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Quick summary of Momocon Overwatch panel

-Matt Mercer’s voice is buttery smooth and Jonny Cruz says so every time

-When Matt does the Mccree voice everybody nuts every tme

-Fred Tatasciore is our dad, our daddy, our blessed father 

-Mercy’s voice is a warm blanket and Lucie met a fan in Edinburgh who recognized her by voice 

-Matt mains Mercy when he’s not playing Mccree. “Stay on the payload!!!!!” 

-Charlet Chung mains Hog on PC and D.Va on console

-Michael Chu plays Rein

-Matt is “very aware” of all the McHanzo, thinks it’s adorable, supports all shipping and fans 

-Charlet and Fred share a hug <3 after Charlet shares how Fred took care of her and helped her not be nervous in her first con panel. Fred is her “daddy-o” forreals. 

-Charlet, who shares that she had a rough childhood, thinks shipping, not just romantic but also familial/platonic shipping is wonderful for people who want to see themselves in healthy, happy relationships

-Jonny Cruz ships Bunnyribbit, thinks up a cute, non corny pickup line for D.Va

-Operation “make Jonny a Lucio costume”

-To get into character, Matt chills out, Jonny amps himself up, and Fred shoots a gun and sniffs the barrel (hahah)

-Matt really really wanted to be Mccree before Overwatch and was happy to get that Cowboy role he was shooting for


I went to Momocon this past weekend and got these signed by Jonny Cruz, Matt Mercer, and Fred Tatasciore (Voice actors for Lucio, McCree, and Soldier).

It was so cool to see them, though I got slightly emotional when talking to Jonny Cruz and am still embarrassed about it. He hugged me ;-;

And Matt Mercer signed my second picture for free even though we were only supposed to be able to get one thing signed because of time constraints ;-;

All of these pictures were drawn by my friend @miles3140 (obviously a couple of them were signed for him lol)

side note: The picture Mercer signed is a reference to both McCree and a JoJo character, Jotaro Kujo, that Mercer does the english voice for