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get to know me meme: [7/10] families → Weasleys
“I think I know who that one’s from,“ said Ron, turning a bit pink and pointing to a very lumpy parcel. “My mom. I told her you didn’t expect any presents and – oh, no,” he groaned, “she’s made you a Weasley sweater.”
Harry had torn open the parcel to find a thick, hand-knitted sweater in emerald green and a large box of homemade fudge.
“Every year she makes us a sweater,” said Ron, unwrapping his own, “and mine’s always maroon.”
“That’s really nice of her,” said Harry, trying the fudge, which was very tasty.

Harry potter facts

1. The engraving above the Mirror of Erised reads “I show not your face but your heart’s desire” when read backward.

2.“Expecto Patronum” translates to “I await a guardian” in Latin.

3. Ron’s Patronus is a Jack Russell terrier. Hermione’s is an otter. Jack Russell terriers are known for chasing otters.

4. George was never able to perform a Patronus after Fred’s death.

5. According to J.K. Rowling, Hedwig’s name came from a book of saints.

6. The letters in Remus Lupin can be rearranged to spell “primus lune.” That roughly translates to “first moon” in Latin.

7. If Voldemort ever saw a boggart it would be his own corpse, since he is most afraid of death.

8. Dumbledore was 150 years old when he died.

9. The last name “Malfoy” comes from the Latin word “maleficus.” “Maleficus” means evil doing.

10. Only one wand has ever been known to contain a Thestral hair; The Elder Wand.

11. Arthur Weasley was originally supposed to die in the fifth book. Rowling changed her mind and killed Sirius Black instead. Rowling has said she was worried Ron would never be able to be happy again if his father died.

12. Voldemort is unable to love since he was conceived under the effects of a love potion.

13. Snape’s hatred for Neville was because Neville was almost the Chosen One. If he had been chosen, Lily wouldn’t have died when she did.

14. If a Muggle ever showed up at Hogwarts, it would simply look like a run down building with a “Keep Out: Dangerous” sign on it.

15. Dementors don’t breed like humans. Instead they grow like a fungus wherever there is decay

16. The letters in Lavender Brown’s name can be rearranged to spell out “brand new lover.”

17. Bellatrix translates to “female warrior” in Latin.

18. Dumbledore is an Old English word for “bumblebee.” Rowling said she chose the name because she thought of Dumbledore enjoying humming to himself.

19. It’s estimated there are 3,000 wizards living in Great Britain in the Harry Potter universe.

20. Harry wore glasses to serve as a reminder of his vulnerability.

21. Ron was almost killed off mid series.

22. Most of the Blacks are named after stars.

23. Harry first arrived at 4 Privet Drive for the first time with Hagrid on Sirius’ old motorbike. He left the house for the last time the same way.

24. Voldemort was 71 years old when he died.

After all this time?

  • Fred: So I can either bake these cookies at 400 degrees for ten minutes or 4,000 degrees for one minute.
  • Hermione: Babe, no. That’s not how you make cookies.
  • Fred: FLOOR IT???
  • Hermione: Fred, NO.
  • Hermione: F R E D R I C K



다니엘 헤니! ^^

The English Speaking Voice of Tadashi Hamada.


Can you do Fred finding out that Hermione not only once set snape on fire but also stole from him, I feel like he’d be so amused !

The sun was setting behind the hill and Hermione leaned back on her hands, taking it in while Fred tossed a quaffle back and forth between his hands. Suddenly, his positioning changed and he lobbed the quaffle across their small circle at Ginny who grabbed it instinctively.

“You’ve got to be better than that, Fred,” she said lightly, looking at one twin while she threw the quaffle at the other. The red ball hit George square in the face and bounced off. Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Fred laughed while Hermione looked over, saw George massaging his nose and finally joined in.

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Shall We Dance (1937)

This scene, a perfect example of the strict rules that the Hays Code imposed on films in the 1930’s, involves Peter (Fred Astaire) and Linda (Ginger Rogers). Rumors about their marriage are everywhere, but the two constantly deny it. It drives the butler (Eric Blore), to frenzy; he doesn’t know whether or not to give Peter and Linda the keys to the adjoining suites that they have in the hotel. Peter and Linda finally have a sham marriage – and the butler storms in just in time to ask Linda if she is married. She concurs; and he hands her the keys – “the keys to [her] happiness’, as he puts them. Peter has a big crush on Linda, but she doesn’t feel the same way; until that night. He sings "They Can’t Take That Away From Me”, earlier on, and the same tune is played in the background as Linda tentatively walks over to the door that divides their rooms. She’s unsure if she ought to open it – and as she turns the lock, a click startles Peter. He jumps up from his seat, eager, but Linda decides against opening the door completely and backs away. Peter stares at the door; he knows that he isn’t hearing things – or is he just so much in love with her that he’s imagining situations?

Banana Pancakes - George Weasley Imagine

A/N: hello, dearies! I’m back with another request! :D I actually had two requests that were asked one followed after the other one, no joke and they were pretty much the same but the other way around! haha you’ll see what I mean, so I blended them :D hope you guys like it! 


  • Anonymous said: Can I have a George Weasley fluff where you come home from work to your shared flat and you had a really bad day and he cuddles and make you tea and it’s really cute? 
  • Anonymous said:Can I have George fluff where he came back from work and he’s really sad and you don’t know why so he’s just really cuddly and needy and you cuddle with him until the morning where you wake up and he tells you everything JUST DONT MAKE HIM SAD ABOUT FREDS DEATH BECAUSE IN MY MIND FRED NEVER DIED. K thanks 

so, here they are! quick note I’d like to thank the awesome @tcmriddlc for helping me with this writers block! :D hope you dearies like it! :)

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter :)

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Banana Pancakes

(Y/N) walked inside the flat she’d been sharing with George for the past year and a half. She tossed the keys on the table and kicked off her shoes. It had been a long day. It was just one of those days where everything had gone wrong. From the moment she woke up late, she got her favorite shirt ruined by spilling her tea all over her, her boss had also been in a bad mood and took it out on her and to top it all up, she forgot her umbrella and it started pouring rain outside but now… she was finally back in her safe place. All she wanted to do was to take a long hot bubble bath and wash the bad day off her. And that’s what she did. As soon as she walked out, she got changed putting on one of George’s Christmas sweaters on her. The scent of her boyfriend was slowly making her feel better. She walked to the kitchen and started making dinner. Cooking was something that always relaxed her. She was almost done with dinner when she heard the front door open. George was home.

(Y/N) felt the corners of her lips lifting a little but they faded away when she saw her boyfriend. George walked into the kitchen and he dropped his things on a chair before walking to the fridge and grabbing a beer.

“Um, hello” (Y/N) said a bit upset. George turned around to face her as if he hadn’t seen her when he came in. He walked over to her and kissed the side of her head without really any emotion.

“Hi” he said in a monotonous tone. “I’m gonna go take a shower, alright?” he said not really waiting for an answer and he left the room. (Y/N) scoffed in frustration but went back to her cooking.

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