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Symmetra (Anjali Bhimani) interacts with Soldier: 76 (Fred Tatasciore)! Sharing words of wisdom.


Haha these two games I still love and play often (along with Overwatch ofc!) And after finding this out, I couldn’t help but make these.


okay so after being stunned by the revelation that hater and reaper are voiced by the same person, i went to imdb and lo and behold it turns out fred tatasciore voices not only



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so now that people are starting to ship 76 and reaper together it suddenly makes a little more sense


Hello Everyone! I had a strange day today… it started awful & ended with a kick :) But let me start from the beginning…
I was working on my last sketch (You can see it as last one) - it was portrait of Lana&Fred together - but I messed up… and picture was destroyed. I remember wise man said one day: “Mike, never drink coffee when You are sketching because You will f*ck it up!” :D Mwahaha… All in all… picture landed in the trash. So that was this “awful” part of the day…
So after that I got “little” angry… but I try to live by the rule: “Don’t get mad - get even” :) …and I started new sketch - this time with Jennifer Morrison.
Six hours later… it was done! This concluded “kick” part of the day! :)
I hope You enjoy it! :P