting?

Summary: all you want is for Fred to ask you to the Yule ball but when he doesn’t, things take an interesting turn.


The Yule ball was only two weeks away and I couldn’t have been more excited. I had everything already planned out, the dress, shoes and Angelina had even promised to fix my hair for me. The only problem however? They boy I really wanted to go with hadn’t asked me yet…
Fred Weasley.

We had been seeing each other secretly for about three weeks - I still wasn’t sure why it was secret - and don’t get me wrong it was amazing; I had a crush on Fred for years before hand but we hadn’t quite crossed that line of “officially” dating. There was nothing else I wanted except hearing the word girlfriend out of his perfectly plump lips. Sigh.

Currently we were walking down to breakfast, standing close together but not touching; oh god I just wanted to reach out and grab his hand but of course George was also walking with us.
“Hmm?” He answered
“Can..can I talk to you for a minute?” I was nervously pulling on the sleeve of my robes. He looked over with a confused expression before nodding his head; leading me away from the hall and into the court yard.
“What’s up y/n?”
We sat down on the stone benches, my heart thumping widely against my rib cage.
“Well…I just want to know where we stand…”
“Stand?” He raised his eyebrows, a small smile tugging on his lips.
“Yes Fred…do…do you want to be with me?”
“Not this again!” He groaned, “why do you have to label it to be happy? Can’t you just appreciate spending time with me?”
“No!” I huffed, “there’s no commitment Fred! What’s to stop you waking up one morning and having secret little meetings with someone else? If you want to be with me you have to be all the way in”
“Do you honestly think I’m that kind of person y/n?” He hissed, his smile now replaced with an irritated frown.
“I don’t know what to think…you seem perfectly content running around behind everyone’s backs and snogging me…but you won’t even call me your girlfriend!”
“I don’t need a label to be happy” he stated.
I felt slightly deflated after he finished speaking, I couldn’t meet Fred’s eyes but I knew they would be glaring at me venomously, his eyes a darker shade of brown.
Without another word he stood up and walked away; I sat on the stone bench alone with a heavy feeling in my chest.


I hadn’t managed to see Fred all day; he didn’t come down at lunch time and missed the one class we had together. I was getting more and more frustrated as the day went on.
Walking into the hall for dinner I noticed once again the absence of both Fred and George; fine if he wanted to ignore me that badly then two could play that game!
“Are you alright?” Angelina asked cautiously as I slumped into my seat. “I’m guessing you spoke to Fred?”
Angelina was the only person I had told about us, when I was more excited about dating him. She looked at me sadly while rubbing my shoulder blades.
“Why won’t he just say it? That’s all I want Ange”
“His a boy y/n and probably far to used to that bachelor reputation he had”
“Yeah well he can’t have it both ways” I sighed. Before Ange could reply there was a tap on my shoulder; I turned around to see a flushed faced Hufflepuff, his floppy brown hair partially covering his face. I think his name was Josh?
“Uh hi” I muttered
“Hey y/n just wanted to know if you were going to the ball with anyone?”
“No” I huffed dejected, looking back down at my hands
“Oh! Well wanna go…with me?” He asked timidly.
I looked up at his hopeful expression; blue eyes wide and sparkling. He was cute there was no denying it and if Fred wasn’t going to ask me then there was no point in waiting around for him.
“I would love to”
I felt Angelina kick me under the table as Josh walked away; looking around I saw Fred standing there, anger clearly written across his features. I gulped.
“Y/n…maybe that wasn’t the best decision” Ange whispered, her eyes were just as wide as mine.
“Well it’s his problem” I whispered back urgently.
Fred clenched his fists by his side, storming towards where I was sitting.
He lifted me off the seat with ease, keeping a vice grip on my wrist as he lead us back out of the hall; the whole of Gryffindor table staring at us.

We made it about three corridors away when he finally rounded on me, his face about as red as his hair.
“What the bloody hell was that!?” He shouted, I took a step back.
“You wouldn’t ask me!”
“Well I thought it would have been obvious that we were going together!”
“You can’t just assume everything Fred! I wanted you to ask!”
“Bloody hell…is this you getting back at me for not committing?”
I pursed my lips and looked away, okay maybe that was the exact reason I had said yes. Fred seemed to gage my reaction as a yes; he ran his hands over his face and groaned loudly.
“Fine you want commitment? I’ll show you commitment!”
He stalked off back towards the great hall, his shoulders tense. Gulping nervously I followed him, not exactly sure what he was about to do but scared none the less.

Some of the students turned to look at us as we walked through the doors but Fred paid it no attention. He lifted himself to stand on the end of the Gryffindor bench, grabbing the attention of almost everyone.
I tried to pull him away by his hand, but he wouldn’t budge. My face turned Crimson as he began to speak.
He pointed his finger threateningly towards Josh, whose mouth was gaping open at the confession. I buried my face into my hands as everyone stared at us; but I couldn’t help the small smile that I had from his deceleration.
Fred hoped off of the bench and pulled me flush against his body, kissing me harshly, hands tangled into my hair.
The Gryffindor table behind us clapped loudly, some cheering. I smiled into the kiss.
“Those were certainly strong words Fred Weasley are you sure you can keep them?” I teased as we broke away. He smirked down at me with a cocked eyebrow
“Definitely…no one else is ever having you”
I placed my hands on either side of his face, pulling his lips towards me once again. I couldn’t have been happier.

Kiss of Rage - Fred Weasley Imagine (Part 1)

HERE IT IS, MY VERY FIRST IMAGINE! Hope you all like it, please send in requests and feedback and yadda-yadda-yadda! xxx 

(I made that .gif and it happens to be the inspiration of this Imagine!

UPDATE: I wrote a Part two here!

Y/N, Fred and George have all been best friends since their third year of Hogwarts. The three of them all being in Gryffindor means that they practically spend every waking moment with each other, consisting of walking to classes together, playing jokes with each other and sitting together whenever possible. But, now that Dolores Umbridge has taken on the role of Head Master, that was all about to change.

Professor Umbridge has a need for everything to be her way or the highway, as Y/N and the twins are soon to discover. “I can’t believe all the rules that Umbitch is giving us!” Y/N complains to her two redheaded friends in the Gryffindor common room. “She won’t even let us use magic in our Defense Against The Dark Arts Class!” “Someone needs to teach her a lesson” George says while throwing a mischievous look to his brother “No, no, no.” Y/N says with a stern look. “No. You won’t be pulling anything on her, even if she does extremely deserve it”. “Sadly she’s got a point” Fred agrees, “Her punishments are sure to be far worse than any of the other teachers’”.


A week with Umbridge has come and gone, and things have only gone soaring down hill. Flying on brooms has been forbidden, so that means no Quidditch. But that’s not all that’s been forbidden. Music during school hours and boys having their hands in their pockets have all been banned, she’s even forbidden all Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes products, much to the twins’ and everyone else’s dismay.

When Y/N didn’t think things could get any worse, as she was telling Fred while walking to Potions, a bright spark of light flashed between the two and they flew to opposite sides of the corridor. Looking up from the floor, Y/N sees Umbridge walk in between them, saying in her usual smug voice, “Boys and girls are not permitted to be within eight inches of each other”. Helping Y/N up to her feet, Fred resumes next to Y/N even closer in protest, resulting in a deeper shade of pink settling on both of their cheeks, going unnoticed by the other. You see, Y/N and Fred have quite a fancy to one another, but the other person doesn’t know. Fred is head over heels for Y/N, and she is just as mad about him.

For the rest of that afternoon the two continued to be zapped away from each other along with George if he were on the other side of Y/N. The moment they stepped out of a class together they would be flung across the room by a spark of light, followed by the same commandments of being eight inches away from each other, growing on their nerves more and more with every zap.


That night, Harry came running back into the Gryffindor Common room clutching his hand. “Look what she’s done to me!” On Harry’s hand read the words ‘I must not tell lies’ etched into his skin with spots of blood. “This situation is really getting out of hand” said George, trying to stifle his laughter at his attempt at a witty pun. “George, shut up you prat” Y/N said while fighting a smile. Turning to Harry she said “We need to teach her a lesson”. With a confused look on his face, George was off. “What about all of that ‘no no no’ crap you were giving me before? And you Fred, saying that her punishments would be worse than anyone else’s, which is quite clearly true” he remarked. “I don’t care” Fred started, “She’s going out of her way to make us all miserable, and she is not getting away with it” at this moment Fred stood up, his eyes filled with determination. George jumped up at this too. “Great,” he started, “our first rule we break in protest can be that stupid Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes rule, by putting fireworks in her hat, or–“ “No, no, no.” Y/N began, but she needn’t finish, because George had immediately folded his arms with a pout at her first ‘no’. “No. We’re not going to stoop down to her pathetic levels of punishment. We need to do something that will show her that we can’t be bossed around, that we won’t be treated like dirt, and George put that bloody box of fireworks down or so help me” Y/N barked, resulting in further pouting and grumbling from George, and a cute little laugh coming from Fred, who was stood next to Y/N throwing an arm around her shoulder while continuing to chuckle.


The following morning they had Charms first. The three of them walked together, with Fred on Y/N’s left and George on her right. And, to none of their surprises, a great flash of light sparked between the three, propelling them to opposite ends of the corridor. “Boys and girls are not permitted to be within eight inches of each other!” Professor Umbridge chirped as she walked off with that evil smile plastered to her face. After rolling their eyes at the inconvenience of being blasted across the room, they got back to their feet, resuming their original formation and continuing their conversation on who would win between a Hippogriff and Professor Snape. Their debate lasted only a few extra seconds before another great shot of light erupted between the three, once again sending them and their books flying in opposite directions of each other. “Boys and girls are NOT permitted to be within eight inches of each other!” replied that dreaded voice, in a much harsher tone than usual. As Y/N had gotten to her feet, Fred jumped up in a fit of rage, slammed his books onto the floor and yelled, “THAT’S IT!” and before Y/N knew it she was pushed up against one of the columns of the corridor and had Fred’s lips firmly attached to her own. Her eyes widened at the random outburst of affection, but having such a huge thing for the red headed boy kissing her, she kissed right back, despite the mass of students crowded around now, including George whistling and cheering, and Professor Umbridge looking pinker in the face than her dress. She lifted her want and sent a bright spark at the couple, without a thing happening. The flash of light failed to zap the two away; they were intertwined with one another and her zaps of light couldn’t do a thing about it. Umbridge tried again and again with more force each time, but nothing would happen. Y/N and Fred remained held together, their lips locked.

Umbridge now physically tore the two lovebirds away from each other with her own bare hands. As both Y/N and Fred had run out of breath by this stage, they didn’t put up too much of a fight. “YOU TWO WILL MARCH YOURSELVES DOWN TO MY OFFICE IMMEDIATELY!” the tiny woman screeched, as Y/N and Fred stood next to each other with a cheeky grin on both of their faces, their cheeks still blushing from their heated PDA. As Professor Umbridge stormed up the stairs with Y/N and Fred closely behind, the mass of students that had gathered around began to cheer, including George shouting “you should’ve grabbed her arse!” above the other voices. After Umbridge turned and shot George a harsh glare, she continued charging towards her office, where Fred took this opportunity to take hold of Y/N’s hand. Even though they knew they were in for it big time, the smiles never left their faces, knowing that this would be the start of something wonderful.



Best Friends- Fred Weasley

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Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader (Platonic)

Characters: Fred Weasley, George Weasley

Warnings: N/A

Request: Wattpad Request- “I want my best friend back.”

Word Count: 477

Author: Charlotte

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Requested by anon

A/N: Warning: Freds death (hasn’t it affected us all?), mentions of death, involving (Y/N)

You didn’t think twice as you stepped in front of him, shielding his body from the green light. “(Y/N)!” Your name rang in your ears as you fell to the ground, numb. Everyone rushed to your side, people from all houses and families, all gathered around your unconscious body pleading for your life. “Please (Y/N) Fred whispered in your ear, his voice chocked with sobs. “Please, don’t die because of me.” The sound of sobs and grief around you brought you back into reality. Slowly but surely your eyes began to open as you reached out for Fred’s hand. “Hey Freddie,” you smiled weakly, wincing in pain at your injuries. “I saved you.” 


Oliver Wood + Draco Malfoy + Ron Weasley + Harry Potter + Fred Weasley + George Weasley - Harry Potter (Imagine 392)

“Well done,” Draco smiled as you jumped off your broom, you had just won a game of Quidditch for your team.

“Thanks,” you said ruffling his hair. A group of first years walked up to you.

“Wow, you are amazing!” a ginger boy yelled. 

“Ignore him, he barely ever sees someone play good Quidditch,” the boy with glasses joked, causing you to laugh. The Gryffindor team, who had been beat, walked across the field.  

“I have to go, but thank you for the support.” You smiled walking over to Oliver.

“Have you seen the y/h seeker?” Ron asked Fred and George.

“Y/n, they’re great.” Fred answered.

“Oliver is a lucky guy.“ George added in.

“What do you mean?” Ron, Harry asked. As Draco was passing he heard your name. Suddenly, he was interested in what they had to say.

“Oliver and y/n are dating.” Fred and George said.

“What!?” Draco, Harry and Ron yelled in unison. Making a few heads turn.

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Drunk Confession

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Request:  If you’re doing the drabbles you reblogged could i please get a 19 and 34 with george weasley? Thank you 😊

Wait a minute. Are you drunk?!

Do you know how hard I’m trying not to kiss you right now? 

A/N: I havent posted in soo long! I”m soo sorry, writers block is a bitch. I hope you enjoy this imagine tho!

To say that you were drunk would’ve been a lie. You were full on wasted. Well, what did you expect? It was the last day of exams and you wanted to let loose, what better to do that than to drink yourself silly. It started off with a few spiked butterbeers, then it turned into you downing several shots of firewhiskies at a time. When you were done drinking your 5th one you couldn’t even remember your name. You were about to start drinking your 6th one when you felt a tap on your shoulder. You turned around to be met with the flaming red hair and vibrant green you had grown so familiar wth over the years.

“George!” you screamed excitedly, pulling him into a hug before he could answer. Due to the particularly large height difference your head was against his chest, listening to his heartbeat (that seemed to jump as soon as you came in contact with him, how bizarre), while your arms were slung loosely around his broad shoulders. Your nimble fingers were toying with the small strands of hair at the back of his neck as you breathed in his scent. You pulled back from the hug, wanting to admire his beauty when you were caught off guard by something quite… startling.

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Yule Ball

The Yule ball was only a few weeks away, yet nobody had asked Y/N yet. Not that she thought people would, expect Fred maybe. After all he was still her boyfriend. But not even Fred had asked her which made he feel worse than expected.

Dark clouds covered the sky, some snow falling down the sky, a cold December wind hit Y/N’s face as she walked outside to her class ‘care of mythical creatures’. Her books were pressed closely to her stomach. Maybe she hoped that they would somehow make her feel warmer. George lazily walked to Y/N’s side “hey”, George sighed slightly, his breath turning to little clouds in front of him. “ow, hey”, Y/N smiled. Y/N looked around, hoping to see Fred but she didn’t. “you seem a bit down lately”, George said as he eyed Y/N. “where’s Fred?”, Y/N ignored George’s comment. George stopped in his tracks. “oh, um, I wouldn’t know”, He lied. He rubbed the back of his neck as he avoided eye contact, staring at his shoes who suddenly looked a lot more interesting. “George”, Y/N said, crossing her arms over her chest. “hey, uh”, George said, still staring at his shoes. “spit it out!”, Y/N said. “hemightbewithAngelina”, George said too fast. “what?”, Y/N asked again. “he is with Angelina”, George sighed. Y/N clenched her fists.

Ever since Fred and Y/N have been dating, Angelina made it her goal to break the two up in the hope Fred would somehow fall in love with her. So when YN wasn’t around she would flirt with Fred, making little stupid jokes and twirl her hair around her finger while telling him how ‘funny and amazing’ Fred was. Merlin she would even do it when Y/N was around.

“let’s go”, George said, wrapping his arm over Y/N’s shoulder as they walked to Hagrid’s hut. When they stood at wooden hut Y/N saw Fred, Angelina and some other students. “don’t do anything stupid”, George said when he saw Y/N’s face. “would I ever?” Y/N said, the same mad look on her face. “that’s why I’m saying it”, George sighed as Y/N walked towards Fred.

“oh, Jane, have you heard it?”, Angelina said, louder than normal to make sure Y/N heard it. “no, what?”, Jane asked. Y/N started walking towards Fred. “Fred has asked me to the ball!”, Angelina said. Y/N stopped in her tracks. “he did what?!”, Lee Jordan screamed as he saw Y/N’s face. Y/N looked ill, all the colour had left her face by hearing 7 words. Lee has always been a close friend to Y/N, even before Lee became friends with the twins. “come, let’s skip class”, George said, pulling Y/N away. “yeah, I’ll tell Hagrid you’re not feeling well”, Lee said as he pushed Y/N away. “it’s not that hard to get sick in this weather anyway”, George said, taking Y/N”s hand, pulling her away from the group of students. Fred looked at Y/N, yet she couldn’t see the emotion in his eyes. What was he thinking? Y/N was his girlfriend, don’t you go to a ball with your girlfriend as date? “he’s so stupid”, George said as he to the common room. “he asked her”, Y/N said, tears in her eyes. “he’s so getting it when I see him. He might be my bother but I’d still kick his arse to hurt one of my best friends!”, George said. Only a couple of students were in the common room. The fire was burning slightly, giving some heat to the cold room. “George, I’ll be fine”, Y/N said as George sat down next to her, close to the burning fire. He gave her a questioning look but she nod. “Okay, well I’ll go to class, kick Fred’s arse and come back then okay? I’ll be back soon”, George smiled, leaving the common room again.

More students were coming in the common room once  the classes were over. Y/N heard Fred, Lee and George talk. Lee and George were clearly mad. Y/N looked back at her book, trying to block out the sound of Angelina’s voice that rang through the common room. She told everybody that she was going to the ball with Fred. When she told Harry, Ron and Hermione they all gave Y/N a confused look.

“I don’t know what he was thinking Hermione”, Liesa said to her friend. “oh, Neville have you heard it, I’m going to the ball with Fred!”, Angelina said, smirking at Y/N. “ignore her”, Hermione glared at Angelina as soon as she heard her talk to Neville. She saw Y/N’s annoyed face. “easy enough for you to say. do you have a date?”, Y/N asked. Hermione blushed slightly but then nod. “who?”, Y/N smiled. “Kruml”, Hermione said, looking back at the own book.

“thought you hated him”

“I don’t”

“I see”

Y/N laughed slightly, shook her head and went on with reading. “Y/N?”, a voice said. Y/N looked up, seeing McLaggen. “yes?”, Y/N asked politely, even though she hated the boy. “You know, since I’m pretty popular and good looking, I was thinking ‘I need a good looking date to the Yule Ball’, so you’re the first person I thought of, so what do you say?”, McLaggen smirked. Hermione pushed Y/N’s side slightly, shaking her head while she kept reading. “sure! I’d love to go to the ball with you!”, Y/N said loudly. Lee and George’s voices died down and Hermione sighed loudly. “good, I’ll see you then”, McLaggen smirked and walked away. “why did you do that?”, Hermione sighed.

“Yeah, why did you?”, An angry voice from behind them asked. Fred stood behind her, his face was red, a vein throbbing on his forehead. Fred wasn’t just mad, he was furious. “why would you care?”, Y/N said calmly. “Why would I care?! I’m your bloody girlfriend!”, Fred said, his voice raising with every word he said. “Oh yeah, didn’t think of that when you asked Angelina, did you?!”, Y/N said not so calm anymore, slowly getting more mad then she thought she could ever be. “Is this what is about?!”, Fred said. “YOU KNOW BLOODY WELL WHAT THIS IS ABOUT FREDERICK WEASLEY!”, Y/N now screamed. All the anger she felt that day was coming out. “OH YEAH? TELL ME Y/N WHAT IS THIS ABOUT?”, Fred yelled back. The common room sounded surprisingly silent. “YOU GO TO THE BALL WITH HER! HER FRED! ALL SHE EVER TRIED TO DO IS BREAK US UP AND NOW YOU ASK HER TO THE BALL INSTEAD OF YOUR OWN BLOODY GIRLFRIEND!”, Y/N screamed. Fred sighed, putting his hands in his flaming red hair. “YOU’RE UNBELIEVABLE!”, Fred screamed. “OH YEAH?”, Y/N asked, “WHY? TELL ME!”.







Y/N looked at Fred who was now panting heavily. His chest went up and down at a rapid speed. “why did you ask her then?”, Y/N asked, her voice raspy from screaming. “because Alicia told me you went with somebody else, I thought if I asked Angelina you would go with me”, Fred said. His cheeks were still red as he took Y/N’s hand. “I thought if I agreed to McLaggen you would go with me”, Y/N admitted. Fred chuckled. “you were right”, He said simply. Y/N smiled slightly. “I’m sorry”, Fred said as he pulled Y/N in a hug. “I should’ve asked”, Fred said with a sigh as he buried his face in Y/N’s (H/C) hair. Y/N chuckled. “yeah, you should have”, She laughed. “so you forgive me?” “only of you go to the ball with me”, Y/N smiled. “deal!”, Fred agreed. “Hey!” “SHUT UP, MCLAGGEN!”

Double The Pleasure

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Characters: Y/n (MALE!READER), Fred, George

Pairing: Fred x Y/n x George

Warnings: Smut, blowjob, anal, fingering, threesome, unprotected sex!!!

Word Count: 997

Summary: When Y/n tells the twins he likes them both, he doesn’t get the reaction he was expecting, but instead something that he’s been craving.

A/N: Ok, requested fic by anon- Hello wanted to say big fan! :) also can you do a Fred Weasley/male reader/George Weasley……where the the twins try to get y/n to chose who he likes more and he chose both, with smutty goodness at the end. If you don’t do smut anymore then that’s ok just fluff, but I always love your smut fics..There u go!! Hope u like it!!

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“Oh come on, y/n! Just tell us!”

“Yea, tell us!”

You rolled your eyes, halting to a stop and sighing.

“Neither of you. Ok!”

You tried to storm away but Fred and George simply ran up to you, grabbing you by your shoulders and stopping you.

“Oh, come on! Just pick. Me or Fred. Who’d you like better?”

You grumbled, knowing they weren’t going to let it go.

“Fine. I like you both. You’re both hot. I like you both. I can’t choose!” you rambled, just wanting to leave and get back to the common room.

The twins stared at you for a second, making you feel anxious, before they looked to each other.

There seemed to be a silent conversation, before they both burst out laughing.

You scowled at them, grumbling.

“What’s so funny? You asked. I answered!”

“We…we didn’t mean who you liked in that way! We meant as friends!”

You began blushing, face red and ears heated.

Dammit! Did you really just admit that you wanted the both of them? Fuck!

You didn’t want to hear the teasing or either of them laughing at you, so you simply stalked off.

“Come on, y/n! Wait up!”

“Yea! If you like us so much, why’re you running away?!”

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Petrified: A Fred Weasley Imagine

Requested by Anonymous
“could you please write a FredxReader where you’ve got a crush on him but you’ve been too shy to talk to him (even though you’re kind of like Ginny’s older sister) and you get petrified, and McGonagall tells him and George right before their Quidditch match? Then Fred runs straight to the Hospital wing and has a bit of a breakdown? Then they are reunited at the end of the year and fluff?”

I’m sorry this took so long to put up! I’m a bit sick! :( I hope you like it though!

“Y/N,” Ginny shook a sleeping girl slightly, the latter groaning just a tad bit. “Y/N,” the girl said, this time successful in waking her up. 


“I can’t sleep, I’m scared,” Ginny whispered honestly, with Y/N understanding her completely. The older of the two scooted, giving room for Ginny to slip into her bed. She hugged the girl she considered her big sister and drifted off to fitful sleep. 

“Ginny isn’t in her bed,” Percy Weasley says, shaking his brothers Fred and George awake. 

“What do you want, Perce?” 

“We’re trying to sleep.” 

“Ginny isn’t in her dorm room. I don’t know where she is. The Fat Lady said she hasn’t seen her.” Just like that, the twins bolted from their beds and headed straight for her dorm room, careful not to wake anyone. 

“Be quiet, you’re going to wake her,” came a hiss from the far corner of the room, where Ginny’s bed happened to be. A girl, probably a few inches smaller than Fred or George, seemed to be tucking Ginny in. 

“Y/N?” Fred called her name and George smirked as she blushed a beet red. She and George were good friends, honestly, though she and Fred never seemed to hold up a conversation without it getting too awkward. George just laughed at how much it bothered Fred that she didn’t seem to like him. 

“Tell me what happened,” demanded Percy, and Y/N was thankful. Fred was not. George was amused. 

“If you must know,” she said politely, “Ginny had a nightmare and came to me. She slept on my bed because it helps her. I just carried her here and tucked her in.” 

“Oh,” said Percy, smiling at her gratefully. “Well, if that’s the case, I’ll be off.” 

“I, as well,” she smiled back at him and the twins, blushing slightly as she did so.

“Good morning to you all,” she said as she headed straight for her dorm, as did Fred and George. 

“She hates me,” Fred ranted, “she bloody hates me and I don’t understand why.” 

George sighed. Honestly, his brother is as oblivious as a post. “She doesn’t hate you.”

“I really, really like her, and she hates me,” Fred continued. “Am I too obvious?” 



“Maybe she likes someone else, and she just wants to lessen the pain for me. Merlin, she’s so nice,” Fred said, “but it’s not helping! The nicer she is, the more I like her!” 

“Y/N!” George shouted, spotting a familiar H/C. She looked towards him, smiled and waved. He gestured for her to come over. After a few goodbyes to her friends, she went near the boys. 

“Hey, George,” she smiled, “you called?” 

“Yup. I need you to teach me how to dance.” George said as he pulled her close to him. Fred was fuming. 

“Oh, um, okay,” she said as she began directing him on what to do. He didn’t listen, actually, since there was no reason to. 

After a few enjoyable minutes of dancing with George, he stopped, “Teach Fred now.” 

“F-Fred?” She stammered, embarrassing herself. “U-um, okay.” George pulled a reluctant Fred toward Y/N, and basically forced them into the dancing position. It was tense, and anyone could tell that it took all they had not to run towards the opposite direction. 

Fred was flustered. He’s never been this close to her before. She had nice-smelling perfume. Her mouth was inches from his, he could just move them forward, and - 

“Fred, you have to move,” she said quietly, directing his feet. Before he could do so, the bell rings, signalling that their classes are about to begin. 

“I have to go, I’m sorry,” she says as she fixes herself up. 

Fred, dumbfounded on what to do, suddenly says, “I like how your hair frames your face.” 

Y/N blushes a beet red and stammers a thanks before hurrying off. 

“I like the way your hair frames your face!” George laughs whilst walking towards the Great Hall for dinner. 

“She’s going to think that I’m some creep!” 

“You are!” 

“Not helping!” 

“Oh my Merlin, Freddie,” George says, wiping a fake tear from his eyes, “how beautiful.” 

“Alright!” Fred shouts, barging in the Great Hall, hitting someone. “Sorry,” he mutters. 

“F-Fred?” Y/N says, rubbing her forehead. 

“Y/N!” Fred says, louder than necessary. “Sorry, I didn’t see you, let me, uh-” 

“It’s okay,” Y/N says, picking up her books from the floor. “I’m, uh, I’m going to go to the common room. Good night.” 

Before Fred could say anything, she leaves. 

“She hates me even more now,” Fred tells George, who has trouble hiding his laughter. 

“Come on,” George smiles, patting him on the back, “let’s eat.” 

“I’m worried,” Y/N tells Ginny, “I hope I’m not next.” 

Ginny looks nervous and scared. It’s probably because of the attacks in the school, she decides. “Don’t worry, Ginny,” Y/N smiles reassuringly, “you’ll be okay. You’re a pureblood. Besides, I’ll be here to protect you.” 

This seems to comfort Ginny, and so they indulge in a different conversation for a few minutes. 

“Do you like Fred?” 

“M-Me?” Y/N asks the ginger. “No, of course not, Ginny, he’s your brother. It would be weird.” 

“Well, if you marry him, you can be my sister!” 

“Marry him?” She laughs, “we’re still quite young for that, aren’t we?” 

“Well, what if you were forced to marry someone at this age?” 

“That’s highly unlikely.” 

“What if?” 

“Well, I mean, Fred would be a good candidate…” 

“So there is a chance?” 

“Well, nothing is set in stone,” Y/N says, imagining how she would like as a bride. She quickly brushes off the thought, finding it silly. 

“Well, I do hope you and Fred get married,” Ginny says, standing and yawning, “you’d make wonderful babies. Make sure to keep it in moderation though.” 

“Ginny!” Y/N shouts, laughing as Ginny bolts to her room. 

“Quidditch has been cancelled,” McGonagall says, “there has been another attack.” 

“But, Professor-” 

“Wood, direct your teammates to their dorms.” 

“I-,” Oliver tries to say, “fine.” 

As they head towards the exit, McGonagall calls, “Fred and George, I’d like a word.”

“What did we do now?” George asks as they head towards, what they assumed to be, McGonagall’s office. Instead, they take a swift turn. 

“Where are we going?” 

“To Madam Pomfrey, Weasley,” mutters McGonagall. She sighs, and stops to face them both. “The victim has been,” she frowns and George thinks he saw a single tear fall, “Y/N.” 

It all happened so fast. George just stood there for a moment, pondering what he should do, but Fred was quick. He bolted straight for the clinic and found her there, lying still, her eyes open and mouth agape. 

“She’s not dead,” George says as Fred looks at her, his legs felt like jelly and it was all he could do not to collapse on to his brother. They were never in danger, they were purebloods. But she wasn’t. She was Muggle-born. 

“Wake up,” Fred says as he sits down and holds her cold, unmoving hand. 

“Fred, we should get going,” George says, “McGonagall has some announcements.” 

“I’m okay, Georgie,” Fred says, quietly, very unusual for him, “I’ll stay with her, if you don’t mind.” 

“It’s okay to cry,” George says, knowing his brother would refuse to show weakness. Fred looks at him, smiling. 

“I’m really okay,” Fred says and tears start to spill out from his eyes. His smile is still on his face, “she’s going to be okay.” 

“Fred, I-” 

“We’ll be okay, Georgie,” says Fred, tears dripping down more. “I just wish… I just wish we could have done something, you know?” 


“We were supposed to protect her. I was supposed to protect her, you know?” Fred says, his smile breaking, “That’s what you do when you love someone, right? You protect them, you do everything you can to protect them. And I couldn’t do that.” 

“It’s not your fault.” 

“I know,” Fred tries to chuckle, but fails, “I just wish I could have done something. I’ll be okay, Georgie, you can go. I’ll catch up.” 

George leaves his brother, however reluctantly. 

The weeks after that are normal, then. To anyone else, Fred would be his normal, happy-go-lucky self. But George was his brother, his other half, his partner in crime. It’s the little things that he notices. 

Fred’s smile was not as bright, not as wide as he remembered. Fred’s eyes no longer gleamed when he looked towards the far, left corner of their common room - where she would usually be. His eyes did not have the same shine they once had. There are times when you would catch him looking for someone in the Great Hall - until, of course, he remembers. He lays awake most nights, staring at his ceiling. Sometimes George would wake up to find him out of his bed. 

It worried him first, but then he figured that he would just be in the clinic, talking to her and hope that, by some miracle, she’d start moving again. It’s the little things, George decides, that makes Fred, well, Fred. His laugh was not as loud, was not as sincere as he remembered. He did not focus as much as he used to. George was losing his brother, and he didn’t know if he could manage that.

They find out what truly happened. It was Ginny. No, not Ginny, Tom Riddle. Lord Voldemort. He had almost lost his sister, too. 

Merlin, he couldn’t lose anyone more. 

By the end of the year, everyone who was petrified was, for lack of a better word, cured. Fred came running to her when she entered the Great Hall. He took her in his arms and he refused to let go. 

“Merlin’s beard, Y/N,” he said, “don’t scare me like that.”


George smiles, his brother back with them, “Honestly, Y/N, Fred’s so in love with you, he was *this* close to bringing his bed to the clinic. He spent most nights there anyway.” 


“George! Why’d you tell her? I was supposed to make this really great confession! I had a speech and everyt-” 

Fred did not finish his sentence. Y/N placed her mouth firmly on Fred’s, and he was responding with much enthusiasm. She parted from the kiss, “I love you, too.” 

George sighed. Those two were such dorks. 

This took so long! I’m so sorry! :( 

I accept requests! :) Please do request! :) Thanks so much again!

“You’ve Always Got Us”  ~  Weasley reader

“Hey! Can i Have an Imagine where The Reader is In Year 3 and She gets a Boyfriend and The Twins Get overprotective and Furious (The Twins are her older brothers) Thanks!❤️✨” ~@hogwartsfanfiction03 

Hi! Thank you so much for the request!! I absolutely loved it! The twins are my faves! I hope you enjoy!!😊😘

  • y/n - your name
  • y/b/n - your boyfriend’s name



Fred and George came running down the hallway toward her with beaming smiles, embracing her in a hug as soon as they reached arms’ length.

“Guys! I can’t breathe!” she squealed, being squeezed tightly by her older brothers.

They let go of her.

“Where have you been?” George questioned.

Fred continued his brother’s thought. “What have you been up to?”

“Why are you two so nosy?” she sassed in a joking manner.

The twins backed away from her a bit. “Sassy today, aren’t we?” they said simultaneously.

Y/n simply giggled.

“But, really.” Fred said. “We’ve missed our pranking buddy.”

She smiled. “Well,” she started walking down the hallway with the redheads, “I’ve been hanging out with y/b/n.”

Their eyebrows raised. “Why’s that?” George asked.

Biting her lip, she answered. “He asked me out on a few dates, and something just kind of started up.”

“Oh, really?”

She blushed. “I really like him.”

The boys eyed each other with one thought in their minds. They had to check this boy out.

The boys used their free period to come up with some harmless, little pranks. They wanted to get to know this y/b/n and how well he could handle ‘surprises’ and his level of tolerance.

Dinner came quickly. Y/n and y/b/n were sitting at the Gryffindor table, eating and conversing about their next Hogsmeade trip. The twins sat on each side of them.

“Y/n! Y/b/n!”

George smiled. “How were your classes?”

“They were fine.” replied y/n.

Their conversation was rather awkward. Fred and George kept asking y/b/n random questions about himself, which made y/n feel a bit embarrassed.

She rolled her eyes as they went on with their banter. “Come on, y/b/n.” she grumbled, getting up from her seat. “These two obviously don’t know what how to shut up.”

As y/b/n stood up, Fred and George slipped some dung-bombs into the pockets of his robes. “Bye, y/n.” they snickered. “We’ll see you later.”

Just before y/n and y/b/n reached the double door entrance of the Great Hall, y/b/n’s pockets exploded with the foulest of smells. Y/n gasped and shot a menacing look to her older brothers before taking y/b/n’s hand and leading him to the common room. Fred and George laughed, but guilt overcame them.

Y/n sat down on the sofa with y/b/n and sighed with humility. “I’m so, so, so sorry about them. They are honestly the most inconsiderate people I know. I just-”

Y/b/n cut her off. “Y/n…” he smiled. “They just want what’s best for you. I know that they’re just testing me.”

“Why would you test someone with pranks?”

He chuckled. “It’s Fred and George, the pranking kings of this school. Why wouldn’t they?”

She bit her lip, but nodded with a giggle. “I guess you’re right.”

“Besides,” he continued, “it was kind of funny.”

“No it wasn’t!”

“You know it was.”

She rolled her eyes with another giggle. “Maybe a little.”

Y/b/n gave her a hug. “You’re brothers think the world of you. They just want you to have the best. Loosen up a little.”

“I have been a bit grouchy lately.”

“But you’re cute regardless.” Y/b/n stood up from the sofa as Fred and George entered the common room. “Talk to them.” Before he headed up the stairs to his dormitory, he gave her a warm smile and a kiss on the cheek.

The twins took a seat on each side of her on the sofa.

“That was cute.” George stated.

“Indeed it was.”

Y/n sighed. “Guys…”

“Look…” Fred started. “We miss you pranking with us.”

George added to his brothers statement. “And, we just don’t want you to grow up.”

She listened intently.

“If you grow up, so do we!” Fred joked.

“And we don’t want to grow up.”

She laughed slightly. “You two…”

“We’re sorry.”

George smirked. “But don’t let this conversation give you the idea that we won’t be watching his every move.”

“If he hurts you in any way, we’ll make sure to get him back.”

Her laugher grew a tad. “Thanks, guys.”

They smiled and kissed each cheek. “This may be our last year, but you’ve always got us!”

Jealous- Fred Weasley x Reader

It had been two months since Y/N, Fred , and George left hogwarts in a blaze of pranking glory. Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes was just starting out but, already had a loyal clientele. Y/N Black was the first employee. She was happy to work along side her boyfriend Fred and his Twin George. Seeing their dreams coming into fruition brought her a lot of joy. She worked as the cashier ringing up customers and helped with inventory paper work. There was no where she would rather be.

Y/N smiled at a customer named Jonathan Bentley who seemed to be in everyday. She enjoyed talking to him about jokes he planned on doing with his co workers at TerrorTours. She enjoyed hearing about his travels with his pregnant wife Marisa. It annoyed Fred to no end. George spotted Jonathan coming into the shop again. “ Look ‘er Freddie. If it isn’t your rival for Ms Black’s attention.” George said elbowing Fred. George knew perfectly well that Jonathan was married but, as long as Fred didn’t know he had something to tease him about. “ I don’t care George.” Fred said huffing stocking trick wands. George stifled his laughter. “ He’s not the only one. There’s always boys in here to stare at her.” Fred jolted causing the nicely stacked Zurich wands to tip over. George was hunched over laughing catching Y/N attention to see Fred’s face as red as his hair.

That night the three went to the apartment above the shop. Poppy Lupin was still finishing her last year in hogwarts. Y/N could tell George missed her a lot and felt bad leaving her with Umbridge still in charge. Y/N began making dinner. “ Oh Freddie Jonathan was telling me how he pranked his co workers with a headless hat yesterday. It was marvellously hilarious!” Y/N said peeling the potatoes. “ Mhm.” Fred replied reading the Daily Prophet. Y/N sat beside Fred. She could tell he was grumpy. “ Freddie is something the matter?…You seem distant today.” Fred flipped the page with a cold expression on his face. “ I’m fine.” Y/N rolled her eyes. She knew he expected her to know. She decided to finish dinner before getting into an argument.

George was in between them at the dinner table. Usually lively with conversation but, tonight deafening silence. George wished Poppy was here. She would have know exactly what to say. George sighed finishing his dinner. He quickly made his way back into his room sensing an imminent fight. Y/N put down her fork. “ I’m going to ask you one last time. What’s the matter with you?” Fred put his newspaper on the table. “ What’s the matter with me? What’s the matter with you?!” Y/N rubbed her temples. “ I can’t read your mind Fred. Just tell me the problem.” Fred stood up from his chair. “ Jonathan this Jonathan that! I’m sick of hearing and seeing him everyday!” Y/npN stood up. “ I’m sorry am I not allowed to have friends!” Fred rolled his eyes. “ You call him a friend? He just wants to get inside your trousers!” Y/N began to laugh thinking he was joking, Fred still stone faced. “ Oh you’re serious.” Fred’s face went red. “ He comes everyday and looks at you and it really pisses me off! I’m the only one who can look at you like that.” Y/N’s face softened. “ Freddie. Jonathan is married with a child on the way. If anything he’s trying to catch a glimpse of you, he admires you.” Fred looked perplexed. “ Freddie. Do you honestly think if I didn’t want to be with you I would have trashed hogwarts, dropped out, followed you ,and helped you to start this shop?” Fred sat on their red couch. “ I didn’t think of it like that…I’m sorry” Y/N sat beside Fred. “ I’m sorry I should have told you he was married.” Y/N rested her head on Fred’s shoulder.

The next night Fred planned a surprise for Y/N. “ It’s now or never.” Fred said out loud to himself.Y/N was downstairs in the shop quietly taking inventory after another successful day. Fred made his way down the stairs with Y/N’s jacket. She looked up from her work confused. “ Are we going somewhere?” Fred smiled. “ Ya, it’s a surprise. Come on.” Fred extended a hand. Y/N took it. Fred and Y/N walked hand in hand through the quiet streets of Diagon Alley. “ What’s this surprise Freddie?” Y/N asked the nervous boy. He took a deep breath. “ Y/N, I’ve been in love with you since I first laid eyes on you on the train our first year. You’ve managed to stay with me, make me happy and, inspired me to be the man I am right now. I don’t want you to be Y/N Black anymore I want you to be Y/N Weasley. Please marry me?” Next thing Fred knew he was laying down looking at the night’s sky. Y/N had squealed and jumped into his arms. “ Of course I will Freddie!” Fred sighed in relief. He smiled.Fred pulled out a beautiful silver ring with a beautiful ruby in the middle.“I’m sorry the ring isn’t bigger.” “ It’s beautiful Fred.” Y/N said before kissing him.She was officially his.

The next morning. Y/N was getting ready to open the shop up. “Wait! Y/N! Come here!” Y/N was about to open the door. “ What is it?’ Fred smirk and handed Y/N her employee name tag. He quickly left. Y/N looked down at her name tag. “ Y/N Weasley, Fred’s, kindly keep wondering eyes away.” Y/N laughed and put on her name tag. Ready for her new life as a Weasley.

You’re Better at Quidditch (Shy!Reader)

Pairing: Fred x Reader


Confident here | Shy here

“Hey Y/n” Fred and George say in unison, smiling at me cheekily.

“Oh, h-hi” I reply quietly.

They both walk off laughing to themselves. They think it’s funny that I’m shy around Fred, and I’ll be honest, it really hurts.

— Fred’s POV —

“Fred, stop leading the poor girl on” George says to me as we walk out of potions.

“I’m not leading her on, I just don’t know what to say” I defend myself. “I don’t want to freak her out, she’ll think I’m making fun of her”

Every time she blushes or becomes shy around me, I can’t help but laugh. Not because I think it’s funny, but because it’s just so adorable. I didn’t realize that she thought we were making fun of her until I looked back at her to see the hurt in her eyes.

“If you don’t say anything she’s going to think that you’re making fun of her” He’s got me there.

— Great Hall —

“Hey, Y/n,” I greet her as I lean my arms on the table, “I don’t know if you want to come watch us practice for Quidditch or not, but if you do that’d be really great”

Y/n looked up at me with a mixture of confusion, amazement, suspicion and… Fear?

“Uh, I don’t know Fred…”

“Fred hurry up, we’re starting soon!” George calls out to me.

“Look, Y/n, I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable or scared or anything, that’s not what I meant to do at all, but if you could come down to practice that would be brilliant” I try to explain to her,

“Fred, come on!” George calls impatiently.

— Practice —

We’ve been out here for forty minutes, and Y/n is a no-show. Bummer, now I’ve really done it…

“Hey, Y/n!” George calls out to the stands behind me. I turn around to see a small little figure sitting by herself, raising a hand slightly and waving. She’s wrapped up in a huge coat, scarf, beanie and tiny little gloves. And I didn’t think she could get any more adorable.

After practice is finished, I fly over to where she’s sitting.

“I didn’t think you’d show” I smile at her,

“You’re pretty convincing” she smiles back. I don’t think I’ve properly seen her smile before, it’s perfect.

“I’m glad you did turn up” I admit to her, and I can see her smile even more. “Do you wanna come out and have a go?”

“You know what, I will” she says proudly and stands up, walking towards the gate. Wow, I didn’t expect that.

She waddles over in all of those layers of clothing. She looks so cosy and warm.

I hand her George’s broom that he left behind (for in case she actually said yes).

“Now, what you’ve got to do is mount the broom like this, and then you just–”

“WEEEEEEEEEE!” Y/n screams as she soars off the ground at a million miles an hour into the air.

“Holy crap” I say to myself, still on the ground watching her. She’s a natural!

“Come on, Fred!” She calls out as she flies around in the air.

“Let’s see how you are as a Beater” I say as I toss her a bat. She catches it in one hand and smiles eagerly, “bring it on, Weasley”

I hit the Bludger to her. She swings her arm back and whacks it perfectly, sending it through the hoop.

“Wow…” I say, staring at her. She gets self-conscious and I can see the panic in her eyes again.

“Wow, as in, I don’t know if you’d be a better Beater or Chaser” Her face switches from worried to relieved and excited, her whole face beaming with joy.

We spend the next hour whacking the Bludger to each other.

“You know, Alicia’s out for the rest of the season, why don’t you try out to be a replacement?” I suggest to Y/n as we land back on the ground,

"I don’t know, Fred. I’m amazed I even flew out there tonight let alone in front of the entire school” she says as she looks down at her feet, crunching along the frosted grass.

“I don’t know why you’re so self-conscious, Y/n. You’re easily the most gorgeous girl in our school, just as sweet, and an even better Quidditch player than half the team combined” I ensure her. I wasn’t just saying that to make her feel better, I meant every word. She looks up at me with a smile on her face.

“Y/n, if you saw yourself the way that I see you, there’s no way you’d be so self-conscious and shy” I say as I step closer to her.

Without thinking, I cup her cold little face in my hands and kiss her slowly. For a girl who’s so shy and quiet, I wouldn’t have expected her to be such a good kisser. Looks like I’ve got a lot more to learn about Y/n than I thought, and I know that she’ll never cease to amaze me.

The Parchment

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: George Weasley x Reader x Fred Weasley

Writer: bear105

Warning: N/A

Summary:  Fred and George find [y/n]’s parchment that says I ❤️ Weasley and interrogate her

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In All the Right Places: A Fred Weasley Imagine

Requested by grilledcheese-has-feelings:
Can I have a REALLY long Fred Weasley about our life after the battle 

Sorry this took so long! Also, I don’t know how long this is. I made this while on camp. 

I hope you like it! I accept requests!

Things were difficult after the war. No man went unscathed. Scars and wounds from fighting had appeared on once soft, innocent skin. Lives were lost, loved ones dead - faint screams and green lights and nightmares that won’t ever go away. People tried to rebuild themselves, some failed while others succeeded. But life went on. Structures were built and Hogwarts was remade. Children were born and couples married. And love… Love prospered. Families united, bonds mended and friendships established. 

It was difficult to look at a certain area and not immediately associate it with a certain death. It was even harder to face tomorrow without someone beside you. Everyone lost someone in the war - friends, family - there was no exception. She thinks that maybe she lost herself. 

“Hello,” says a voice with no longer the same tone of happiness it once held. She looked at Fred Weasley, studying his features. His eyes no longer had the mischievous glint it was known for. His smile was not as wide, not as sincere. There were bags under his eyes - probably from the nightmares. People had different ways of coping. 

Arthur and Molly Weasley like to hold each other when they were having a bad night. Harry Potter liked to fly, as high as he could manage, with his broom. Hermione Granger loved to read. Ron Weasley indulged in sweets. George Weasley worked on the joke shop. Ginny Potter took hot baths in the middle of the night. Bill Weasley looked at the moon, and Fleur Weasley enjoyed playing the piano. Charlie Weasley watched the dragons. 

Y/N liked stargazing, and, it so happened, so did Fred Weasley. He sits beside her, their bodies touching ever so slightly. 

The outskirts of the Burrow was a beautiful place to be. Molly, bless her soul, insisted that she stay with them after the war because she was family, and Molly needed her family right now. Maybe she did, too. 

“I miss him,” she tells him, as she often did whenever they were together - in this exact, same place. She thought of it as their spot - something only she and Fred shared. 

Sirius Black, who was as close to a father that she had, died protecting her. Harry, brave, kind, Harry, always told her that it was not her fault - his death was not her doing. She never believed him, of course. He was a good liar, after all. 

“I know,” Fred says, “I miss him.” They do not need words to know who the other is talking about. Fred misses Percy Weasley. Like Sirius Black, Percy died saving his brother - his own blood and bone. 

Somehow, their hands find each other, as they usually do. They stare at the sky for a while before curiosity overtakes her with a question she’s been wanting to ask for quite some time, but never really knew how. 

“Why do the stars comfort you?” She asks him quietly. She feels his thumb rub across the back of her hand. 

“The stars?” 

“You always look at them with me. See that one?” She asks him, pointing to a bright star. “That’s Sirius. It helps when I look at it. Do the stars remind you of Percy?” 

“No,” he tells her, kissing her hand softly. 

“Why do the stars comfort you, then?” She demanded, looking at him. She’s shocked. For a moment, just a short moment, she saw his eyes - the exact, same ones that she missed so much. It bloomed, if only for a short while, with a mischievous glint that was all-too familiar. If only a moment, she felt like they were 17 again when the world was simpler and happier and she was her and Fred was Fred. Oh, what she wouldn’t give to go back. 

He remains quiet, looking at her, and she begins to question herself. She might have stepped on forbidden ground. She may have hit a nerve - she didn’t know. It was difficult to walk through a field of mine bombs without one exploding. “I’m so sorr-” 

“Not the stars,” Fred says, almost shyly, and it takes him a few seconds before he finds his voice, “you.” 

“Oh,” she says, unable to comprehend exactly why he would say that. Her cheeks begin to redden, and she holds his hand a little bit tighter - she was afraid that he might just slip away. 

A long, comforting silence overtakes them as they look at the night sky. As the sun begins to rise, he tells her, “I love you. I hope that’s okay.” 

She smiles at him reassuringly, and they watch the sunrise in silence. She realizes, then, that it wasn’t the stars - maybe it never was. 

The first time Fred tells her that he loves her, it’s in the beautiful, peaceful outskirts of the Burrow. 

They move in together after six months of being a couple. The nightmares were too hard to handle on their own. Fred’s are worse than hers, and there are nights when she has to hold him until he falls asleep again. She doesn’t mind, though, because sometimes she hugs him so tight that his bones may break, and his breathing reminds her that he’s alive, and he won’t be going anywhere. Some days are harder than others, and sometimes Fred doesn’t go to work because she’s afraid that he won’t come home. 

Other nights are better than most. They get nice dreams instead of complete, solid darkness. Dreams, Fred admits, that usually involve her and small, tiny feet. Within the course of their relationship, not once did she ever tell him that she loved him back. He makes an effort to tell her as often as he can, but she only kisses him on the cheek and smiles. It was worrying sometimes. 

One night, as they are lying in bed, during one of her bad days, Fred tells her about what once happened during his school days. She’s heard the story countless times before, though. She seems distracted, as she usually was on the worst days. He makes an effort to make her smile, and she makes an effort to do so for him. 

“I love you,” she tells him mid-speech, “so much.” 

He’s smiling now, the biggest smile he could manage, and he’s holding her a little bit tighter, and he kisses her a little bit longer. “Okay,” he replies, and she smiles back at him.

The first time she tells him that she loves him - they’re at home, in their beds, and one of her worst nights quickly becomes one of the best. 

Things were easier after that. Fred’s broken pieces fit perfectly into hers. She smiled again, and so did he - his old, wonderful smile. She remembers the first time she sees it again - she remembers almost crying. She remembers hugging him even tighter because he’s back, oh Merlin, he’s back, and she won’t let him slip away. 

Spending every day with her has been nothing short of wonderful. Sure, they had bad days - every couple did - but they somehow got through them. Fred loved her, with all the love he could give. He loves the way she would hold him so tight that sometimes he bruises. He loves the way she smiles because she smiles so wide that her eyes disappear. He loves her laugh because it’s loud and contagious and wonderful. 

They grow back together - they become happy again. She doesn’t say it very often, but he knows that she loves him back just as much. He can feel it when she holds him at night, he can feel it in her touch, he can feel it in her gaze. Home is a place in her heart. Home is cuddling up to her in bed while she’s reading a book and home is wrapping his arms around her waist. Home is eating breakfast in silence. Home is holding her hand when they walk. Home is her telling him that she loves him. Home is her. 

Home is where the heart is. And every man needed a home. 

Eternity didn’t seem so long if it meant being with her. He looks at her, with her hair a mess and streaks of ruined eyeliner on her face. Morning glories rested themselves on her eyes, and her teeth had some bits of broccoli. He wouldn’t mind waking up to the sight everyday. 

“Marry me,” he tells her and it takes her by surprise. Her coffee mug stops midway to her mouth, and her heart is beating against her chest. 

“Okay,” she tells him after a few moments of stunned silence, as if it was an everyday answer to an everyday question. “I’ll marry you,” the words rolled off her tongue. 

“Okay,” he tells her and she smiles at him. There is no long declaration of unending love. It was very simple, as if he just asked her to go out for coffee with him later today. To be honest, she wouldn’t have it any other way. 

This was theirs. Every item, every inch of space held a memory so beautiful it could be a painting. Every tile gave her comfort. She did not need every man and woman walking in Diagon Alley to know about their love. What she needs is him when they first moved in, and he wanted to carry the heaviest items, and it ended up falling on him. What she needs is him when they decided that they wanted to live in Muggle London because some time from the Wizarding World would do them good. What she needs is him dancing with her until 3 in the morning in the living room, him singing to her on the worst days. 

What she needs is him holding her because she dreamed that Voldemort killed him and he killed her family. What she needs is the Fred looking at her right now, just woken up from a fitful sleep, as if she was the most beautiful woman to walk on this planet. 

What she needs is a Fred Weasley that she wakes up to every morning and sleeps next to every night, a Fred Weasley that loves her and wants to marry her. What she needs is Fred Weasley, with all his faults and imperfections.

He asked her because he needs her. 

She said yes because she needs him. 

They’re going to make it because they need each other.

It was odd, to know that there was a life growing inside of her. She and Fred had been married for five years now and have been trying for a baby for one. She put a hand on her abdomen, feeling fear and happiness at the same time. 

She had her suspicions earlier today when she had vomited out her entire breakfast. Fred wanted to stay with her, to see if she was sick - take care of her if she was, but she knew that he and George were working on a big project, and they needed all the time they could get. She declined his offer, and ushered him out of the house, telling him that she loved him and kissing him on the cheek. 

She didn’t know how to tell him. She’d figure something out, she’s sure. She is a Weasley, after all. 

She wondered if it was he or a she. She wondered if it would have Fred’s eyes. She wanted it to have Fred’s smile, though, and maybe his hair. She’d be very happy if he’d get her eyes. She would be the best mother. And Fred would be the best father and they would be the best family. 

“Hi, sweetheart,” called Fred from the living room, “I’m home.” 

She walked to him, and gives him a peck, knowing what she wanted to do. “Hi, home,” she grinned, “I’m pregnant.” 

It took him a few minutes to respond, to analyze the information. But when he did, he smiled wider than he ever did, and kissed her gently, smiling against her lips, “Hi, pregnant…. I’m Dad.” 

She smiled at him and put her arms around his neck and he spun her around, laughing and singing and shouting. 

Then, without the other knowing, they both promised their child a happy home, filled with love and understanding, without the horrors that they had to face in their own youth. They promised their child that it would never be as broken as they were - they promised their child a happier, safer world than the one they lived in. 

And they promised themselves that they would love each other until their dying day, until their hearts stopped beating and their lungs gave out - and probably even after then. 

I hope you liked it! 

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Hermione: Do you think you’ve passed the potions test?
Y/N: Nope I think I need to start taking notes in class.
Hermione: Well I’m confident that I passed it! I spent all night studying for it.
Y/N: You did? Why didn’t I study with you?
Hermione: You were too busy pranking some Slytherin students with Fred and George.
Y/N: *laughs* Oh yeah! That was so funny!
Draco: Well look who it is Y/N and her little mudblood friend.
Hermione: *looks down*
Y/N: Hey she has a name Malfoy!
Draco: Yeah mudblood.
Y/N: Oh I forgot if you aren’t a Malfoy or a Slytherin then you must have a crappy life, well let me tell you something just because your life is crappy and you have realized that no one actually likes you doesn’t mean you can try to bring anyone else down okay?
Draco: My life is perfect actually Y/L/N everything in my life is perfect.
Y/N: Oh my god I think you may die of constipation because of how full of shit you are!
Draco: I hate you Y/L/N.
Y/N: Draco everyone knows that being a dick won’t make yours any bigger.
Hermione: *laughs*
Draco: *leaves*
Hermione: Thanks Y/N.
Y/N: Anytime Hermione because that felt really good to get out my system.
Hermione: Malfoy was even shocked. *laughs*

Nothing To Worry About - (Weasley Twins Imagine) requested

Request: Could you do an imagine where Y/n is (Fred & George’s girlfriend) is in Ginny’s year and everyone thinks it’s weird?

Y/n’s pov~

Awkward side glances were thrown towards me from across the table. A numerous amount of Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff students shared disgusted looks in my vicinity (I assumed Slytherins were too but my back was facing them luckily).
Sighing, I set my fork on the shiny metal plate with a loud thunk causing two heads on either side of me to turn their attention over to me. Great.
George Weasley was the first to speak up and address the situation,
“What’s going on in that pretty little mind of yours? Is everything alright, darling?” He asked charmingly, wrapping his strong arm around my shoulder. Shrugging I took a light slip from my glass of ice cold water before replying tiredly,
“When will they get over it and stop making such a big deal? I mean… this isn’t hurting anyone, so why should they give a damn!” The thoughts I had bundled up escaped with such ease I surprised myself. But in all honesty it was true.
I was one of the brightest of my class and oldest. That wasn’t the problem. The real issue with the rest of the pupils in the school was the fact that I was dating the Weasley twins… and I was in the same year as their little sister. Of course, this wasn’t exactly “normal” but I could care less. Age was only but a number and I loved them. It’d be different if I didn’t. But since the rest of the school had found out, I was constantly being teased as well as Fred and George. Sneaky comments like, people calling Fred and George my babysitter and joking around about my bedtime whenever the twins and I would be out late in the common room. I know it was something I shouldn’t be getting that worked up over but it was getting old and I was sick of being tormented for falling in love.
Fred pushed his plate aside and took my hand gently in his own, placing delicate kisses on my knuckles.
“Y/n y/l/n, excuse my language but we don’t give two flying fucks what other people think and by no means should you! We love you and that’s all that matters, not what those other nosy bitter people think. They’re nothing compared to you, my love.” Fred stated passionately, taking the chance to quickly peck my lips. A roar of murmurs sounded across the Great Hall and I blushed in embarrassment knowing they had just seen what happen. George laughed, leaning in and kissing my lips too replacing the emptiness with warmth. Pulling away, Fred and George shared a mischievous look before jumping up onto the table top making all eyes turn to them,
“Hello my fellow classmates! My names is George Weasley and this is my brother-”
“Fred Weasley. And we are here to let you all know that this girl right here-” they both pointed down at me then continued on,
“Is the love of my- our lives and means more than the world to us.”
“She’s beautiful, smart, kind, caring, thoughtful-
"Perfect to us, so we would gladly appreciate it if you could all mind your own business and leave her-”
“And us alone because a relationship like this really shouldn’t be bashed in and frowned upon because we love each other and that’s all that matter.”
Silence covered the room and I hid my face between my palms as new weight was added to the bench. Fred and George’s arms were placed around my waist and shoulder like nothing had happen. Suddenly a loud ear piercing eruption of applause filled the perimeter of the Great Hall causing me to jump. Everyone, even the people who had been throwing me dirty glares we clapping for Fred and George’s little speech- for us.
“See, princess. There’s nothing to worry about.”


Truth or Dare - Fred Weasley

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This was requested by hpfan-lyric. This was the request: Helllllooooo! Could you do a story where it’s and (Fred and George y/n, hermione, Harry, Ron, Ginny, dean, Parvati and padme and whomever else) are playing truth or dare and one of the boys (your choice) likes y/n and yeaaaaa haha you can decide!! Thanks love! Xx A/N: keep requesting people

When there’s a storm outside and everyone is cooped inside the castle for the whole weekend people can start to get restless. By the end of the day Saturday you were fidgeting with your wand with your face pressed against the window while you sat in the window seat in the common room. You eyes were wide as you watched the lightning hit the Black Lake. Part of you hoped the giant squid was going to be alright. You jump when someone taps your shoulder and you turn around. “Hey Fred, what’s going on? Any midnight adventures planned?”

He smirks down at you. “If we play our cards right we could do something crazy. Everyone is playing a game of truth or dare and wanted to know if you wanted to play.”

“Sounds like fun, I’m in.” You slide off the seat and join the circle in front of the fire, sitting in between Lee and Fred. You glance around the circle that included Harry, Ron, Hermione, George, Ginny, Dean, Seamus, Parvati, Padma, Luna, Angelina, Alicia, Katie, Lee, Fred and then you. Parvati must have invited Padma and Ginny probably invited Luna.

“Okay, I’ll go first. Angelina, truth or dare?” George says, firing the question at her.

She ponders this for a minute. “Truth.”

“Would you ever go on a date with me?” Majority of the circle groans.

“You’re worse than Lee.” Ginny complains.

“Wow Gin, thanks, and here I thought you hated me.” Lee calls sarcastically.

“Don’t worry I still do.”

Angelina rolls her eyes at their quarrel and thinks for a moment. “You’d have to officially ask me out. And even then you still most likely have a better chance than Lee.”

“Right here guys.” Lee points to himself and glances at everyone in the circle.

“S’okay Lee, I still like you.” You say, bumping his shoulder with yours.

“Thanks (Y/N), looks like I have one friend left.

“(Y/N), truth or dare?” Angelina asks you suddenly.

“Its like what 10:30, 11 o’clock? Filch is still doing his nightly rounds and we’re a tad bit hungry.” Angelina looks around the group for confirmation. “I dare you to take one of us and go get us food and drinks without Filch catching you.”

“That’s the easiest dare every. Your faith in my sneaking skills makes me disappointed.” You stand up and brush off your knees. “Come on Freddie, let’s get a move on.”

His cheeks turn pink but he stands up anyway. Harry hands you the Marauders Map as you step over him. Opening the map as you both climb out the portrait door, your peer down at it to see where Filch was. “He’s climbing up the Astronomy Tower right now.” Fred says pointing to his steps. “We’ll have enough time to get to the kitchens before he gets down.” You look up at him and he steps away when he realizes how close he was. The two of you walk the corridors you knew like the back of your hands and get to the kitchens in no time.

The house elves were happy to see the two of you. “Miss (Y/N), Mister Fred, its nice to see you.” One especially small one says. “How may we help you?”

You crouch down so the both of you were eye level. “Our friends and us were a bit famished and we wanted some food and drinks. Think it’d be possible to get us some of those?”

“Right away Miss.” She squeeks before running off with some of the other elves.

You stand up and find Fred looking at you, smiling to himself. “What is it?” You ask, laughing a little when he shakes his head.

Four house elves run towards you carrying a big wicker basket over their heads. “Here you go Miss (Y/N) and Mister Fred.”

“Thank you, we’ll come back soon.” You’ll call as Fred takes the basket and you both walk through the portrait. At one point Filch almost crossed your path but you hid behind the tapestry that doubled as a shortcut to the common room.

You walked back into the common room successfully and passed bottles of butterbeer around and put the rest of the snacks in the middle of the circle. Sitting back down the truths and dares would get more extreme as the night went on. Dean and Seamus kissed, Ron dared Harry write a ballad to Cho and Ginny made gagging noises, Hermione had to curse someone out, Lee had to flirt with the Fat Lady, Ginny admitted that she was the one that crashed your broom last summer at the Burrow, Alicia had to write Oliver a letter saying that they lost the match against Slytherin, and apparently Luna had kissed a real boy before.

Finally it was George’s turn to pick someone a dare. “Fredrick, my brother, truth or dare?”

Fred turns to him, still laughing a little at the joke you had told him. “Dare.”

“Okay mate, I dare you to snog the most beautiful girl in this room.” The laughter and side conversations die away and your stomach drops. He was going to pick Angelina, or Alicia, or even Katie. There was no way in any universe he would pick you. You were still stressing about this when his lips pressed against yours. You closed your eyes, leaning into the kiss and ran your fingers through his hair which caused the kiss to grow. He kissed you harder and quicker than at first until you leaned back against someone.

“Listen guys, I think we’re great friends but this is going a little far.” Lee says, trying to squirm away from you.

You jump apart, both blushing furiously. You rubbed the back of your neck as some of the others clapped and whistled. It was Fred’s turn to ask so he turns towards you again. “(Y/N), truth or dare?”

“Dare,” You say quietly, tucking your hair behind your ear.

“Will you go on a date with me tomorrow?” He asks you nervously, despite being brave enough to kiss you just then.

You smile at him. “Yeah, I’d love to.”


‘  You slipped in the quiet library and selected the requiered books for your assaignment.

   Fred: Hey Georgie, Why are we creeping on Y/N?

   George: We are not creeping on, we are just merely looking at her.

   Fred: Yeah right like that’s not creepy.

   You opened a rather dusty book and with all the little dust you let out a high pitched sneeze. Fred looked behind to find George smiling at you.

   Fred: Hey Y/N George here wants to ask you something!          ‘


Imagine: Being a Weasley.


Y/N: Fred George I swear I will hex you guys! 

Fred: Y/N we swear we didn’t do it. 

Y/N: I’m telling Mum! 

Ron: Your in for it *laughs* 

The twins: Your going down with us.

 Ginny: *giggles*

*Gifs not mine*