fred malm

Fashion Request: Fred Malm

HTC Hat, Alex Monroe Little Teapot Necklace, Amore La Vita QCC346 Sterling Silver Champagne Bottle 3-D Clipable Charm, Equipment EXCLUSIVE Leighton Boxy Blouse, Current/Elliott Panhandle Denim Shorts, Beats by Dre The Solo HD On-Eat Headphones in Red, Crayon Earrings, FOREVER 21 Mustache Midi Ring, Banana Republic Mazzy Flip Flop in Merry Green (

I want children in the sciences [approx. quotes]
  • Fred: Today I'm going to lecture about black holes.
  • Ciaran: Okay.
  • Fred: A black hole has two ends.
  • Fred:
  • Fred: Like a sausage.
  • Ciaran: I'm letting out little burps.
  • Fred: Hmm?
  • Ciaran: If you're not picking them up on the mic, I want you to edit some in.
  • Fred: Please be quiet. I'm trying to talk about wormholes.
  • Fred: I mean time travel.
  • Fred: I mean black holes.
  • Fred: I want the children to go into the sciences.
  • Ciaran: Yes, yes. Sorry.